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    Quentin (Ringing Singing Kitchen Sink, Boudoir, and Dollhouse)
    Created by Sean Reynard
    Starring Sean Reynard, Geisel, and Nosey Parker
    VO by Sean Reynard and Stephen Evans
    Music and sound design by Sean Reynard, Marcus Jay, and Stephen Evans
    Instrument by Sean Reynard
    Noisy Plumming by Dean Graham Stanton
    Creatures by Chris Turrell-Watts
    Spinster - Mark Peel
    Camera - Alison Ball
    Thanks - Alison Ball, Stephen Evans, & Alex Morris

    My name is Quentin, my jumper is mustard, and my hair is combed nicely. I’m not so keen on trousers as they chafe the thigh. I have many friends, which include Comfrey, Ludwig, Geisel and Alvin although I’m not so keen on Alvin as he is mean. My favorite food is Lunctionmeat with broad bean cases and wobbly blancmange for afters. Good day!
    Follow Quentin on Instagram: quentinsmirhes

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    IN HOUSE (Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5)
    Created by # & Killer Ponzi
    Starring Neil Luck and Daniel Matz
    Music by Daniel Matz

    # & Killer Ponzi make absurd and collaborative films from London/Berlin.
    Follow Daniel Matz on Instagram: sharp_accidental
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    Dentata Solutions:

    Metolius “How To Export”
    created by Caleb & Kegan Swyers

    Caleb and Kegan are twin brothers who create music, videos, and films inspired by their joy of the mundane and the absurd.
    Follow Caleb on Instagram: crswyers
    Follow Kegan on Instagram: kegan_swyers

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    How To Make A Brother:
    Sick Horse:

    The Puppeteer’s Assistant
    Created and directed by Dylan Mars Greenberg
    Starring Jac Bernhard, Josafat Concepcion, Amanda Flowers, Nicolai Gorden, Bonnie Bloomgarden, Avi Ezor and Dylan Mars Greenberg
    Produced and animated by Hannah Schilsky
    Additional animation by Ezra Pailer
    Music by Matt Ellin
    Edited by Phill Skokos
    Director of Photography: Adam Ninyo
    Model built by Matilda Sabal
    Humans and puppets styled by Glitter Macabre
    Associate Producer: Avi Ezor
    Makeup Assistant: Leor Freedman
    Shot at BC Studios

    Dylan Mars Greenberg is a filmmaker, video artist and performer from New York City. Her work has been featured in Vice, PAPER, The New York Times and others. She enjoys absurdism, roasted cauliflower and is currently working on her 7th feature film.
    Follow Dylan Mars Greenberg on Instagram: dylanmarsgreenberg
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      oddly intrigued

    2. yooo that's sick

      Me on the toliet watching this

    3. DG Studios

      For those of you who decided to do shrooms before watching this: have indeed made a terrible mistake. Or maybe that's just me

    4. Oleksandr Sokolov

      I wish I could like this video a few times

    5. Annabelle

      4:55 THIS SHIT KILLLED MEEEEEEEEEEE goddamnit i love art made by females

    6. WeNfl123

      I wanna watch this while tripping on acid

    7. Mia Antoniazzi

      Metolius tutorials is an amazing creation, i hope we see a lot more of his work.

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    8. JoeSatana

      Who is that hot hot hot Puppeteer???

    9. lohphat


    10. Relevo A.M.

      La familia del barrio and Rick and Morty

    11. anepileptic epileptic

      this is dumb and adult swim should be taken off of the internet and TV

    12. bigwookah

      Thank you for this production

    13. Thas Tayapongsak

      Four month in and no smoothie madness yet

    14. Cade Becker

      AMERIKA INGIN JACK STAUBER KEMBALI bring jack back to America

    15. Cade Becker

      AMERIKA INGIN JACK STAUBER KEMBALI bring back jack to America

    16. Cade Becker


    17. Cade Becker


    18. Cade Becker


    19. Cade Becker


    20. Cade Becker


    21. Raya Stoilkova

      Wtf is Quentin doin on here

    22. Lukania

      How the fuck is this monetised...

