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    Strongburg's finest are back. Lazor Wulf season 2 finale airs Sunday at midnight on Adult Swim. Watch season 1 on HBO Max.
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    katma Aylar önce


    1. Bryce S

      Lazur wulf sux its trying to fit to the adult swim kind of content and therefore its not original and only weird cuz they think thats what AS viewers like but they are wrong. Just cuz its weird dont make it good. Stop TRYING so hard.

    2. Ricky J Kuron

      Xavier Woods!

    3. south park do brasil oficial

      the mazing

    4. Iron Head

      I want that doorbell.

    5. Daniel

      Maybe I just don't get it....

    6. Malodyr Animations

      Hello! plis chek my animation cartoon, on my channel, help me survive in my country, thx people!)

    7. Kannix Mononoke

      Season 3? Whats good?

    8. dc2 Mickey


    9. hot superheroine fight MARVELvsDC

      very nice!!


      Adult swim is trash 🗑

    11. Gotchic Fandom

      I am asking you, the creators of the series, rick and morty, have renewed it, please, I'm from Poland, I love this series and I don't want to be gone forever, don't listen to them, wake up, please, your work and the series are a legend tablecloth

    12. Cooking foods Sokla

      Funny for this video

    13. Sydical

      I love how the end screen is just pictures of animals lmfao

    14. Joker

      This is soooo funny lol

    15. Sial Muhammad Warkhata

      میرے یوټیوب چینل سبسکرایب کرو

    16. ZX

      *Lazor Wulf:* "Don't insult me by calling me God."

      1. Paul McPoopiface

        Carl is only afraid of what he doesn’t understand

    17. carabantes cañas


    18. Hotlog

      Is that Austin Creed?

      1. Pre10tious Podcast


    19. Sugr Rush

      Did anyone notice in the bathroom saying that the picture of action Jackson‘s eyes are moving

      1. Joker

    20. Patrick McConaughey


      1. RX TV

        Bring Back Adult Swim

      2. Jordan Loux

        Hey dude, how's it hanging?

    21. Gadzooks!

      The VA for action Jackson is really good!

    22. MrActionJaxon99

      Where is my check Adult Swim

      1. Joker


    23. Hugo Solisfraire


    24. Amanda Vaughan

      1:02 is my aesthetic

    25. Amanda Vaughan

      *shucky ducky*

    26. Amanda Vaughan

      But it IS Action Jackson...!!

    27. math polen

      i hope ''action'' mike jackson beats up action jackson


      If you are not shocking people, ideas, or actions what are you doing? Everything is entertainment so you cannot just fall back on that. What are you after here? Its just not resonating on any level

      1. Jordan Loux

        Maybe it's something relaxing you can enjoy and just chill with?

    29. Murilooツ

      Que bizarro

    30. PrettyRadHuh

      Vince a goat for being lazor wulf lol

    31. Joseph Zugoola

      Lazer wolf from fiddler on the roof?

    32. Lethal Lyrical Liger

      He is a LEGEND so can't blame him for WILD'N in his presence💯

    33. sans

      I was the 20th comment

    34. Gabriel Sanchez

      I just watched Action Jackson last night lmaoooo

    35. Comical Realm Animations

      So Action Jackson has a doorbell that sounds like a Donkey braying

      1. Malodyr Animations

        Hello! plis chek my animation cartoon, on my channel, help me survive in my country, thx people!)

      2. Palxim8

        Huh, look at that. Braying is a word.

    36. Cameron Cannon

      Crazy how Action Jackson’s in the Mandalorian, now.

      1. Rygart Arrow

        I’m didn’t understand at first then when he said his amen was Carl weathers I understood

    37. Nas T

      0:40 I don't know if that's like a Mario reference or a different reference.🤨

    38. GardenJHR

      Man I haven’t even watched this show and I know it’s great

      1. Bryce S

        It sux bad it just tried too hard to be weird to fit on adult swim and it shows

    39. Mysterious Things Productions

      I’m thinking of watching this show

      1. JustanEdgyGangstar

        @Nas T an as show that’s actually cute? What?!

      2. Nas T

        Good, you should. I highly recommend it. It's a funny and cute show.

    40. eli taylor


    41. - Amos C. Presley -

      *Howdy, please to meet Ya'?*

    42. Red Shogun

      0:10 казалось бы при чём здесь украина 🇺🇦?

      1. Franko

        Mocкалів на ножі!

    43. DF-Sway

      Sucky Ducky


      This is Some good shit right here

    45. Joe Lama

      What's this shit?

    46. Auto Hunter

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