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  1. Luis Solis

    What happens when he shoots? How does it work?

  2. Sloth Dog

    You’re just jealous that we can do science stuff too and we didn’t need to get a stupid degree online

  3. Big Boy SMOKE

    Jesus is not real. If he is he's just another mexican

  4. Victor Immanuel

    Uuuuummm o.k?

  5. Zachary Resky

    In my eyes, this would be canon

  6. Maxim Mikhaylov

    idk, i still like big butts

  7. Apothe Curio

    Tyler 100% had already seen and was a big fan of this show.

  8. Ugo

    I lost my life when he started hitting them with the stick 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Orli kinn

    ahhh, i wanna this vr gameeee it's amazingg

  10. familyguyrocker

    2nd time watching full 10 hours still just as good will update as I watch again

  11. rphb

    I can't believe that guy was dumb enough to get laser surgery from a rabbit. Everyone knows rabbits only care about themselves and only do four things (the first three being eat, poop and sleep)

  12. Marques King

    Edna we luv you.

  13. Jordan Valdez

    I didnt know that i had to stab my jaw straight into where all of my sanity (that is left from this video) is!

  14. Stef

    He looks like the default hispanic character

  15. César Alejandro Hernández Lossel

    What yor mame espisode

  16. Hugo Li

    Shut the fuck up about moonmem

  17. Lilia Redžepagic

    0:50 😂😂😂😂

  18. Brain in a Jar

    The fact you guys got David Kaye to do this is hilarious. Plus nice attention to detail picking Polar Claw who turns into a bear.

  19. Ainsley Harriott

    “I don’t know who you are, but you look like a top bloke.” This is how we make friends in Australia.

  20. internal trashmations

    0:52 that sounds a bit strange

  21. mat corona

    You know I wouldn’t be suprised if the president was on here and he was killed

  22. Nさん


  23. M Mo

    The constant gaslighting is spot on 👹

  24. TheFrenchEdenian


  25. Zaedrah

    5 seconds in and can already tell this is gonna be good

  26. Ainsley Harriott

    This is Australia

  27. TheFrenchEdenian

    I would never be again in rebel side, since they prevent Gary to see is daugther > : (

  28. Ainsley Harriott

    >come out of inter dimensional portals >use swords

  29. Edward Green

    Omg Asa is fucking hilarious!!

  30. boom 350

    Hentai in 2013 danm

  31. Monkayy

    Is this the guy from Shooting Hoops with Joe - "Fundamentals" (Ep 1 of 382)?

  32. Mike Tacos

    WHO. Ba stank.

  33. Ubahfly

    I was initially gravely concerned to find this on my grandson's computer but I will say I do very much appreciate the strong Christian message. Perhaps I've judged this generation unfairly. Lord forgive me.

  34. Ꮪꭵꮮꮙꭼꭱ Ᏸꭹꭲꭼꮓ


  35. Pinkie Pool GamerBrony30

    this is going to be EPIC

  36. Jordan Kimbrell

    I'm pretty sure Fantasy Island has a lot of instances with people like this all the time.

  37. Osani Eslana

    The best part is the reactions of Boba Fett and the Storm Troopers in the background.

  38. Suna

    If you thank about it he had to of gone through out the whole station just melting people with his spray bottles till he got to them so it must be spotless outside

  39. Dylan O


  40. Rouge Tuber

    I'm going to buy one for my wife😏

  41. See Sea

    Since when do they censor this?

  42. Neku-Chan VR

    did they ever tell us what that was for? no? okay then keep your secrets

  43. Fimy32



    "Why does it sounds so easy to live?" - Opal

  45. ian silva

    He's got dementiaaa

  46. Shining Star

    .....................OMG the mother is queen moon!

  47. weavergrad

    Covid is real, covid is tyranny.

  48. Foul Mood Central

    "I already hate this prick." pretty much sums up how these arrogant jaggoffs deserve to be treated. "i am whatever the child wants me to be you are all far more limited." what a load.

  49. Chase Freedman

    Omg that guys voice actor is the voice actor for Wheatley from portal 2

  50. Luis Antunes

    This is my kind of weird

  51. Rokuken

    Why can’t I find the smiling man bump ANYWHERE!? It’s a bump of a smiling aged man on a red background that they stretch his smile very slowly with a very creepy song. Used to scare me as a kid. But I only saw it twice though.

  52. enkibumbu

    The most profound thing I've ever seen.

  53. ishaan singh

    okay already make season 5

  54. Krawberry Strush

    That Tiger had some clean boxing

  55. Raising Robertsons

    Miss you Keef!

  56. Mariusz Kopec

    Want us to buy it? Make more of these things ffs!

  57. The Meme Archive

    Jack is perfect for adult swim. I also wonder what jack dreams about.

  58. Darksepheroth

    So this is the shit on adult swim these days? Big mouth Instagram filter = funny? No, it's just stupid and lazy and I'm not talking about the "Haha" way.

  59. Gas Mask guys

    I also love how even though they could have animated it, they decided to focus on the sound and foley, very well done xD

  60. Racquel Gotinga

    Where is alvin p*nis

  61. Lobo Cruzado

    "Granpa": means father of fathers" " eeeeh Rick is the father of a mother O_o

  62. Leo Mobley

    Why you got to pay that much for a avocado, i dont know why that shit is so funny to me.

  63. Daisuke Kambe


  64. pyenapple

    Where’s Juliana?

  65. Mars

    I’m a simple man. I see Seth Rogen, I going to click.

  66. NeoAnimeFreak _

    I think that it would've been funnier had Goliath awoken to being covered in bird poop, and his reaction to it

  67. jkid1134

    Stop motion butterfly knife, you spoil us

  68. Niamh

    "light kills all germs" -was trump watching on cinema for medical advice for covid???

  69. chupameoscolhoes

    dude.. even I got creeped by that barbie like freshly pregnant and single mother

  70. Den Algene Rosas

    I'm gonna get me cube

  71. Ze Max06

    Give this a closer look and you will understand that this whole video is a reference to Akira 😁

  72. Supersonic Spinach

    Actually this is a scene from the American Beauty!

  73. weavergrad

    Pls ease Tuen the sink on before connections.

  74. Gavoska Ambrose

    I can't find the next episode anywhere, always feels like so little actually happens in this show. Link anyone?

  75. Ian Finrir

    Ok, somebody's gotta dub this over Dr. Strange and Tony Stark

  76. Chris Welcome

    Mace In yo face

  77. ScavChurch

    Spoiler alert: this takes place in the toy story universe

  78. Kyerin Bennett

    1:41 The Sheriffs face 😂

  79. Сверхкритический РАДикал

    I`m so glad furries do not exist IRL... Wait, isn`t it still 1971?


    sometimes i really wish parody movies were real. Cause i'd watch this, it seems funnier and more entertaining then most the new movies from 2018 to now.