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    24. Chris Clinton

      Them baby dolls can get quite aggressive banging on a piano! Please don't like this comment as it is subpar.

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    25. Jon Peck

      I love the Jan Svankmajer references!

      1. Disck Media


    26. Miss Rae

      my birthday was yesterday. im high this video makes my bones go OOOOOOOOOH

    27. TheDimaak

      what is this video about i dont get it


      Sorry Adult Swim. This isn’t art. This is only awfull. To see this only makes me feel uncomfortable. Stop it and try do create something funny.

    29. styleyk


    30. Senpai's underpants.

      Congrats on 1 million lol.

    31. bz Bee

      Monty Python hoemage

    32. Karl Stott

      That was better than all the therapy I’ve had in 20 years. Thank you.

    33. Bigger Bruh Moment


    34. Travis Atienza

      This weird

    35. A. W. Sum

      Abstract and new age love it keep em coming

    36. Christian Gutierrez rufasto

      Estos directores son full marihuana 🌳🌲🌱🍀🚬🔞☠😛

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    38. LilAdultMan

      I love you Cheese Papa!

    39. Headband The Caucasian

      Please make more like volume one that are longer and more variety I can’t get enough of this stuff

    40. Cade Becker

      Jack stauber now does voice cartoons in Adult swim if you where wondering why he hasn't been online. He's been busy with [AS]

    41. Glitter Jugend

      this like is for Quentin.

    42. Dannie 2000

      Thought this was a scooby doo parody for a second there

    43. AKM 079

      all the artists always pull such amazing content!! even the sink guy! he instills an unpleasant feeling ive never felt before!

      1. Disck Media

    44. grindcoremaniac

      I just woke up and watched this, and I think that's enough internet for the day.

    45. Dan Kirchner

      i cant resist dis shiiii wa da fuhh cisdisssss

    46. Matt Mccoy

      Mommy I’m scared

    47. Lopo Isaac Fernández

      In 2:11 it reads "Volume 5" but in the tittle is "Volume Four". And that's the less confusing thing in this video.

    48. Comical Realm Animations

      I feel like I just fell into a vat of 'acid'

    49. Warlock Beats

      Hey Adult Swim can we please have some more Truthpoint episodes? My protocol needs ascending

    50. iSay Hi

      R.I.P. DOOM

    51. Julea LERO

      What’s wrong with adult Swim may sakit ata

    52. Dynasty UK Entertainment

      The like was for Quentin.

    53. Cory Pchajek

      So people were losing their minds over Too Many Cooks and something like this exists??!

    54. Cade Becker

      I remember jack stauber before adult swim. Hes good at what he does but why isn't he posting on social media?

      1. Cade Becker

        Hes busy with adult swim doing cartoons voices!! Very proud of jack I hope hes feeling okay with [AS]

    55. VarneySioux

      Here to support The Puppeteer's Assistant! Dylan is amazing! 💚🖤

      1. Disck Media

        Thank you!!!

    56. Logan Anderson

      ah yes. visual shrooms.

    57. Hillary Barahona

      Ummm wtf

    58. QuantumElectricians

      So refreshing to see bizarro, multi-layered, 80s and 90s style underground creativity again.

      1. Andrew Burke

        Absolutely. Love to see [as] embrace being experimental

    59. asilah zaharuddin


    60. max

      17:32 "obama"

    61. W00dsBrick

      My brain when the Grubhub commercial aired with a new commercial boogie: 5:34

    62. max

      Yes, once again, great nightmare fuel before bed.

    63. RaeRae303

      Headphones in! It's a must👌🏼🔉🔊

    64. Zenn Exile

      The tighty whiteys are too clean. Needs some yellow in the front and brown in the back and at least one wasteband tear. Please take suspension of disbelief more seriously in the future.

