Adult Swim x Living Walls: Atlanta Mural Project

Adult Swim

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    From its start, Adult Swim has stood for authenticity, creative freedom and the championing of artistic voice. It is by way of these key principals that we look to bolster the work, message and careers of Black artists based here in Atlanta with the “Adult Swim Atlanta Mural Project.”
    With technical support from Living Walls, local artists of color will produce large scale murals, train artists and assistants on best practices and techniques for mural making and start conversations about the role of the artist in the public space today.
    Read more about the Atlanta Mural Project here:
    #LivingWalls #AtlantaMuralProject #PowerToThePeople
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    1. SR Brant

      It’s a good mural, but it feels unfinished. Like it lacks outlining and shading.

    2. Knowen

      blacks love murals

    3. MeinCouch123

      Spending money on this instead of the shows, lmao

    4. NekoBoyOfficial

      If you care about black people, where were you when Carey Means (the voice of Frylock) had a tree fall on his house last year? He had to start a Gofundme with no help from you.

    5. Anthony Martin

      Is her name sofa because she's as big as a couch?

    6. hͪiͥ,̓ ᴛⷮhͪaͣnᴋⷦs͛ foͦrͬ rͬeͤaͣdͩiͥng mͫy cͨoͦmͫmͫeͤnᴛⷮ

      The soft bigotry of low expectations keeps black people oppressed to a degree. That black woman just said 'black women have always been the catalyst for change in this country'. Yeah of course they have, we all agree with you unendedly and accept everything you say because of your race and gender.

    7. Villa In Cognito

      stick to the shows. Lol we don’t give a shit about this Adult Swim

    8. Lulu Calliope

      These are interesting murals and I'm glad it's giving young artists a chance to express themselves and feel like they're making a difference. That being said: I'm very confused as to why this is on Adult Swim.

      1. John Salgado

        Because Adult Swims headquarter is in Atlanta,Georgia

    9. runforitman

      imagine spending money, that could've gone towards smiling friends, on this

    10. Ben Nunya


    11. BirdBoy

      The murals are cool and all, but why is this on AdultSwim?

      1. Patricia Diaz

        Adult on cartoon network social justice if we dont they go reeeeee and be gone.

    12. C GB

      Wtf happened to comedy? PC?! You kidding me?!

    13. Saxy Kermy


    14. wVw weekend Video watch 2021

      I loved your artwork I added your video to my channel

    15. Kontroler Kid •

      Western propaganda be like:

    16. FrenchMercenary

      “...No misunderstanding allowed...” got it guys? Good...

      1. Ayden Fimbres

        Shits fucking delisnnxidbekdbsjd

    17. lk157

      Man I remember when adult swim was about offensive hilarious I can’t watch anything on it.... these murals are ugly

    18. Blitzkrieg Bryce

      Canceling Venture Bros and not green lighting Smiling Friends after the insane support for it... Adult Swim is just garbage now (other than Eric Andre).

    19. Prot

      Shut up, brand.

      1. Herbie Husker

        Brand supports corporate backed politically correct "social justice" movement.

    20. k

      Idk if they realize but they suck now. Rip adult swim

    21. Crash Bandicoot

      This and the conspiracy theory commercial instead of the good stuff... No wonder ur shows suks now...

    22. Fear Monarch

      imagine thinking this accomplishes anything

    23. William Kapelanski

      Bring back the squids if you're gonna promote dystopias

    24. Cute Bridge

      this is beautiful

    25. di0r

      kinda gay cringe

    26. AntiM0nit0r


    27. fresatx

      How about less Political/Racial BS and more Rick and Morty?

      1. scrummy bingus

        @James Ross in Oklahoma, they're trying to make the legal age for hormones 21, rather than 18. It would increase the trans suicide rate. Also, yeah i believe all people should be served if it's your job. Doctors should have to serve EVERYONE. If they don't like it, they shouldn't be a doctor. Same with adoption agencies. Also, if you think businesses should be allowed to discriminate, then by that logic they should be allowed to refuse black people if they want.... that's kind of messed up, right? Shouldn't we strive for equality? Idk, dude. I don't personally care if someone doesn't want to bake my wedding cake, but still, for more important things like groceries or hospital visits, they shouldn't be allowed to refuse anyone.

      2. James Ross

        ​@scrummy bingus Literally no one in the US debates the right for a consenting adult to get surgeries or hormones. Even in rural areas in the US, it's essentially unanimous. UNLESS... You want your choices to be involuntarily taxpayer funded... (your "right" to "get" surgeries, hormones). You do not have any alleged "right" to what others create. Do you believe you own other people? There should be no "protections" against someone refusing service, you can't force someone to work against their will, that's called slavery.

