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    See Part One Here:

    Created by Devin Flynn
    Background Art by Jon Vermilyea
    Music by The Hammer Party

    Devin Flynn is an artist, musician, animator and longtime contributor to Adult Swim, starting with Y’all So Stupid for Superdeluxe. The music influences the art. The art influences the animation. And the animation influences the music. Rinse and repeat.
    Follow Devin on Instagram: _devin_flynn_
    Follow The Hammer Party: danst.jacques

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    #AdultSwimSmalls #IceCubes
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    1. jay seon woo

      Ordinary people won't like shows like this. Do I have to make a video like this? These scenes are terrible.

    2. Pirate Tooby

      The Hammer Party - Smashed Hits now available on Apple iTunes, Spotify etc.

    3. Eric Baylies

      Hammerrrrrrrrr Partyyyyyyyyyy

    4. Bobaboy Ö

      I love rick and mordy its the best

    5. Dallas gray


    6. Eddie Costa

      Just heard as of April Cartoon Network has raise their price I bet money that’s when the new season of Rick and Morty drops....$20 more a month for that tier of channels NO thanks!

    7. Allen Jaycox

      Wipeout so awesome

    8. Daniel


    9. Steven Asprinio

      It's finally here

    10. hot superheroine fight MARVELvsDC

      very nice!!

    11. Joshua Beastall

      Why does adult swim always show weird cartoon shorts that look like they were made by people who did a weird assortment of drugs when making these weird ass cartoons?

    12. Rear


      1. Pirate Tooby

        "Dog Eat Dog" and "Wage Slave" from The Hammer Party album Smashed Hits.

    13. Fluffy Pants

      2:38 bohemian grove?

    14. x LatinAssazzin

      Come on adult swim seriously more crappy shows how about give us another season of rick and morty


      Adult Swim, GREET LIT THIS!!!!

    16. kevin rojas ruiz

      Versión hentai of Rick and morty

    17. King Donkey

      I feel so much better after watching this. Exactly what my life was missing. Thanks A.S.!

    18. Noah maker

      Make a video called good burger robot chicken

    19. Aidan Lol

      This is what you get downing ice cubes whole.

    20. Jadecat Hybrid

      what even is this

    21. Sadun Kal


    22. William Cortelyou

      Reminds me of the old movie... Wizards? I think that was it. Trippy cartoon.

    23. אייל תדמור

      I thought this time it's gonna be his fart

    24. Saimanoxi Confirmed

      But this music is such a banger

      1. Pirate Tooby

        The songs are The Hammer Party "Dog Eat Dog" and "Wage Slave" from the album Smashed Hits.

    25. Heather Brown

      Love you 🌼😄

    26. jo Undeadcookiemonster

      Primus vibes for days

    27. Comical Realm Animations

      Me: I'm gonna sleep early today My brain at 3am:

    28. Izat Iskandar

      They probably want to die with their crush or something....

    29. BAWIN -

      When the Mandm ad actors get fired

    30. bailey king

      I appreciate all the people that animated these just as much as a full blown show it’s amazing

    31. bailey king

      The shorts get slept on so much :(

    32. Naive Daysダニエル

      Who is this

      1. Naive Daysダニエル

        @Psychic Static Productions thanks

      2. Psychic Static Productions

        Music? the Hammer Party, Providence. Art? Devin Flynn, LA

    33. Tw_Arme_02 xSSBDDADPSK89x

      blitz are you?

    34. jamison pantley

      I love Devin Flynn's stuff

    35. Cade Becker

      we want jack stauber

    36. Greg Rose Sykes


    37. Pirate Tooby

      The Hammer Party. Providence, RI. Song titles "Dog Eat Dog" and "Wage Slave" from the album Smashed Hits.

    38. Teddy Mattix

      Pac-man B.C.

    39. PJ W


    40. ꧁Mandalore꧂

      I thought this was going to be rap music.

    41. Patrick McConaughey


    42. Harrison & Parker

      Plz produce more Devin Flynn videos👍❤️

      1. jamison pantley

        We need more Devin Flynn.

    43. Ryan Gainey

      The fuck did I just watch

    44. Robert Daniel's

      Is that Qbert

    45. Rusty Shackleford

      Its back yes

    46. tomas glaceon


    47. Anatta Phi

      Wait... are you Sure we didn't Hck Reality?

    48. falconnova86

      Idk why but this gives me extreme rick and morty vibes

      1. Pierre C

        Idk why neither

    49. Karlos javier Ramos

      Wow crazy

    50. TheFudgeBiscuit

      Yes! I have waited so long for this. The sequel we all deserve

    51. L

      In Deutschland müssen wir es 2 Uhr Morgens schauen ,hahaha xD

      1. L

        @Baumus VII You = GOAT 🙌

      2. Baumus VII

        Wann soll man denn sonst so was schauen?

    52. hot gang

      Honestly who expected a part two

    53. Pink Creature

      Morph reborn

    54. Jeff Bwueze


    55. 郑卜川


      1. weegeeアメリカ


    56. UnChainedBeatsverified

      Second comment

    57. Victor Berciano

      Its easy to First adult swim

    58. 郑卜川


    59. Kelvin Schoofs

      Great timing

      1. Immortal Hamster