Cosmo Samurai (PART 3) | Toonami

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    All aboard the enemy ship! The crew strikes back at their nemesis, but get more than they bargained for in part three of Cosmo Samurai, a non-canonical Toonami event. Don't miss the final episode, premiering Saturday night at midnight!
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    katma 11 gün önce


    1. Sisi Nyinyi

      Stripping sexy

    2. Sisi Nyinyi

      Ice nada que ver con lo

    3. Mercenary Barb

      Music on 00:32 ??

    4. BananaTaco123

      I actually feel like im watching a anime

    5. Ano Nymus

      love they sub the cats name as "hakase" witch just means.. Professor

    6. masterofmythology

      0:32 Does anyone know what that song is?

    7. Rurouni Kalain

      Long Live Toonami. Let's bring the feels.

    8. Red Death

      Tom should not have visible eyes...ever.

    9. JAKShadic

      Maybe it's just me, but TOM looks like a tricked-out Metabot...

    10. jesus Sandoval

      This feels like those fake animes you see in western cartoons

      1. Katen Kyōkotsu

        I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought that!

    11. Jaquino

      OMG this is so cringy. And yet 1000... no infinitely better than EX-ARM

    12. King AsianSlikk

      Since no one gonna say it but the girl on the thumbnail looks like Roko-chan from Dropout fruit idol

    13. N/A

      So they made a Toonami short, weeb'd it out and made Tom look like a failed megaman. Not even mad at it. Only think I don't like was the production quality, the old events had more to offer

    14. KYB77

      Adult swim is striving for world domination And am okay with it

    15. javar griffin

      This should definitely become a show later on because it has my attention

    16. Icebergeification

      Well this looks shit

    17. Matthew Lavides

      I wasn't sure about Tom's eyes at first but they're growing on me!

    18. Galagar Rocket

      Metal vs metal means that sword is dull at the end

    19. Shaun Watson

      i think it's funny to say "NON-CANONICAL EVENT" for the people who care about that sort of thing

    20. Lyn Charles

      Why do the robots just stand there

    21. InsainCat Productions

      not sure what this anime is but its cuts are armature

    22. 0nepotential

      Not gonna lie, I’m getting 4kidz tv vibes from this show

    23. kinto kinto


    24. Ashton Chane

      Whoever animated this, needs, a raise ASAP.

    25. The Shöcker Pit

      They should seriously play this on prime time Cartoon Network the kids are gonna love it I just now

    26. Sunrise Sunset

      Seems like americans trying to downplay anime after it kicked their a$$es for decades.

    27. agentzeroaz

      Too many cliches to count... Kinda boring

    28. TheMellowPumpkin

      Yeah, yeah, yeah. When are we going to meet Moltar-sama?

    29. Classified ?

      The guy at 1:10 reminds me of a black version of Thorkell from Vinland Saga.

    30. James Paguip

      This show reminds me of space dandy.

    31. MalevolentDivinity

      "Earth wall" Bitch you're on a spaceship, what the fuck?

    32. Cyan

      They left it as "Hakase" in the subs, but it means "professor"

    33. redlandz1977

      Why... don’t the enemy robots... shoot... the Cosmo Samurai? They seem to have canon type things for arms... but, no, they just stand there and get chopped up... because they are (apparently) plastic 🙄😂🤣

    34. Gflipnitz Blruiken

      I like how the whole crew is based off of stuff Toonami itself has aired. The samurai girl is an amalgamation of Fuu from Samurai Champloo, Twilight Suzuka from Outlaw Star, and Misao from Rurouni Kenshin. The ninja is quite obviously Naruto and Sasuke. The big guy is a mixture of Kid Goku and Batou. TOM himself is a bit like Gene Starwind mixed with, of all things, Captain Gundam from SD Gundam Force.

    35. beth l.

      Super fabulous, can't wait for what's next in Part 4

    36. Kriole Kawublirr

      1:31 just like iron man 2 from Marvels & MCU movie’s.

    37. Jckfrbn

      Ya GunTom is a really fun design

    38. william p

      Is there any part of this show NOT stolen from others?