      3. Ram Jauregui

        @scrummy bingus Dude, you can get them, nobody gives a fuck. Live your life as you wish as long as you don't hurt anybody. To be honest and to be realist, you gotta accept the fact that some people will never accept you and your kind, that's how it is, we don't live in a perfect world with equality and shit like that, sorry to be blunt, but that's just reality. Live your life and be happy, who cares what other thinks. It's so sad that a person's entire life is based on his/her sexuality and gender identity.

      4. scrummy bingus

        @Ram Jauregui well, as a transgender person, my right to get surgeries and hormones are being debated. Gay/trans people can be refused to be allowed to adopt now, even in government funded agencies. Doctors can refuse to care for me and there's no protections for that. Whether you agree with my identity or not, I should be treated like a normal person.

      5. Ram Jauregui

        @scrummy bingus What right is being taken away? Please, enlighten us.

    28. fresatx

      Oh Barf... More forced multiculturalism in what is on its own the most multicultural place on earth. Its great.. But having your nose rubbed in it isnt.

    29. didi 85

      Well that's ATL for you.

    30. Andrew Burke

      William Downs’ work is so good. Love it

    31. D R H

      Please don't get hijacked Adult Swim. Don't turn into every talk show and every news channel in existence almost everyone else. I just want to watch entertaining shows.

    32. OkayestMarine

      I was waiting for something funny to happen. Wtf happened to you adult swim.

      1. Herbie Husker

        They got woke. We all know what happens next.

    33. Bradley Russo

      ( ^^)人(^^ )

    34. Tuesday Δ Sagenda

      Thank you

    35. Matthew

      Scooby-Doo vs Predator

    36. Daniel Heiss


    37. All the time it goes Like that

      Oh my god so brave, revolutionary! Great job posting this Adult Swim!! This totally takes back all the screwed up jokes about black people and gay people made on your network. Only it doesn't, and whoever posted this video is an absolute idiot. Virtue signaling at its very worse, ladies and gentlemen.

      1. All the time it goes Like that

        @Nas T I'm not black or gay lmfao. Just calling out some stupid bullshit. People of any stance or persuasion are allowed to do that if they want.

      2. Nas T

        Then maybe it's a shame that you make fun of your own culture. Wow, you guys are by far the worst people are.😂

      3. Fezwald

        Humor has done so much to break down barriers and bring people together. We should unleash creative comedy, not constrain it. We should learn to laugh with each other again and not look to find problems with things that might make us uncomfortable. We have to be able to laugh at our imperfections 😂

    38. Jimmy Tang

      ok cool but i thought you guys did entertainment

    39. Jason Fournier

      So brave!

    40. Oh Shoot a RAT

      If Bob Rosa saw this. He would throw up colors. It looks so gay!

      1. Nas T

        How dare you make that awful comment.

    41. Gul Dukat

      Me and some of my buddies want to paint a mural on a building for straight white people. Do you guys think the city will be ok with this?

      1. Tuesday Δ Sagenda

        Those exist already lol Why can’t there be different kinds of murals? Diversity benefits all people.

      2. Missile Lermer

        Sorry, this is a minority privilege only.

    42. dont care

      Here comes the racist comments

    43. Nick Skyview

      Wow! I've never seen anything like this, ever. Ever.....

      1. Blizzard Snöstorm


    44. Donald Thump

      That guy on the left looks like he’s kissing the child on it’s mouth

      1. Donald Thump

        @Benjamin Puljak CHINA!

      2. Benjamin Puljak

        you would know all about that donny. lots of gross videos of biden out there but you ain't no saint

    45. ArfaCreates

      I did mural and it's an amazing experience 🤩👏

    46. Astro

      If I painted a mural of a straight white guy, not because I’ve done anything particularly exceptional but just because I’m a straight white man I wonder how that would go down? Yeah, not great. And frankly I wouldn’t like it either because people are more than just a sexuality, skin colour and gender.

      1. Daniel Heiss

        Didn't you know that's all that matters these days. Supposedly you cant be racist to white people today either. Duhhhhh

    47. Serek Pro 888

      I mean robo hicken

    48. Serek Pro 888

      Hey i have song for you it gose like this (gitara nois ) your the bitch

    49. John Townsend

      Glad to see animal rights activism being shown in such a progressive manner. Who knew gorillas could paint.

    50. gillSans

      Fellas, is it virtue signaling to post a short video featuring Black artists expressing themselves through their work? 🤔🤔🤔 Edit: God you guys are assholes.

      1. Matt Mattson

        @ivan the space hiker yea this video made BANK

      2. Thomas Moll

        @ivan the space hiker oh yeah, I’m sure Adult Swim is absolutely rolling in money after this video gets like 10k views

      3. ivan the space hiker

        Companies don't care about blacks. And other races. They only care about money

      4. gillSans

        @Pudding Pop In what way are they “virtue signaling”? Is there anything disingenuous going on here?

