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    Momma Named Me Sheriff returns for season 2 on Valentine's Day (February 14) at midnight on Adult Swim.
    #MommaNamedMeSheriff #Season2
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    katma 24 gün önce


    1. Larry The Cable Guy

      Give us metalocalypse

    2. Sambino

      Mr. Pickles better reincarnate

    3. adram3lech


    4. red fury91

      look, if youre gonna go all out of your way to create an exact cartoon replica of Tod Glass than you should at the very least bring him in for a table read as a basic common curtesy to at least give him a chance at the voice-over job as the character that you clearly created just for him exclusively

    5. Andre Hauser

      Mrs pickles, im waiting for you

    6. Sajtosnarancs

      i need fullone episodes :3

    7. UselessBC 98

      Bring back venture bros instead of this shit

      1. Cactus Munchkin

        Welcome to 2021 and beyond, you’ll love the new shows here. 😒

    8. Ljamesfan96

      I love Mr Pickles so much and should be upset that this replaced it, but I’m loving Momma Named Me Sheriff

    9. Chuck Darvin

      I'm sooo down for this!

    10. Ishtube23

      I’m trying to reach strangers because they support you more than your peers, so if you could check my channel out for some skits I might just be your speed! Peace.

    11. Black Widow

      It's the real good sense of humor man

    12. [Lake Monster]


    13. Paradox Mind

      WHoa! I didn't know Mr. Pickles got a spin-off show, That's great!

    14. Isabella Bravo

      What episode is this?

      1. Cactus Munchkin

        It shows on the video description arrow at the top.

    15. LoL_Domi&Himiko

      Misterr piglsss

    16. ZX

      Hilarious! 😂

    17. Skarlet

      What kind of animation is used? It’s it Flash

    18. slayo 66


    19. Peteroni


      1. Cactus Munchkin

        Ummm do you mean momma named me sheriff

    20. Account Account

      I thought this show was canceled. Thank fucking god it’s still running. I’ve missed the mr pickles universe.

    21. Almighty

      "Stealin and killin is how i get down "

    22. Mahvimcoo

      ah... another 'peak' humor show.

      1. Cactus Munchkin

        Yes, it maybe stupid but it’s logical

    23. Hunter Vann

      The theme song is the best part of this show

    24. BrownellMusic

      Did I miss something where the hell's Mr. Pickles

      1. Cactus Munchkin

        Who post in 1:00 in the morning dude

      2. kyle gaz garrick

        @Cactus Munchkin oh God not you again

      3. Cactus Munchkin


      4. Ljamesfan96

        @Blad3s Tommy didn’t really get a new dog. I guess sort of. Mr Pickles died, but from him came out Ms. Pickles

      5. Blad3s

        Dead, He died and the boy got a brand new dog. so they now moved on to the Sheriff.

    25. Holden Caulfield

      Aye where’s doggie ????

    26. Bonnie Parker

      Mr pickles 😍😍😍

    27. Syd Kidneys

      Oh wow I was just thinking about this show. Glad it’s coming back I’ve been bored



    29. STFN

      These shows by Will Carsola and Dave Stewart are terrible, unfunny, and so ugly it's kind of hard to look at. Why is Adult Swim renewing this awful spin off show instead of bringing people something new like Smiling Friends, a pilot that has already proven to have a fanbase?

      1. STFN

        @Cactus Munchkin Did I say anything about Venture Bros? No, I said they should make a NEW show instead of doing Mr. Pickles without Mr. Pickles. And for a "colorful" show is sure does have a lot of brown, beige and yellow, probably one of Adult Swim's uglies shows and that's saying something.

      2. Cactus Munchkin

        I enjoy it because it’s colorful, stupid, and funny ass shit. Venture bros is an old ass show dude. They’re not going to bring it back unless they do the same thing they are doing here. Making a new show from old characters.

      3. STFN

        @Eduardo Ramirez It's kinda sad that people actually enjoy this shit. Literally hurts my eyes to look at lol

      4. Eduardo Ramirez

        Thats your opinion though 🤷, saw this last night and was laughing my ass off hope they continue with this show

    30. Patrick McConaughey


      1. Cactus Munchkin

        Dude this has nothing to do with venture bros

    31. richest 08

      Rest in peace mr. Pickles

      1. Holden Caulfield

        @Joshua Graham you wanted it to be cancelled ?

      2. Cactus Munchkin

        @Joshua Graham because people love this reboot now

      3. Cactus Munchkin


      4. Joshua Graham

        @Holden Caulfield but why didnt this show cancelled? i mean why didnt cancel culture or woke morons didnt cancel this show?

      5. Holden Caulfield

        I guess the sensitive / Cancel group got to them


      Smiling Friends > This. Tbh this just looks like every other Brickleberry/Bigmouth etc animated show.