    39. Steven Blake

      I loV the naRuto duDe

    40. Swing Thing

      This looks like a show you would see in GTAV

    41. Cococrash11

      Awesome Cosmo Samurai Video.

    42. David Reed

      Cool, they made Tom a Gundam.

    43. Miguel Casas

      It's a Westernized style of anime but with authentic Japanese dialogue. I love it

    44. box dryer 69

      Yo this is better than the super bowl

    45. Ryan Burns

      No ones gonna point out that dude pulled earth from the steel floor of a space ship..

    46. Roy Poneage

      I woulda been so dissapointed if they just offed sara after making that new design for one episode.

    47. Albert Ramirez

      Tom's in an anime?! that's fucking awesome!!!

    48. Horase Fu

      whoever put the burial track at the end for a couple of seconds - dude youre awesome

    49. Beta Hammer

      I still feel like this is just one big add for tooth paste or something.

    50. Emiliano Merendino


    51. xtact

      seems generic. the animation is good but the characters and their powers and arsenal is boring.

    52. さい


    53. Chris Cuthbertson

      TOM 3 went from Master Chief to Mega Man X.

    54. Carbodude

      The animation quality is great but I don't like how Tom is being treated like a side character.

    55. CAPstickytreeco

      I see that he became megaman zero

    56. Rude Valve

      Certified Gold!!!!!

    57. Vítor Nadai

      good ol' tradition that ninjas are magic

    58. Furion Max

      Man they should've called in trigger for this one.

    59. The Great Raikami

      Best part 0:27

    60. Kenji's Gaming Den

      i see TOM got the chibi gundam upgrade from Super defender Gundam force, but with a slicker chassis

    61. Sirmel11

      Great job!

    62. Edward Hines

      Thanks, Adult Swim.


      Man Toonami has come a long way. From animes that were somewhat entertaining that took way too long to get to the point, to this masterpiece.

    64. Christian Gilley

      Referrences from old Toonami shows. I can see. Naruto SD Gundam

    65. Cupcom5

      That was a good cliffhanger it ended on. Lol This pretty cool

    66. GreyouTT

      It's evil Greymon!

    67. Clawgre Hellsing

      TOM has upgrade to C.S. tom cosmo samurai tom

    68. Tall Dog

      TOM’s appearance now just reminds me of Gundam and SD Gundam

      1. Christian Gilley

        SD Gundam? I never thought of it

    69. GundamGamer

      This TOM kinda looks like a Medabot to me.

    70. Unca Boat

      Just like a Japanese Anime to have characters use a katana against robots, and actually win the fight. Two things you can always expect from (non-Hentai) Japanese Anime -- Giant Robots of Unbelievable Power and Krazy Katanas of Unbelievable Power. Neither of which would work in the real world of physics. Just try stabbing your toaster with the strongest knife in the kitchen, see what happens. Best you'll do is put a dent in both. And Mom will ground you for a month. But it's fun, what the hell. It just gets a little silly, watching this little 90 pound girl slice through robots like they're butter.

    71. Silky Johnson

      T h eyre gonna have to get him fork the top!

    72. OrionPax09

      Seriously, Cartoon Network! Make a full series of _this!_ Because _this_ is the sort of thing that fans love!

    73. Michael Mahoney

      Tom has Eyes, new power ranger knight armor, realistic target shooting smith and western 9mm guns with wires attached to them and wrist energy swords that can do the laser blast group destroy from iron man 2!?

    74. Hugo Solisfraire


    75. Michael Z

      Naruto in space and now... Dinosaurs in space?? Next... Cows in space.

    76. stave

      This is dumb as hell, but I’m really enjoying myself

    77. Michael Z

      0:51 I liked this moment better when Sasuke did this.

      1. Christian Gilley

        Maybe everything seen are References. This one from Naruto obviously since it was on toonami

    78. supersmash dungki

      Dude the robots should have shoot, in long distance, why do they keep trying to fight melee

      1. Unca Boat

        Coz they're only _purpose_ in the story is to be _defeated._ Even if they _did_ try shooting long distance, _you know_ they'd have horrible aim _especially_ when aiming at the Good Guys. The Good Guys are wearing Invincible Plot Armor.

