Adult Swim

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    Urges by Angela Stempel
    Opening Titles by Lauren Payne
    IN_BOX by Michael Marczewski
    Mr. Madila LOVE by Rory WT
    Human Compost by Daniel Koren
    Breakfast by Caitlin McCarthy
    Star Date by Austen Reeder
    DOMO Is Put In The Mail by Jack Wedge
    Date Night by Nick Gibbons
    Trustwormy by Kyle Kenowski

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    1. Random is Oliver


    2. Michael Trinh

      I had to make an announcement to my room-mates that I was NOT watching porn.

    3. BluJean6692


    4. Denise Haley

      Da beat tho

    5. Nature Imposter

      I love these videos, I love that dude @6:29 he is so interesting and funny.

    6. Mina Ashido

      confusion go brrr

    7. GhostBoyVibe

      This and a couple blunts please and thank you

    8. OrdinaryGamer Gameplay

      I think I'm still on acid.

    9. aadulf swim

      Amazing 🙏🏾🌍

    10. SRSawyer88

      26/100 - i dig it

    11. Aeiou

      This is why adult swim shouldn't be allowed to animate.

    12. Elian Perez

      8:39 that error animantion Small adult swim!

    13. SKudde

      I don't like this..

    14. Ivan O'Bryant

      What the hell was happening at the beginning of the video

    15. A. W. Sum

      Super eurphoric!

    16. pickle rick

      me with my sleep paralysis demon on valentines day

    17. Wesleyrf

      Salvando minha onda 🌊

    18. Eric Werland



      This video is too much for my brain to handle.

    20. Cheyenne La Loup

      This soothes me.

    21. PlesiothX

      The hope in humanity is restored

    22. SSgt Chit E. Panz

      We wanted Early Cuyler, but instead you give us this 💩

    23. Gongo The Mongolord

      My mind during quarantine while being single on Valentine's day

    24. the Nardo abides

      Davvero estremamente molto bello

    25. Craig Stallone


      1. A. W. Sum


    26. Emily Rose Bosco

      Real Sophie's choice here

    27. Evil must Die!!!

      What The hell 😅

    28. YotaruVegeta

      Perfect for Valentines Day

    29. D. Marmatakis

      imagine watching this high and drunk

      1. C H

        Imagine?? Living it.

    30. yf G/-/OST

      Highly suggest watching stoned.....

    31. КОТлету ХОЧешь

      Is that a third wave feminist on the preview?

    32. Wilfrederick

      You don't need drugs or acid to enjoy this. You just need to experience it. Having an imagination helps too.

      1. cloudy

        i used to say stuff like this but to be honest its probably really fun

      2. SOKD insIght

        Your just trying to hog all the acid for yourself jokes on you I just took the rest of what I had

      3. Emily Hume

        Yeah, but it probably helps

    33. Comical Realm Animations

      The valentines day acid experience

      1. BluJean6692

        stop spamming

    34. Satvik Keshtwal

      1:50 what, I wasn't expecting indian music here😂

      1. Satvik Keshtwal

        @cloudy just classical music

      2. cloudy

        what's it called?

    35. Arash sh


    36. Paper_Rack

      Whenever Adult swim releases this content they are basically saying “take some acid and come back later”

      1. ImMike

        That’s so true, wtf I’m i watching

    37. hi mom I’m on youtube

      garbage corporate memphis for the first few minutes

    38. pelican pelican

      y’all really down this bad

    39. Breaker Gemini

      Adam and Eve

    40. olo YT

      I so early people think Rick and Morty s5 will be released this year

    41. DJQCify

      The fuck

    42. Mr. Chü


    43. Barbaroja

      I have a sudden urge to listen I Am the Walrus...

    44. The True Dragonborn


    45. Wind Breaker

      1:43 will there be a full version of this song?

    46. Wolf

      Im kinda confused at wtf I just watched ngl

    47. Grenadier Line

      This is gae

      1. Grenadier Line

        @Frost Knight no you

      2. Frost Knight

        Yo mama

      3. Jrexon 01

        And there's literally no Ace on this..

    48. No Username

      Gru kerbal lookin ass

    49. Mutable Pisces

      The world now n a nutshell not only just for valentines

    50. Nolwazi

      Tf did i just watch? I must have gone to deep on TRlocal.

    51. The Cosmos Personified

      The one at the end, the dude singing 'Your Alive'. I was thankful for this when It began, but then that one came along, it broke me open and caused me to burst out into tears. Thank you universe.

      1. Kyle John Kenowski

        @cloudy :-)

      2. cloudy

        @Kyle John Kenowski I LOVED YOUR SHORT

      3. Kyle John Kenowski

        Glad you liked it friend.

    52. Hecatonquiros Femto

      Extrañamente epico... No Boogie Boogie tonight

    53. Mick America

      Um, don't do drugs kids.

      1. the Nardo abides

        @LoG’s Maggot that's the spirit

      2. LoG’s Maggot

        It'll be just psychedelics for me, only a few carefully taken sessions tho

      3. the Nardo abides

        Nah, do 'em. Don't do 'em too hard tho

      4. Barbaroja

        Or maybe do and have a chat with god in a state of full delirium like I did, there's a lot of valuable insight to be had in that

    54. I am the new Justin y.

      I’m so dis liking each vid u created and try to get u band from yet

    55. The Double Helix

      What is this

      1. jpcoqueran


    56. The Cosmos Personified



      Im so done!

    58. MrUnit731

      Trip tank vibes.

    59. Young Nova

      Y’all down bad expeditiously

      1. C H

        Thats propbably the first time anyone made a sentence out of those words. Congradulations!

      2. Cheyenne La Loup


    60. Katie Heart

      This stuff is really weird I never get it but the thing is I love Adult Swim and I love Family Guy and all the shows Happy Valentine's Day to all the people

    61. Cheetahprint85

      I literally just did some acid. This was the Purrrfect time to watch this.... ✌️ & 💗

      1. Snoozi Blu

        Happy tripping friend 🤗

      2. yes sir


    62. N M L O P Q R S

      Yuh hear dat

    63. N M L O P Q R S


    64. Juliana Barão


    65. NoGreedSeeds

      Need more acid to really enjoy this.

    66. TheFullSkundo 2800


    67. Flacko_r

      Not what I expected

    68. Auzzie


    69. Sahid Aroca

      Dime ahora que te fumastes?

    70. Jooshua

      Yore kiln me smlls

    71. Deandre confirmed

      Happy valentines day adult swin

    72. tim the demon


    73. CrocTV42


    74. Brian Esquerra


    75. Power Stones

      Do you think the Asmr people got carried away with the trippy animation?

    76. Nigerian prince James bergenston the the 4th

      Oh hell yeah oh oh yeah yeah. no no no no no no no no no no no some weird stuff right there man nah nah man nah

    77. Ned Flanders

      I love this smalls😊

      1. L̲a̲t̲e̲ H̲a̲t̲e̲ ̲i̲s̲ ̲M̲e̲

        It’s pretty good

      2. trouble maker


    78. im slowcake


    79. Camera

      adult swim what the hell is happening

      1. Frost Knight

        The simulation is collapsing

    80. Ned Flanders

      Y E A H

    81. Nightcore Kun


    82. Patrick McConaughey


      1. A. W. Sum

        You guys remember that hillbilly octopus cop show? That was lit