      1. Cactus Munchkin

        It’s okay if u didn’t see it, many people didn’t see and and say it’s a no funny show. I liked super-jail back then but it gotten cut off by this show so I just started watching it.


        @Cactus Munchkin I didn't laugh at this teaser, but to he fair I have not seen the show.

      3. Cactus Munchkin

        It’s funny though

    33. Abaratarat

      Will this feature more Ms. Pickles (puppy)? Will you ever go back to focusing on Mr. Pickles/whatever reincarnation? As much as I like this spinoff show, I liked the original more.

      1. Cactus Munchkin

        I have know idea

      2. Cactus Munchkin

        They got bored. If you look it up this is the answer.

      3. Daniel 009

        @Cactus Munchkin Why did they do that? :|

      4. Cactus Munchkin

        No, they canceled the mr.pickles show

    34. brett stover

      We need more mr pickles not this or would it be miss pickles 🤔

      1. Cactus Munchkin

        Momma made me sheriff is kinda like mr pickles/miss pickles.

      2. Cactus Munchkin

        Momma made me sheriff and miss pickles is Basically stuck in one new show.

    35. little bubble

      Y’all just gonna let smiling friends die in favor of this shit

    36. Simon Vanderwerf

      Why is the puppy not grown up yet?

      1. Simon Vanderwerf

        @Cactus Munchkin All this time I thought demon seed grew faster, maybe She hasn't had Her first taste of blood yet.

      2. Cactus Munchkin

        It’s a demon

    37. LaZy Cat

      direct to mr pickles the original motion soundtrack

    38. The Messenger

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      1. Cactus Munchkin

        Dude, why you post the holy bible on a show that just came out with its second season about almost a few days ago. It’s not that bad.

      2. Isaiah Shackleford

        You watched the game last night?

    39. smeef

      How the fuck are you gonna greenlight shit like this and bother showing superb pilots like Smiling Friends?

    40. VenonCraft

      Return Mr. Pickless or Miss Pickless ... devuelvan a Mr. Pickless!!!

    41. Kkidzz

      More Gimpsville

    42. BiG Smoke

      Can't wait to hear that banging theme song again

    43. Richard Logan Streine

      Mr. Pickles without the demon worshiping dog! Just dumb!🖕😎🏴‍☠️

    44. joselo2000

      Soy el unico que habla español :(

      1. Daniel 009

        no jajaj

    45. Max AD

      Okayyyyyy, but where is "Smiling Friends" at?

      1. Cactus Munchkin

        @Syd Kidneys true

      2. Syd Kidneys

        Why would you think the intern running this account has any pull on whether that show is released or not

      3. Dark and Edgy

        Love that showXD

    46. Garbage Dump

      Mama named me sheriff is like Andy griffin the reboot

    47. Et3rnal Truth

      When we getting a Mr pickles movie?

    48. Chris Martinez

      We get shity shows like this and they cut Venture Brothers.........i hate Tim and Eric and adult swim now a days....

      1. Cactus Munchkin

        Me either, it’s pretty well know for some unpopular or popular shows on [as] being canceled in season 8 or 7

      2. UselessBC 98

        @Cactus Munchkin I never said that this should stop running

      3. Cactus Munchkin

        I understand that you don’t like shows running now but, no supervisor or anyone who works at [as] is going to at your comment and think “hey, ima follow what a random person says and delete a show they don’t like”. Does that sound correct or not. I think every show is the best. Including venture bros.

      4. UselessBC 98

        @Cactus Munchkin I’m not blaming this show on anything. This is my opinion, not fact. I’m just saying that they cancelled their longest running show for practically no reason, and the only shows left are Rick and morty and whatever this is.

      5. Cactus Munchkin

        Well, you shouldn’t be blaming it for your favorite show to be cut off.

    49. Nøobie

      Is it me if is this stuck as 1 view

    50. Sasin Warnarat


      1. Cactus Munchkin

        This is kinda like mr.pickles and they got bored with mr.pickles and wanted to start with something more freshening and not old.

    51. Dimitris Panagiotou

      defeletly legit i am first😐

    52. Beka Tank

      Mr pickles!

      1. brett stover

        @Armageddon is upon us. 🤷‍♂️

      2. Armageddon is upon us.

        Beka you have been found guilty of crimes against God. Upon your death you will face refinement. I am not judge nor jury. But I am God's messenger.

      3. brett stover

        Gooood Booooy! 🎸

    53. Comical Realm Animations

      So this is what happens if you kill off a main character

      1. James Larson

        @smeef noice 👌

      2. smeef

        This is what happens when you don't greenlight Smiling Friends

      3. James Larson

        Taking the fifth on that one.