      5. Daniel Heiss


    51. read my profile picture

      This channel is one of my biggest inspirations on animating and it was my best decisions I got inspired by the show rick and morty thanks for making my life a little bit more interesting

    52. Max Xam

      Nice art, but I cannot be the only one sick and tired of pro-LGBT discourses in everything and everywhere. I fully support equal rights for everyone, don't get it twisted, it's just that this discourse is downright everywhere.

    53. Igor Bogdanoff

      I thought I unsubscribed from Vice

      1. Igor Bogdanoff

        @Max Xam Because I enjoy virtue signaling and being conditioned to think things

      2. Max Xam

        Why were you subscribired to Vice in the first place?

    54. Travis Kessinger

      Shit sucks major taint

    55. siku fox

      look at these comments but then go to youtube stories and look at the same posts comment section

      1. siku fox

        @NOODLE CLOWNZz that's what I mean


        If ur talking about the adult swim one, there is a *big* difference, it’s all so negative

    56. Christian Gutierrez rufasto

      Saludos cordiales desde Lima Perú 🇵🇪💁🏇🙌💀

    57. RJ MacReady

      This is so fake. There’s no one kneeling for BLM and the buildings aren’t on fire from peaceful protest. But hey. You’ll get a new season of Rick and Morty someday so it’s okay.

    58. Valhöll

      This is unfitting for adult swim, more fitting for other turner networks really.

    59. The Midcoast of Maine, The Way Life Should Be !

      talent i will never have.. unbelievable talent right there.. nice to see. lots of love

    60. Bran Dumb

      This is whatever but bring back The Venture Bros!

      1. Max Xam


    61. Patrick McConaughey


    62. loopa

      Adult swim should collab with Gorillaz

      1. Kalamar_ from_Slovakia

        Have you watched the vid? They alredy did lmao

    63. mstcrow5429

      Such murals. So fugly.

    64. Jacob Kudrowich

      The most useless pandering to powerful special interests video I've ever seen. This isn't raising awareness for any issues this is pure and simple virtue signalling and pandering your pc values to the lowest common denominator. You've completely lost my respect and viewership adult swim

      1. Anthony Martin

        Just think about how many children in Chicago this mural in Atlanta saved bro. 🤣

      2. PTOSE

        Based. It also lost my respect a long time ago since it pandered to burn loot murder

      3. Jacob Kudrowich

        @AMAZEDWORM yea I'm not seeing what so funny. I watched adult swim in its glory days and haven't watched much tv in years and I'm pissed off a company I once loved has stuped this low.


        @Jacob Kudrowich lmfao. And there you have it.

      5. Jacob Kudrowich

        @Thomas Moll what does that even mean? I haven't had cable for years. I don't watch it.

    65. Fezwald

      Smiling Friends please x

      1. Jimmy Tang

        @sam plumsuma but why are they wasting their time on this shit which has nothing to do with AS

      2. sam plumsuma

        cartoons take time to make

      3. Fezwald

        @It's Bishop Innit. *in that Mr. Plinkett drawl “Hello”

      4. It's Bishop Innit.


    66. Lulasu


    67. Relevo A.M.

      La familia del barrio and Rick and Morty

    68. Hunter

      I can’t breef

      1. ivan the space hiker

        I can't draw

    69. grodt88

      don't be racist lady, paint some whites and asians there

    70. MichaelSnipes800

      Ngl this is some shitty art if y’all gone paint a building at least make it look good no offense tho

    71. Kannix Mononoke

      I want Lazor wulf season 3.

      1. Kannix Mononoke

        @BluJean6692 Rude...

      2. BluJean6692

        fuck off 2 was too many. Nobody likes that show and AS already ad-bombs it.

      3. Nas T

        Me too. I love Lazor Wulf.

    72. SnowmanAgent

      when everone is at home, nobody will complain about the painting of the walls. its rather the perfect time

      1. Herbie Husker

        @Hans Mario818 you haven't realized that the lockdowns don't work yet?

      2. Trent Adam

        @Hans Mario818 K

      3. Hans Mario818

        @Trent Adam which is why Americans be dying because Americans don’t care about Americans because America

      4. Trent Adam

        Who is staying home? My state is not doing that.

    73. Bate Mann


      1. Valhöll

        they need to bring back million dollar extreme world peace!

    74. Havoc

      Visual artist and I only paint black peoples lol😄

    75. chaim7games

      So that's what you call legal Graffiti.

    76. NeverSaySandwich1


      1. Max Xam

        @Nas T Racist? How?

      2. Tony Cottrell

        @Nas T how is he racist?

      3. colours

        you literally have a video ‘ top 5 gaming consoles’ and u call this cringe lmfao go back to the circus clown

      4. Blck 7

        Why? Lol

      5. Nas T

        You're racist.

