Blazor Fights the Forest Spirit | Lazor Wulf | adult swim

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    Strongburg's finest are back. Watch season 1 on HBO Max.
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    katma Aylar önce


    1. Isaiah Naegi

      Who voiced the Spirit?

    2. siku fox

      this was the most boring show that I want more of

    3. gude times

      We need a Lazor Wulf video game like that LOL!

    4. Jesodoth


    5. Brandon Rodriguez

      I'm dead

    6. Totino's Other Boy

      This art style is the same art style that every black chick on tumblr uses lmao

    7. Julio Salazar

      Looks like Berdine and tuca

    8. Kannix Mononoke

      I'm gonna keep asking until I get an answer.. Is there a season 3? This show was getting really good towards the end of season 2.

    9. 4 Strings

      Dafuk 🤣🤣🤣👌

    10. ZX

      The ending tho. 😂

    11. Patrick McConaughey


      1. Sir Jake

        and Harvey Birdman


      Adultswim used to be cool

      1. Nas T

        @CASTOR TROY Your shifty ass opinion is lame.

      2. CASTOR TROY

        @Nas T this shifty ass show is lame

      3. Nas T

        Again with these lame-ass comments...

    13. Stolen Fucked Traffic Cone

      25 years of Pokemon

    14. CARTOONZ

      Then anyone get that reference to Pokemon

      1. CARTOONZ

        @Nas T ^__^

      2. Nas T

        I did.

    15. Joey Finch

      This show is horrible

      1. Nas T

        @Future Films Oh yeah. Modern Family Guy sucks. I like Family Guy Seasons 1-5 only.

      2. Future Films

        @Abraham Garcia well still an opinion, family guys asss now forawhile now and still make new episodes: it used to be good now it has no story n the same jokes

      3. Nas T

        @Abraham Garcia Still it's not that horrible. You know what's a horrible show? King Star King.

      4. Abraham Garcia

        Nah I second this. It never makes me laugh in the clips like other AS shows.

      5. Nas T

        That's your opinion.

    16. Kervin Massicott

      I feel sorry for stupid horse

    17. Romeo MeJ xChe

      Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

      1. Judge Dredd


      2. Mao mao the countryball


    18. A Young Sage

      Stupid Horse goated

    19. A Young Sage

      Vince goated for this show

    20. Stefcho200

      i relate to stupid horse on a personal level

    21. durr clips

      If you hired LITERALLY any black woman from Tumblr they would all come up with this exact same art style

      1. WettieSuit 08

        i mean, i's kinda true lmao

    22. Cornerstone Boxing Promotions

      The more I watch this show the more I like it

      1. Sir Jake

        @Nas T she's so cute and I like her calm personality and voice and she looks cool in those goggles. I like to pet her.

      2. Nas T

        @Sir Jake Damn right she is.

      3. Sir Jake

        @Nas T and Blazor Wulf is adorable.

      4. Nas T


    23. VISIJ


    24. Comical Realm Animations

      Level 4 Forest Spirit is clearly no match for Level 10 Blazor Wulf

    25. Nas T

      Lazor Wulf + Pokémon! Awesome, I love it.

    26. kırkaken nT

      here we go again :=)

    27. Samuel

      Nintendo will take this down soon

      1. Combat Mantis

        Only if it's a fangame Parodies are safe(thank fuck)

    28. Another Ghost

      0:08 Why did they only censor the second shit?! Did they even have to?

      1. Tommy Vercettis Greatest Gaming News Gameplay Music

        Hey guys, I have a new video up!

      2. spaceman

        Welcome to the Weird Community 😘🍄👀

      3. Another Ghost

        Damn. Wish they'd let these shows do their thing

      4. Tyler Spicknell

        I thinik S & P limits how many "shit" they can use uncensored.

    29. Melina Luna


    30. xeron


    31. BluJean6692

      No one cares please stop. This show is cancer it gets by on visuals alone.

    32. супер попа

      Я первый

    33. Angel David


    34. Summer Lembo


    35. Auto Hunter

      To the early squad reading these :sending virtual hugs to everyone who needs it always stay safe. Read my name 🤝✊🤗