      4. Faithless Berserker

        The main character was reencanated and is doing stuff in the background. If we give this show time I’m sure some deep interweaved plot is going to bring our favorite satanic dog back to the forefront

      5. Mathieu Leader

        no the little puppy in is the intro is the genderswapped reincarnation of Mr. Pickles

    54. BluJean6692

      In b4 100 obvious bot accounts ask for a second season...

      1. Cactus Munchkin

        No, people loved the spin-off of mr.pickles so much they commented on almost every Twitter page to get it.

    55. Summer Jent

      This show confuses me

      1. Cactus Munchkin


      2. Summer Jent

        @Cactus Munchkin ok

      3. Cactus Munchkin

        Try watching mr.pickles first

    56. BluJean6692

      Dear AS: people want content, not straight-faced social degeneration. It’s not rocket science, you had it nailed only a year ago. Whatever genius has been greenlighting shows like this recently needs to be let go.

      1. Cactus Munchkin

        Dude welcome to 2021 and beyond. If you think you don’t like the shows here on [as] anymore than watch the shows that you like, why waist your time degrading a show that has nothing to with your show that you miss. It’s just childish.

      2. John Guy

        Last Year? [AS] has been terrible for at least a decade. I wish it would go back to the early 2000's.

    57. glitchedgamer

      ATHF, Metalocalypse, and Venture Bros. all died so this sub-Family Guy garbage could live.

      1. Cactus Munchkin

        It is much better than family guy because it’s funny and stupid. (Stupid in a good way).

      2. smeef

        This lives because Smiling Friends wasn't greenlit

      3. Faithless Berserker

        This is much better than family guy

      4. Josh Cecil


    58. Mr. Big


    59. TheRealMMR


    60. Mathieu Leader

      the theme song is such an earworm

      1. George HW Bush

        @Armageddon is upon us. based

      2. Armageddon is upon us.

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      3. Andymac175

        @Armageddon is upon us. dogma is fucking gross. I bet ya feel just so morally superior to me and everyone else don't ya? You are essentially trying to explain to me that the birds outside are talking to you.. that you somehow understand them, and they are telling you that you should do things. In a non-religious context they have a name for that.

      4. Armageddon is upon us.

        2 Chronicles 36:16 But they mocked the messengers of God, and despised his words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against his people, till there was no remedy.....

      5. Andymac175

        @Armageddon is upon us. yikes.. go away

    61. Mathieu Leader

      that boar is definitely an SCP given its size change properties to fit neatly inside that desk

      1. Cactus Munchkin


      2. Making Kids Go Reee


      3. Stephen Schradin

        If you like scp check out east side steve

      4. zol4 99

        Lord bung

    62. CycloneMetal

      Was that supposed to be funny? Because it wasn't.

      1. CycloneMetal

        @FxrestGxd LaFlare Metalocalypse is better than Me Pickles by a long fucking mile but the cowards at [as] won't bring it back

      2. Hunter Comics

        @FxrestGxd LaFlare maybe he should just start by watching something good

      3. FxrestGxd LaFlare

        Maybe u should start by watching mr pickles

    63. Red lotus

      Even the sheriffes wonderd how the boar got and fit in there😂😂😂

    64. Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum

      When is season 2 coming out? Love this show.

      1. Lochmock

        @Jayden Weber cool

      2. Lochmock

        @EL PENDEJO'S what does that even mean?

      3. Lochmock

        @Faithless Berserker It felt kind of bland

      4. Faithless Berserker

        @Lochmock I’m glad it got one. I’m excited to see where this universe is going.

      5. EL PENDEJO'S

        @Lochmock wrd

    65. Gael

      1 VIEW, WTF

    66. Mathieu Leader

      Sheriff is a by-product of nomative determinism


      lol and my moma is my cuzen wife

    68. T欧文

      Looking forward to the new season

    69. the everything channel


    70. CannerX T.T.T


    71. Sulthan ofmeme

      wocky slush

    72. vStopTheCap


    73. BMXGaming LOL

      Am I the only one waiting for s2

      1. Cactus Munchkin

        I’m sorry if gotten anything mixed up but dude you smiling friends are probably going to come back in the near future.

      2. STFN

        @Cactus Munchkin I never mentioned Venture Bros., you may be thinking of someone else lol

      3. Cactus Munchkin

        Don’t listen to the clown guy, hes just upset that his venture bro show got canceled before anyone else’s did.

      4. Faithless Berserker

        @STFN subjective

      5. STFN

        You should be, these shows are awful

    74. le chicken


      1. Cactus Munchkin


    75. Mr. M & Mr. B

      I love adult swim

      1. Cactus Munchkin

        Me too, I like all of their shows. No other show should be dragged down because a other person wants their 17year old now to be 18 year old show back on air.

      1. Cactus Munchkin


    76. Ac1d J4gg3r


    77. Daan Stal


      1. Daan Stal

        @MR. BILLY ight

      2. MR. BILLY

        To be gay