    77. Vesstig

      When she said revolution and I think back to how America is almost 250 years old

    78. Bill Cosby

      This is dumb

    79. Autistic Andy

      Is it February already?

      1. R R

        It's been February since last May

    80. Billy Shears

      Thanks for being such a forward-thinking and compassionate network, [as]! ✌️

    81. Comical Realm Animations

      This is the equivalent of walls getting tattoos, but without their consent

      1. Infamous News

        On white walls

      2. Smooooth

        Then I guess simply painting a wall is like forcing someone to wear makeup

      3. David Davidson

        @cruggle Depends on the type of paint or chemical used on the wall but in most cases you can. How do you think people remove racist shit from walls? You don't always have to paint over.

      4. cruggle

        No, not really.

      5. David Davidson

        Nope, unlike all the women hitting their 30's and realizing they fucked up, a lot can be done to remove paint from walls.

    82. Vinco Galzu Tzu

      Breathtakingly elegant Art🏞👑

      1. Pudding Pop

        It is art that I cant argue with

      2. David Davidson

        looks like shit honestly. Almost like clip-art and the meaning behind it is even more hollow so yeah overall 1/10 would paint over

    83. Nas T

      Good art.

      1. Herbie Husker

        Nah it looks like trash. A 7 year old could do better.

    84. choclo choclo


    85. Tere

      Are you paying flylock royalty's? If not your virtue signaling is hypocritical

    86. Technical Faisal iqbal

      This Guy is a legend! Sorry for Coming late Great fan

    87. Digitalis Etherium

      I 💜 Atlanta

      1. Matt Mattson

        @范德萨阿斯顿发大水发大水发阿斯顿发大水发大水发范德萨我和你吻别我爱你他妈的翔宇我和你吻别元的钱破开该 wbu

      2. Digitalis Etherium

        I’ve lived all over Atlanta. For 12 years. I spent a majority of my time in the EAV.

    88. Someo Grippeling

      Nice :)

    89. David Davidson

      Virtue signaling wasn't very Adult Swim until this social justice wave took over. Do you guys really think we subscribed/watch your stuff because your multi-million dollar companies spend a few bucks recording a video like this?

      1. Infamous News

        @cruggle Agree. People shouldn’t be upset. Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, Asians lives matter,etc.

      2. David Davidson

        @Roody Call Painting on a wall and blaming white people for every disparity in the country is gonna fix things I'm sure.

      3. Roody Call

        @David Davidson you think the black community is not tired of the racial divide that was caused by white people not them ?

      4. Diesel

        The reason why Nobody watches Adult swim is because all of today's TV shows are trash, so y'all need to stop acting like karen's, we're just a couple of cringe idiot's

      5. cruggle

        @David Davidson This is a project that's made to support the black lives matter movement. I think it's beautiful. So frigging goddamit, why the unnecessary hostililty.

    90. c0rpse. clown

      holy shit how do they paint that big im going bonkers i gotta zoom in when i draw shit

      1. ThePlayStationGamer


    91. David Davidson

      Remember when Toonami Tom shamed us for not bowing down for Fentanyl floyd?

      1. Billy Shakespeare

        @James Ross i fixed it, you are right though, I had my dictators mixed up. And even career criminals and drug addicts deserve rehabilitation. Saying they don't is just as bad as cancel culture, I don't believe in that either.

      2. James Ross

        @Billy Shakespeare So, Maduro is actually dictator in Venezuela. And, according to reality and the laws of nature and just plain old chemistry, when a career criminal ingests a lethal amount of fentanyl, they in fact do deserve death. You're missing the point though, this particular police incident, though unremarkable in context, has been lifted out of context and made into a tool of the identity-politics wielding authoritarian movement, used to divide and conquer.

      3. Eucalypticaz

        I would've reversed the car tyre onto McFlyoldfyoldyoldyodlod. Did you see the size of his neck?? He was a freak of nature

      4. Billy Shakespeare

        Remember when toonami played cartoons made by one of the most racist and sexist cultures in the world? Oh yeah, they still do that. And just because someone does drugs doesn't mean they deserve death. are you from the Philippines? B/c you sound like their dictator president Duterte

      5. NeverSaySandwich1

        Man that was so bad, yet hilarious

    92. The tallest comment

      Pin this for no reason 🐈👈

    93. Rs and hjk channel

      I like this vidio

    94. Jonah Riebau


    95. Léo Do Rabisco


    96. Jake W-B


      1. Jake W-B

        @Pudding Pop E

      2. Pudding Pop


      3. ThePlayStationGamer


      4. Jake W-B

        @Fred Gonzales Art

      5. Fred Gonzales


    97. Uel Jean Dela Cruz


      1. ThePlayStationGamer

        @Jake W-B wot i dont think so, but i stay chill

      2. Jake W-B

        Bruh you actually are

      3. ThePlayStationGamer