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    Created by Victoria Vincent
    VO by Ari Goldberg, R.I.P.
    Music by R.I.P.
    Victoria Vincent is an animator creating short films that depict anxious, unstable worlds and the frantic characters living inside of them.
    Previous [AS] Appearances
    Mask Dog:
    Love (Off The Air):
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    katma Aylar önce


    1. Foxy Tamarido

      Vewn Made This Too.

    2. userdetails1

      The woman who threw the chip at him is next on his list

    3. Ma Creselyn Torralba

      Waitthis isn't vwen >:(

    4. Kanye East

      Aye vewn

    5. GoonCartoons

      pretty funny!! great anima!!

    6. amirabbas karimi

      I Don't like this oh my gosh No

    7. Fluffy Koala

      The artist name is vewn btw

    8. Caber Jaber

      I feel like this was kinda c\ut out s little bit

    9. iParadigm


    10. VA9OR


    11. ROBOXIA

      How to run out of jail

    12. julius cesar fan

      Why did they cut the part where the zoo staff shooted the other monkey

    13. Stich girl123


    14. The Elliet Gamer Shake


    15. memes na ninakaw sa epbi dot com

      filipinos:*wheezing till death*

    16. fingerboard time

      Ok ummm why u steal A others animation

      1. julius cesar fan

        They didnt steal it,adult swim payed the animator,same woth many other animations that are in adult swim

    17. Cameron James

      Where’s the part that the other monkey got shot?

    18. Grecco Buckliano

      murder monkey is on the loose

    19. Typical Jax

      That's why you should never feed wild animals

    20. Coolio Ash

      This animator has some amazing and thought provoking stuff I highly recommend checking out some of their other works too Vewn is her animator handle

    21. Coolio Ash

      Be free monkey

    22. Elliot Sponsler

      They censored another monkeys death, so it doesn’t even make sense anymore. It’s odd to me they will show mutilation, head explosions and human death but they had to censor the monkey. Poor vewn

    23. Payal Dasgupta

      Vewn's style is always so unique and different

    24. HolyTaco

      vewn ♥

    25. Penguin clown posse


    26. Zach Johnson


    27. rat kid

      YEAHHH WOO GO VEWN i remember watching all of her videos in one night around two years ago & going through a complete personality change for like one single day

    28. Snail

      I think I get why they cut out the shooting of the other monkey


      hey vewn

    30. V I B E

      Vewn why she love adult swim huh?

    31. kushi


    32. Nona Mendoza

      Omg seeing vewns work on adult swim is amazing. You go Vewn!!!!

    33. Memo Sol


    34. Amelia Harris

      yes I love this and I love vewn!!

    35. John Miller

      Curious George origin story

    36. 【kirbyvibesonly】

      i cant believe they cut out like half of the animation- wtff T-T

      1. Im a Rat

        Did they? I don't think they did...

    37. Eric Montoya

      Man it’s so weird that there’s a scene missing from it

      1. Miуυмi

        i’m glad Vewn uploaded the whole thing in their channel

      2. Google user

        yeah the short doesn’t make sense with missing scene

      3. Chloe Hatfield

        And that might not me good on a tv channel I’m not sure thi

      4. Chloe Hatfield

        Probably because of the gun/animal abuse

    38. withanamelikefrances

      IT'S VEWN!!

    39. ò

      VEWN POG

    40. lola lola

      i had no does vewn moved their way up into the world of animation !! so glad such a big company such as adult swim will be there to help their channel and beautiful art grow 💘🥺🦋

    41. Liam Williams

      why'd they cut out the bit where they shoot the first monkey? It cuts out the whole context behind the monkey's escape plan!

    42. Six Th

      What does this have to do with tennis?

    43. Valentine Lynn

      One of my favorite animators are now on adult swim I love to see it 🖤

    44. AVEEIL

      YOOOOOOO so happy for the creator!! 🥺🥺

    45. ViridiGreen

      Bobo looks so adorable, i love him.

    46. the gaming blake15

      And that’s how curious George got his origin story

    47. farley pants

      VEEEEWWWWWWNNNNN YOU finally made a protagonist who is not a fucked up person?!

