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    Created by Júlia Farkas
    Sound designed by Péter Benjámin Lukács
    Júlia Farkas is a Budapest-based animation director, character designer, GIF and AR filter maker. She is especially inspired by parallel universes and likes to fill her work with humor and abstract thinking.
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    1. hereticpariah 6/66

      Mmmmmmmmmmmkay. ...i Think you've found your LSD limit. ..just *one* hit less next time, mmmmmmkay....? ...mmkay.

    2. JMG Animation

      Adventure time but when the badgef is low

    3. Stuff OnMyduck

      The weirdness feels way to forced

    4. The Jackdaw

      Imagine walking past a bush and it s just touches you. 0:38

    5. deepanshu dhiman

      Wtf I'm watching right now

    6. milendee

    7. C Coimbra

      Ingredients to this video: Shrooms. Acid. DMT, high fructose corn syrup, quarantine

    8. It’sfelix Here


    9. Greson Villaluz

      HEY! Where's Part 3 of Cosmo Samurai?!😫

      1. Greson Villaluz

        Episode 3 of Cosmo Samurai, NOW!!!

    10. Greson Villaluz

      Any chance you guys will show Episode 3 of Cosmo Samurai, yet?

    11. Charlie Chalk

      Awesome sound design on this

    12. White Eagle

      Created by Júlia Farkas, Péter BEnjámin Lukács.... - BOJLER ELADÓÓÓÓÓ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Buble Fish

      Что Я только посмотрел

    14. Gandalfonzo

      Futtatott, posztmodern fos. Persze ez csak egy szubjektív vélemény.

    15. BSBB Productions

      After watching this I woke up in a different shirt and am now left handed.

    16. Maxsdad 53

      No idea what this is, but it's fucking lame.

    17. wOnDeR FuL

      I watch adult swim on TV and you need to remove the Eric Andre show

      1. wOnDeR FuL

        @BSBB Productions thank you I know that's always bad

      2. BSBB Productions


    18. Kenneth Brown

      I would play this survival game.

    19. mare tosevska

      adults can swim

    20. R Saldivar

      Hahahaha this was such a bad idea to put on a thumbnail. “DoGoodKarens” will be addressing this shortly

    21. invaderzimismyfav

      I love art

    22. Hellsa Poppin

      i clicked this by accident and i wasn't afraid 2 minutes ago

    23. ToughGamerDude

      D M T

    24. אייל תדמור

      I figured it out guys it in reverse

    25. Squirt cake

      I agree.

    26. Gabriel Ribeiro Da Silva

      Very crazy

    27. Theacksters

      I love this hahahaha

    28. White Eagle

      Big Crunch: Development of Cyberpunk documentary

    29. John Titor


    30. shuttze

      how to be high without being high

    31. zachary oehler

      could you not

    32. The True Dragonborn

      Watching this at 1am was probably not the best idea... who am I kidding of course it was!!

    33. Dimitris Panagiotou

      i am speechless.....

    34. paladro

      on that DMT again

    35. Шамар Сулейман

      Night block cartoon network

    36. Damon Badgett

      I could see them working with the china il dude

    37. MrOvlov02

      this wats super12

    38. Satvik Keshtwal

      Haha this tastes funny

    39. SendTheAsteroid

      Why you guys gotta add to my anxiety goddam

    40. Karnak

      Just a regular day in the dimension of Lovecraft's elder gods.

      1. Herman Wong

        Lovecraft:"cthulhu lives in a dimension of unimaginable horror. The mere thought of it would drive a person to insanity." Cthulhu:"beep boop trippy colours makes things go pop"

    41. dethkrum13

      Hahaha wtf, glad I was high AF when seenting this amazingness haha

    42. Johnny W

      Blue meanies are coming

    43. geospasmic

      Some old school Cartoon Sushi stuff here!

    44. LordGryllwotth

      Any Adult Swim recommendations for a toddler?

    45. Mr. Chü

      this is not weird

    46. Chris Clinton

      Peter Max and Sally Cruikshank approve this message.

      1. UncleBibby

        sally’s the reason the aliens havent vaporized us. they saw that humans could be like sally & thought “eh maybe these smooth monkeys should be allowed to live”

    47. 666slateran666


    48. Zen On

      Imagine being too sober to watch Adult Swim

      1. LightBlue2222

        Imagen being too high to think this is trippy.

      2. Abel Pouillet

        Yeah wtf !

    49. Lil Garfil


    50. Adrock_Sokolov

      So this is what dem islamers warship

    51. Mr headshot

      180 like

    52. Technical Faisal iqbal


    53. NAFARADI2424

      Wow. Nice Genjutsu🗿👍

    54. 2244juniper

      I miss y'all so stupid

      1. fat imo

        i would call this short a rip off but it isn't even close to being a quarter as good

    55. Devon

      G A Y

    56. Paul Bradley

      The music is the best part.

    57. Don’t Lick The Stripper Pole

      What kind of brain thinks this up🤣🤣🤣

    58. The new Creator

      Good job I don't usually watch the smalls cause I wait for the small volumes but checking this out thinking dang we gonna have a amazing next volume of smalls!

    59. John McFadin

      I watch this to get inspiration to make high level business deals in a boardroom. Maybe even in yours right now making decisions.

      1. Zen On

        Teach me your ways

    60. Dawzkreat

      That was indeed... a Big Crunch!

    61. Biggripper

      If salvia was a TRlocal video

    62. The Spam

      I Wonder which drugs u guys take

    63. Flash rex

      I'm floating

    64. Dane's Quality content

      the guy was just dancin, Why would you kill him?

    65. 3 NaMe ChAnGes ALloWed eVerY 9o daYS !

      This is what Big Penny watches

    66. DaveyDa

      Okay. Just. Okay.

    67. StayFrosty

      Shrooms, LSD, or a whole lotta weed is behind the creation of this. 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🌚🌝

      1. fat imo

        Nah, most likely influenced by YA'LL SO STUPID shorts.

    68. Harrison & Parker

      Rlly astounding work

    69. Mohamed amin Mimun selam


    70. DeluxePhil


    71. Bogi Olsen

      Wtf..... I love it

    72. Jeeptubbie TV

      Me eyes!!!! Me eyes!!!!!!! Ok and awesome xd

    73. deejayhm

      This is cool, but I’d rather be watching the ASOAS stream right now..

    74. Eric Cartman

      Can i see the comments? youtube: No ❤️

    75. Li'l Moon

      So weird yet I can't stop watching 🥺

      1. fat imo

        @Flash rex shut it

      2. Flash rex

        @fat imo cringe

      3. fat imo


      4. SendTheAsteroid

        Oh yeah this that good shit

      5. The new Creator

        I was about to say yeah its really inspiring work I think cause its just so random it feels like it tries to open the third eye or something?!

    76. No I don’t


    77. Eric Cartman


    78. Uziel Vazquez


    79. yunggrinda12


    80. Nicky2 Biscuits

      first like?

    81. Uziel Vazquez


    82. • allwaswell

      😳first even tho no one cares

      1. Franko

        Did yo mama just rn

    83. Patrick McConaughey


      1. 666slateran666

        They'll give us a movie like metalocolypse. Not a huge deal.

      2. Flash rex

        Aqua Teen too ;-;

    84. Dank Booy


    85. Maurice Phillips


    86. No I don’t