    65. James Cameron-Clarke

      Is that half of Mulligan and O'Hare with another haunting instrumental work?

    66. Victor Pain


    67. freesouljah

      Finally, some visuals to match my weird noise experiments! 🤙🏼

    68. Tzipporah Manory

      I've come to the inevitable conclusion that this is the absolute antithesis of meaning.

      1. Parker McCarthy

        I felt like the one with the cowboy was a direct reference to covid and how we distract ourselves from impending doom

    69. Jonathan Machado

      First two minutes like my covid symptoms

    70. Patrick McConaughey


    71. Green Star

      Lay off the acid, guys. Switch to 2ci

    72. Comment Highlighted

      It speaks to me 🤔

    73. Andy's History Lessons

      Kinda’ looks like Velma from Scooby Doo!

      1. Jess Reinhardt

        That's who I thought it was at first haha

    74. V I B E

      Went from South Park to this wtf lol

    75. Don’t Lick The Stripper Pole

      This goes is so far beyond weird I love it!!!...

    76. Abi Yusrrafinada

      Too long

    77. Clayton Stokes

      I don't get it ... Like I don't get any of it

      1. Polo

        Imagine your an email

    78. Disck Media

      Thank you Adult Swim and Dave Hughes for allowing me to create “The Puppeteer’s Assistant” with my friends! I love everyone’s shorts!!!! - Dylan Mars Greenberg

      1. Casey up


      2. Disck Media

        @Skarrlett Krow

      3. Skarrlett Krow

        Love you, Dylan!

      4. Jesse Schmidt

        That one was deep. Had me in tears there with that speech at the end

    79. OK

      I’ve been sober for to long. This is tripping me out.

    80. Peter Newell

      mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... This volume was sub-standard in my HUMBLE opinion. There were a few good concepts don't get me wrong. And you know I get it.. if you don't have anything nice to say then why say anything at all? And I mean, clearly we're all adults here just having a swim... all I'm saying is that when I watched this it felt like drowning instead.

    81. Squirt cake

      This was fun.

    82. The Chilli Mango Arts


    83. The Chilli Mango Arts


    84. bilal c

      Should i watch adult swim when im high?

    85. JTCoolThaBeast

      Space final

    86. bilal c

      Wtf am i watching bruh 💀

    87. Water Bird

      yeh ahhw

    88. John Vance

      Oh hell yes

    89. jj

      does this video come with lsd so i can appreciate it?

    90. marco antonio dominguez cid

      Wait, did that say volume 5?

      1. marco antonio dominguez cid

        @Psychedelic Tunnel but where’s 4, then? Volume 3?

      2. Psychedelic Tunnel

        Are you tripping? Lol because it did say 5 you skipped 4 :p

    91. KILLZONEGUN1315

      Still waiting for primal season 3

    92. Deniz Turkmen

      2021: Space Oddity

      1. Cade Becker

        2020 government made parody "Covid control major bums take your vaccines and put your mask on"

      2. Andy's History Lessons

        (Singing.) Ground Control to Major Tom... Ground Control to Major Tom... Take your protein pills and put your helmet on...

    93. Dylan Khadiken

      nice (;

    94. Water Bird


    95. Albert Hoss


    96. HT PRODUCTIONS 101

      Well now I want to do this

    97. Childish Murderer

      Imagine seeing these completely alone at 4 am.

      1. Percy Thrower

        We're all as bad as each other. Normal is boring Speaking for myself if course lol

      2. A. W. Sum

        Ideal. Did you see the one from last week yet? I could leave it on a 10 hour loop it would never get old

      3. berniiswag

        im doing it rn

      4. Sad Biscuits

        Why imagine

      5. max

        I am.

    98. Jon Person

      Thank you O Lord for the weird shit we are about to receive.

    99. Roger Mulet Solà

      Shiiii men

    100. Mamkajiwin

      What’s up Broski 🦋🦋🦋🦋