    48. alexander bisson

      Whoever made this. Please anyone, I need too know the artist of this creation. It reminds me of the funky oldschool cartoons from the 90's. Purely nostalgic

      1. Chloe Hatfield

        Vwen!! They make great stuff on yt, the og of this short has another scene too, they took it out for some reason

    49. Eduardo Ramirez

      Every show they released looks cheaply made

    50. Envy the homunculus & mard geer

      Giving me 2000's vibes from this animation

    51. lastmanstanley


    52. Filip Lewandowski

      Hi wevn

    53. Max Cano

      Victoriaaaa!!! You are on adult swim!!

    54. pinkpugginz

      This is cute it's giving me Rocko's Modern Life vibes

    55. Arsenic Arachnid


    56. Thomas Panio

      Vewn is everything

    57. Alpha Rock8

      Esta verguisima!

    58. Anonymous User

      The zoo was poorly constructed makes sense for the monkey to leave

    59. brandonislemons

      The music in this ROCKS

    60. chonk cat


    61. OrlyDorly

      So happy that vewn gets to be on AS

    62. Charles Desmonda

      Pogo The Monkey from GTA 3 did it first

    63. shannon :-D


    64. DaftPunkHero2

      I feel like watching Super Jail

    65. Thales Magalhaes

      Thanks to Adult Swim for helping keep indie animation alive ever since TRlocal decided to abandon these guys

    66. Andre Cabrera

      Go Vewn Go!

    67. Ramune Raven

      I immediately reconized this style

    68. Kristopher Walker

      At first I thought "Ari Goldberg, R.I.P." meant that Ari Goldberg had passed away but then I realized R.I.P is someone else who also did the music

    69. Emma Gregorian


    70. Genre Cook

      OMG VEWN!!!!

    71. Mustafa Arık

      i dont wanna repeat it, but vewn you are one and only.

    72. 床編故事 Bad Time Stories

      Rise of the planet of the monkies.

    73. TheWispSings

      holy shit do i spot vewn here? THATS SO COOL

    74. Jeremy Roskes

      aaaaaaand i mistook it for a kids show

    75. Alphawolfinify

      Glad vewn got Featured

    76. Tobia Foti

      It's pretty cool to see vewv on adult swim. congratz :)

    77. Wille A

      Bobo got freedom, but he got blood on his hands. Now he lives with a man in a yellow hat and fights for justice.

      1. m_o_n_t_e_l_ l

        ... and changed his name to curious George

      2. Xavier's Finance


    78. i have one rainbow sock

      i love vewn and i love the music

    79. W Deficiency in C

      I am looking for the music bumps where it say'' some CONSPIRACY THEORIES. imply CONSPIRACY THEORIES are in fact. CONSPIRACY THEORIES designed to discredit the very existence of CONSPIRACY THEORIES''. It's a nice beat but I cant find the bumps nore the beat.

    80. Saucε


    81. Olivia Quezada

      I love happy endings

    82. sam stebbings

      Mmm monkey.

    83. _ black _


    84. Shrimp Fist


    85. plagued bot

      V E W N Y E S

    86. Swagons


    87. Максимов сэм

      Adult sweem is like MTV of 90's, i believe it will not get worse in 10 years

    88. peter bank

      When is boondocks coming back

    89. Auguste

      What's next ? I want more BOBo THE MONKEY !!

    90. sirhorsechoker


    91. mani1e


    92. Firefreedom54


    93. Fixpont

      why did the monkey kill the zookeeper? the zookeeper did nothing wrong to deserve this. this monkey is evil.

    94. YeeMdz

      Nice that he go to adultswim

    95. Stephan Iz

      Venw its just my favourite, love her work

    96. Comical Realm Animations

      That Monkey looks more like an Oliver than a Bobo

      1. Muzin Hiphop


    97. Bergur örn

      Thanks for you bro

    98. Squinzi

      Ya love to see to it :,)

    99. sushikoochi

      knew from the thumbnail alone it was vewn !!

    100. cupid

      i can recognize vewn anywhere