    79. مصطفى صلاح علي عبد الحسين

      Is it possible that the yellow subtitles are a throw back to the old subtitles you found in some 90's and 2000's anime ? And I noticed that when Tom addresses the professor they didn't translate the Japanese word hakase into its English counterpart which is professor. Something that old subtitles tended to do.

    80. TheBlueDanYube

      Upgraded T.O.M 3 is badass! Even the somewhat-stereotypical Cosmo crew get to shine more as the event unfolds! Love to see more events like this in the future!

      1. 0valeyes

        @Elieser Isaac Reyes So it seem.

      2. Elieser Isaac Reyes

        This maybe non-canon but, It is taking in the alternate universe

      3. Nice Marmot

        He looks like a cross between a gundam and a patlabor.

      4. 0valeyes

        Same here.

    81. Johnny Grafx

      if this is trying to build up to a video game.... I'm down.

    82. Emmanuel

      reminds me of space dandy lol

    83. Champsr0ck2247

      This is very deep lore for a robot that streams anime in space

    84. PUNANI_SLAYER420

      This feels extremely generic

      1. Lucy Lu

        It feels like an anime where they show off generic fake Protagonists only to kill them off and show the actual interesting characters

      2. Yas oxo

        Yeah I think it looks charming with the aesthetic and characters but overall its absolutely nothing new

    85. Avery Gray • 22 years ago

      I LOVE U TOONAMI 💥✨🔥❤️⚡️ This whole style of animation is awesome btw 👌

    86. Zj Wolf

      This had been epic

    87. ExyleCage

      Honestly, having any but TOM kill this guy is a terrible idea. Hope he gets his chance to shine.

      1. crack


      2. Egg T

        Tom shine is being in retirement

    88. Christopher Choi

      This is prolly the best series on cartoonnetwork in the last decade.... ps i know its toonami part of adult swim part of cartoonnetwork

    89. Abdoulhay Ceesay

      2:12 "But why do you look all *dripped* out?" FTFY

    90. D File

      Tom's new design was good, but I honestly thought he would be taller. But at least he has some eyes which I hope that the could use in the future. Well I don't know about you, but what do you think?

    91. R3l0AD


    92. Kajnake

      Nooo anything but primitive weapons from a dozen of centuries ago, my advanced sci fi robots only weakness!!!

      1. ArianHeight

        @Your Little Sister Yeh for sure

      2. ArianHeight

        @Kevin Tran indeed it could, the theoretical material may or may not have trouble retaining an edge after cutting steel, but it's definitely possible.

      3. Kevin Tran

        @ArianHeight it could be argued that the sword is probably made out of a stronger material that could cut through what ever metal the robots are made out of, or reforged to include other metals.

      4. Your Little Sister

        @ArianHeight But in all out war, it would be harder to face versus modern weapons. They can literally drop mortars far from home

      5. ArianHeight

        @Your Little Sister oh yea early firearms were not...great in a duel. In that era they might not even be able to hit a good swordsman in a 1v1 before the swordsman chops off an arm or something. Add armour to that and I could definitely see the gun user losing most of the time.

    93. Husnain Naeem

      Ahhhhhh ok well that's new

    94. Lalo Báez Carreño

      Impressive upgrade for TOM, but for the arms reminds me of TOM 2.0...

    95. carlos torres

      Wow TOM 7.0! Sort of!

      1. Dixon Entertainment

        @OG4_Villanito08 That would have been my second suggestion.

      2. OG4_Villanito08

        @Dixon Entertainment tom 3.75

      3. carlos torres

        @Dixon Entertainment maybe.

      4. Dixon Entertainment

        TOM 3.5.25?

    96. Jose Medina

      Cosmic samurai episode 3

    97. Cocoa

      Cosmo TOM looks so adorable with eyes 🥺

    98. Lemonchino boarding

      This.. Needs.. A series...

    99. Wolf Star

      Anyone else miss Tom 3.

    100. Haleed Saleeh