Cosmo Samurai (PART 1) | Toonami

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    Initiate anime adventure! Check out the part one premiere of Cosmo Samurai, a four part non-canonical Toonami event!
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    1. Life’s Nail’s

      I always knew toonami was special watching em on his ship talking to his AI

    2. Mywa

      I can already see all the doujinshi and hentai of tsuruhime...

    3. Rurouni Kalain

      Long Live Toonami. This brings tears to my eyes.

    4. Maureen Benner

      I’m curious if the English version TOM is voiced by Stephen Blum

    5. Steele

      Could they be any more cringe?

    6. Pinacolotta cum

      "WOW! AMAZING!"


      Hakase sounds like Nakao Ryusei aka Freiza.


      Wait, is that TOM?!🤔

    9. coltisgreat

      was way cooler when it was the red blob that ate tom

    10. Austin Stobaugh

      How did they make this ;-;

    11. Alma Densmore


    12. cullen mcdaniel

      Hakase sounds like the Angry Birds on the Run version of King Pig holy cow!!

    13. RangerSteel

      We need a dub of this now

    14. Gray Rook

      I actually kinda dig this, just a homage to the era of Saturday cartoons blocks. The wreckage scene that reminds me of freeiza floating through space and the fact that the cosmo samurai ship is right outta outlaw star, love it.

    15. Hey Zeus Cree Stow

      I like the American dub better, Tom sounds more macho in that one lol

    16. boku_wa_sugoi

      Why do people see this as "classic anime" style? This could be on TV in 2021

    17. Mateo Cede no


    18. Edward Hines

      Thank you, Adult Swim! Love this and love my Toonami every Saturday night!

    19. Woah There

      i feel like its an over exaggeration of anime made by America

    20. Named Yukinne

      And thus rule34 should be entering in any moment now

    21. Shino -

      I know this is non-canonical but isn’t this technically TOM 3?

    22. Seba Cantero

      f00k yeeha!

    23. R3l0AD

      Truly unexpected from AD but we loved it

    24. Ghaiyur !

      Nobody : Ship Computer : WAP

    25. Eth Beatz

      This looks dope

    26. James Emirzian Waldementer

      Non-Canonical Toonami Immersion Events is began

    27. Anfernee Lopez

      My god people just make a full series of Tom and Sara please this is too good

    28. Chillmolder

      A non canonical anime? Why bother?

    29. Aura Wolf

      same artstyle as pokemon. doesnt really work for me with sapce samurai theme. guess im just old now : / also where is Steve Blum?

    30. Spencer Noffke

      Dude...I missed Tom!

    31. Emre Karakuş


    32. Cameron VanHook

      I loves this.

    33. REX !

      Better than that crap Crunchyroll original

    34. Red Hood

      I'm having a Halo 3 vibe going on

    35. Hinatachan360

      Wow! I guess Yasuke is based on the African samurai that served Nobunaga-sama. That's pretty cool.

    36. Jack B

      When you ironically make anime, but it turns out more anime than real anime

    37. Tristan De Ramos

      It’s so anime it hurts

    38. Benny Jones

      This look dope af can't wait for it on netflix

    39. hirokazu

      アメリカで作る日本風のアニメは、今のアニメに90年代のアニメを混ざった感じでなんか不思議。 American's Anime Version is feels like mixed 90's anime with today's anime, It's kind of interesting.

    40. Jordan Temple

      Is this a perfect hair spinoff 🥴

    41. Rescue Hamster

      They really like killing Tom.

    42. MuteHanzo

      They just surpassed goat status and went for whatever the descendants of those are lol

    43. Yuuji Kazami

      My reaction if we could make Toonami air on weeknights and not always on Saturdays, I can't do this because of those guys wanted to have tv time watching Fox shows by seth macfarlane, well I'll stick with Bob's burgers and Rick and Morty but I'm still waiting for anime on the weeknights

      1. edtifa

        I forget when but Family Guy is leaving Adult Swim this year because they can’t renew the license from Fox for them being owned by Disney now despite the fact that Family’s Guy’s success on Adult Swim is why Fox was able to continue the series after Fox cancelled the series after only 3 Seasons. Bob’s Burgers still has a couple more years left in it.

    44. Coop

      Telecom Animation... That’s the anime studio that made this

    45. Clawgre Hellsing

      Sara look cute and this series look AMAZING!!!

    46. Husnain Naeem

      Ok what ???

    47. Tom Windham

      😱... Wait a minute, little fairy, railjack, swords, ninja, space cat this is Warframe!!!!

    48. Ishtube23

      I’m trying to reach strangers because they support you more than your peers, so if you could check my channel out for some skits I might just be your speed! Peace.

    49. FR_ 720G

      Wait a minute.. This isn't Samurai Jack

    50. antonio 456

      2:59 we found Stephen Hawking's lost cat

    51. GUY VER

      Yea toonami supports terrorism. Antifa commits violent acts against civilians. THAT is the very definition of terrorism ANd they are the ones inciting violence within the BLM ranks. So nope. No support from me.

    52. Dark-Warrior The-Curse-Hero

      I’m going to go ahead and make a wager here and say that by the end of this it’s all going to turn out to be a dream that Tom is having after watching so much anime

    53. Tuna Scroll

      Woooooah. The hosts of anime have now become the anime after all these years 👌🏼 Also, the Cosmo Samurai are giving off major “How Westerners see anime in Y2K” vibes. Am I crazy for saying that? Lol

    54. Cupcom5

      Color me surprised! Its about time he got his own anime though, i just hope they give him his body back

    55. Julissa Villatoro

      This is so cool! I'll watch more 🥰💕

    56. garhent

      I'm a hard pass on this one.

