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    Created by Benjamin Martian / Real Fake Blood Films
    Real Fake Blood Films create short films using only DIY techniques and practical effects, and is run by “Tigtone” co-creator Benjamin Martian.
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    katma 21 gün önce


    1. Nick Richard

      Wow this actually made me gag........well done

    2. Herman Wong

      jesus im trying to eat

    3. Red Overdrive, the unstoppable confused daltonic!!

      not sure it's legit but this made me hungry

    4. Rocking Raver

      I'm having spaghetti for lunch while watching this. Needless to say I didn't know what I was getting myself into before I clicked

      1. Rocking Raver

        Homemade from my mom and her new pasta maker, so yeah, it was pretty damn GOOOOOOOD! 😆

      2. RealFakeBloodFilms

        was it GOOOOOOOOD?

    5. Charlie Cook

      What’s the fluffy stuff

      1. RealFakeBloodFilms

        On the puppet it's cotton balls. When I eat it, it's cotton candy. Come check out the "Making of" video on my channel!

    6. Steve Jarvis

      So glad I wasn't eating when I decided to watch this.

    7. Luca’s STUDIO

      Is that Ben from cinefix?

      1. RealFakeBloodFilms

        'tis indeed I

    8. Nika Tchriko

      Rick and morty 5 season pleeeaseee

    9. Todd Boman

      this is a good reason to become vegan.

    10. Iam27 butonceiwas19

      Spaghetti are people too 😌🙃😂

    11. Natalia Niciecka

      Those puppets were great!

      1. Dempseyration

        @RealFakeBloodFilms bruh why he used u here

      2. RealFakeBloodFilms

        Thanks! More to come. Check out the making of on my channel to see how it was made

    12. Шамар Сулейман

      Cartoon network

    13. Ishtube23

      I’m trying to reach strangers because they support you more than your peers, so if you could check my channel out for some skits I might just be your speed! Peace.

    14. Leather Pants Guy

      Thought that was Keith Buckley haha

    15. adrienfourniercom

      That's why I am a vegetarian.

      1. RealFakeBloodFilms

        They’re veggie meatballs

    16. K S

      I was more disturbed by his hair getting in his mouth ...

    17. terrypussypower

      That's just like my fridge.

    18. victor price

      I had an old neighbor with meth withdrawals moaning like this, mmmmmmmmmm

    19. Anthony reynolds

      I live for stuff like this it’s so amazing

    20. J K

      Thought that was Rhett

    21. Goku

      Throw that shit in the trash why is the food the boss of you lmao food doesn't have feelings

    22. Johannes Campe

      I literally was just about to eat noodles. They are right next to me. Thanks :)

      1. Johannes Campe

        @RealFakeBloodFilms Better than those I assume :D

      2. RealFakeBloodFilms

        were they gooood?

    23. VinoBianco

      and thats why you never negotiate with terrorists

    24. Daze

      All kids out of the pool 😡

      1. Chill Face

        How a vefired youtuber has 8 subs and 1 reply

    25. killercaos123


    26. Comical Realm Animations

      Next episode: They surgically remove the rotten meat from his digestive tract

    27. Focus Films


    28. Obli Beggar

      Tell me I'm god

    29. sean thiem

      Adult swim where art degree and film student failures go to die

    30. modest _ozone6

      I'm werid out

    31. Matt Styles

      HOLY POO. This is visfiscallyyuually perfect and uniquely$m?a."mm??)) $h

    32. Some YouTuber

      I like this one

    33. Ocean Current

      Lol so cool it’s lil mouth

    34. Kit Kat Sci

      Christ, I have never gagged from watching a video or movie in my entire life until I saw him grab that fuzzy patch of mold and put it in his mouth. That might make this true art™.

      1. terrypussypower

        @RealFakeBloodFilms Yeah, that's right! Rik Mayall was in Drop Dead Fred. He was "Rick, spelt with a silent 'P' " (always loved that joke!) in The Young Ones.

      2. RealFakeBloodFilms

        @terrypussypower I had to look that up and realized i somehow have seen it before, like when i was a teenager. i remember thinking "hey thats drop dead fred!"

      3. terrypussypower

        @RealFakeBloodFilms Your fridge "monster" reminded me of the puppetry in The Young Ones, the 80's "punk" comedy series from the UK! That's was one of the best things in it!

      4. RealFakeBloodFilms

        “It made me gag” is the best review I could ask for. Thanks!

      5. terrypussypower

        Fuzzy blue mould is good for you. It's full of penicillin.

    35. Richard Ryan



      It's the movie monster man but with food

      1. RealFakeBloodFilms

        @GRAVEROBBER HQ Ah--a movie titled Monster Man! looks like some great early 00's schlock. have to check it out


        @RealFakeBloodFilms I tried to send you a link but it's not working. If you google it, it should be the first thing to pop up. It's a red picture with a monster truck. If you'd like I can email you the link. Also if your compiling horror movies I'm definitely interested.