    57. OG4_Villanito08

      So Tom 3 has the Tom 5 Sara version

    58. Kadren Wolf

      Yasuke is an actual historical black samurai who was a slave that was sold to Nobunaga Oda, The Demon King, who gave him his freedom and taught him the way of the Samurai. Just as quickly as Yasuke became famous, having a Japanese wife, a big house, and being rich he ended up becoming a slave again due to an uprising against the demon king lead by Mitsuhidei who banished yasuke back to his life as a slave and not committing seppuku due to either not knowing the same unspoken rules as asian people did, or because he didn't see him as a person.

    59. sorin61091

      Why cant Tom ever catch a break

    60. ShyWhiteMage

      Awaji looks like a combination of Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

    61. Rygart Arrow

      I’m sorry but without Steve Blum to voice Tom I have a head time watching it.

    62. Austin Morrison

      Seeing TOM in a 2D anime just puts a big smile on my face.

    63. E105_Alpha

      If that robot dude is the main mascot of Toonami, then the hype is real and will definitely check it out.

    64. Hot Rod Mercury

      Didnt they have specials like this back in 2000 for TOM and SARA?

      1. edtifa

        Complete list is Intruder, Lockdown, Trapped In Hyperspace, Endgame(though was in comic book form), Intruder II, Intruder III, Countdown, The Forge and Cosmo Samurai(though unlike the others, Cosmo Samurai is not canon).

      2. Coop

        Yeah and even more recently too. They just weren’t in Japanese & with hand drawn animation. There’s been “the intruder” events & “lockdown” that comes to mind

    65. TheRogueX

      What the fuck, why is TOM speaking Japanese and why isn't it Steve Blum? You lost me the instant I heard someone talk.

    66. Leo Ryff

      I... I don't know what I was expecting, but it was not this. Japanese TOM sound pretty cool tho.

    67. is blind legal?

      This is surprise

    68. the Cory Flokstra Show

      i wish this had English this is awesome

    69. MLG Dank Meme Lord

      Welcome to the world of anime

    70. BSKE C

      1:07 that sound is the sound the flying cars on "The Jetsons" make. WTF

    71. Arturo Tolentino

      Whats the point of ninjas in space? This is either gonna end up being like star wars with ninjas or just a plain bust.

    72. Loli4lyf

      Is this fresh from the 80s?

    73. Malcolm Johnson

      The crew is so anime it hurts

    74. mck stellar

      I'm hoping toonami continues being popular.... even if I only stream now I watched it back in the day and still see its importance in introducing people to anime especially back in the day

    75. Afolami Adebayo

      Toonami origin story looking like some heat ngl

    76. RELOAD Official

      Right, spill the beans. Which anime studio did this?

      1. edtifa

        With Toonami it could be Production I.G.

    77. Master Chief

      Hell ya

    78. master kief

      Hashtag Steve is tom.

    79. Furlow Torent

      Huh, looks like there was some part of toonami story I missed. And they went anime route with it instead of 3D



    81. keith adams

      I'm cool with this

    82. scott

      This feels like a parody

    83. Jose Borjas

      I love it all I just wish that Tom isn't going to be like that if the shorts or series continues and while I like the fact they use melee weopon and stuff maybe if he can get his body back he'll use guns or even better space guns

    84. Mr. Bombastic


    85. Raul Sandoval 25

      Is this gonna be on toonami

      1. edtifa

        This Part 1 episode already aired on Toonami and Part 2 comes on tonight.

    86. Keytaros

      1:06 that ship sounds straight from Hanna Barbera Cartoon.

    87. Samuel Hayden


    88. japzone

      1:43 - TOM runs Linux!

    89. Bukan Siapa

      This is looks like actual anime not that crunchyroll's spice spicy gorrila something...

    90. Kimo

      Tom will be timeless! Thanks toonami

    91. Rob

      Looks like shit

    92. Ultraplayer

      I am MAD this looks so good. Like who were the artists? Give them a medal!

    93. Sakura Fields

      FINALLY!! An awesome anime for our robot-host TOM!!! WHY IS THIS NOT IN PRODUCTION?!?!?!😍🤩🥰🤯😭💕❤💘💖⭐🌟💗

    94. lovefunbeer

      You can do it Tom! Save Sara your her only hope!

    95. EKC Manga

      Looks interesting, but the one thing I can’t stop thinking about is that they all look like Yu-Gi-Oh characters.

      1. robynsegg

        Right? The character designs kept bothering me for some reason. Now I know! Thanks! 🤣👍

    96. Landon Rife

      "3rd most genius intellect in the universe" Wait, who're the 2nd and 1st???

    97. Eddie Costa

      Just heard as of April Cartoon Network has raise their price I bet money that’s when the new season of Rick and Morty drops....$20 more a month for that tier of channels NO thanks!

    98. Ramiro Ezequiel Noriega

      More Anime And Animated In 2D Than The Animated 3DCG

    99. SlyCooperGang7

      How many bodies has Tom lost? Poor guy can't catch a break.

    100. Pyrrhic

      This is cool. I hope Steve Blum voices Tom in the dub 😉