      3. RealFakeBloodFilms

        who or what is the movie monster man? very curious

    37. KleverStudios

      that camera swipe was really seamless damn, i gotta take advantage of that trick more

      1. KleverStudios

        @RealFakeBloodFilms ahhh ha, yes sir fr tho, amazing stuff. deserves way more recognition, keep up the great work

      2. RealFakeBloodFilms

        it's pretty Klever, huh?

    38. My Morning Jacket

      One of reasons why adult swim is still awesome.

    39. Johnathan. Aviles

      This is some trippy shit

    40. Logan Harris

      stomp it! PLEASE!!

      1. RealFakeBloodFilms


    41. RealFakeBloodFilms

      Check out the behind the scene video on my channel to see how it was made! (can't post link for some reason?) Thanks for watching!

    42. Jerk Chicken


    43. LeoFan93

      I legit thought that was Rhett from GMM in the thumbnail.

    44. Yokoto12343


    45. Kkidzz

      Once again....trying waaaaaaay to hard.

      1. Hazyworld

        Isn't this normal for adult swim? They do know their audience.

    46. Mr. Chü


    47. Jason Andrews

      Shoulda put that dish in the microwave!

    48. Lil Drewzee

      I’m here from real fake blood

      1. RealFakeBloodFilms


    49. Magic Smoke FPV

      Why is this so funny? I'm so grossed out but I can't stop laughing...

    50. Jacob Baranowski

      Don't eat that

    51. wolfman 65

      Evry time I see a video like this I'm sooo weirded out and then I relize what channel I'm on.

      1. Josiah Morris

        I relate with this comment

      2. Geeky

        yeah bro i just relize me to mam

    52. Henry Mohan

      Aw hell naw

    53. jones life

      This shit just ruined my appetite

      1. Be Low Below

        I'm hungrier than ever

    54. ageislie

      This was awesome! Great prop work

      1. RealFakeBloodFilms

        thank you! check out the making of video on my channel to see how it was made!

    55. Panu Jousea

      Im hungry for a midnight snack now, thanks.

    56. Rensence

      And that's the reason why I love adult swim so much.

    57. King Williams


      1. RealFakeBloodFilms

        thank you!

    58. JTCoolThaBeast


    59. Christopher Dudeson

      Ewww 🤢🤮

    60. NerdWorldNinja FoldingSpaceTime

      Bro? Clean your fridge once in a while Jesus

      1. Armageddon is upon us.

        I am not judge nor juror nor do I judge, I am humble and peaceful. I am a messenger from God. Your mockery of Jesus Christ and The one true God, And laughing at the suffering of God's Children. And mocking God's messenger. There is no hope for your salvation. You are stripped of all light workers and Angels. Any spiritual hedges are broken. You are now Pro to any and all demonic attack and influence and pineal take over. You have no place in God's kingdom. Upon your last heart beat. Your soul will be refined and cast into void with the demons you relished, So said the one true God..(end) Isaac 777hmz

      2. Techalyzer

        NO. WHAT THE HELL?? YOU NEVER DO THAT!!! You just close the door and boom! It's all gone.

    61. David Baltazar

      So so good!!!

    62. Justin H

      The ones who didn't like this must not Adult Swim

      1. Fizzmdzin 87


    63. Dylan Khadiken

      Nice (;

    64. Charblastaur

      Meet the medic be like: *kill me*

      1. Henry Mohan

        Oh that’s true

    65. Chill Face

      XD u upload when it was 8:00

    66. Charlie Cook

      That’s disgusting

    67. Well, I'll be damned.

      The cotton candy could have been a bit more sparse, to make it less obvious and more disgusting. Good work, though. Keep it up!

      1. talmon glidden

        @RealFakeBloodFilms I’m glad u did it the way you did... made it just a bit easier to watch when I could at least tell the actor was just eating cotton candy and spaghetti.

      2. scooterjones303

        @RealFakeBloodFilms you know I think it added to the comedy to create a broader tone than just nasty.

      3. RealFakeBloodFilms

        you know that's exactly what I wanted to do but I wasn't counting on the cotton candy dissolving in the spaghetti sauce--and the thin layers of cotton candy dissolved really quickly. so I had to clump it on so it wouldn't dissolve so quickly. check out the behind the scenes on my channel. Thanks for watching!

    68. GrindcoreNinja

      TeLl mE iM gOoD.

      1. RealFakeBloodFilms

        @Pancake Man so good

      2. Pancake Man

        Oh you’re good

    69. Waheguru Namaste

      Hahaha.. singleton living. I know it too well.

    70. El Micho

      men's refrigerator be like:

    71. Thomas Medel

      so glad I get to view this early.

    72. Aziz Music


    73. Marwin Maureal

      Your good

    74. Nuraddin Ibrahim

      So digusting

    75. Elberth Galarga


    76. Tyler The Bass Creator


    77. Charlie Cook


    78. Patrick McConaughey


    79. Disastre


    80. young Gocrazy

      Wtf 😂😂😂

    81. que tal


    82. Malizy Wallis


    83. InsamniTy


      1. que tal


      2. ツBruh

        Ik wut it feels like bud

      3. sniper sam002