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    Created by Sarah Shaw
    Music by Bobby Lopez
    Sarah Shaw is a 22 year old video creator, artist, and songwriter from Dallas, Texas. She is inspired by life's parallels, and her favorite food is ketchup.
    Follow Sarah on Instagram: swagarah
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    katma Aylar önce


    1. timna kuromi

      what..? im too high for this

    2. Jeam Bacalo


    3. kodak green

      Really good

    4. Pete D

      You get one shot at this so go out and carve your name into the history of the world.

    5. AltCapwn

      Nice video, tho the sound mix is bad and we can barely heard what she says sometime.

    6. painedumonde

      {sigh} red

    7. Max Headroom

      From the tone of her voice I assume she is not content

    8. Waleed Khan

      Why does it all hits so deep?

    9. geo kakabadze

      Where can I meet this pretty girl? I wanna thank her for that beautiful advice for us all! We must praise her!

    10. Kaden Chiu

      Comedy gold.

    11. Jin Kee

      It's true that it doesn't matter if you have a throne or a shitty folding chair the only comfort you will ever have comes from within but don't let this distract you from the fact that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer's table.

    12. Labrax Orientalis

      Same area and mindset

    13. Bio Emiliano

      C A R P I N C H O

    14. Noah Plack

      Car was totaled, grandmother died, lost my job, now I’m being evicted. At least I have this cute girl’s monotonous voice to comfort me

    15. Gibbles

      this is so bad

    16. Matthew Smyth

      Gotta love those chairs 😂

    17. Bling Bling

      Thrown in the towel already?

    18. A.H. Aziz

      Too wholesome to be funny

    19. Yogsothoth

      "how to cope"

    20. ?

      Real solid advice right there did not expect that from adult swim

    21. Rowan Streeter

      *MUSIC*: BEEEP BOOOOP BOOP BOOP, BEEEP BOOOP BOOP BOOP Narrator :*mumble mumble mumble* Viewer: WTF are they saying?

    22. Noah Wilcox

      Thanks adult swim

    23. Coldcart cold

      The message seems fun, but people have to understand, you can't "just be happy", "don't worry be happy", "be optimistic", "be present and forget everything", etc. It sounds nice, but in reality: I'm happy or not depending in the moment, and forgetting about it, not only tends to be bad, not addressing it, sometimes it isn't possible. For example I feel overworked, I have diseases, I feel like I need to know some info, I have to deal with some people, or chore in the house and feel really tired, etc. You can't just say "meh, be happy" there.

      1. Coldcart cold

        I'll be happy when I am happy, and I won't when I'm not, depending on if I have a reason to not be happy or not.

    24. OK

      I’m not content with where I am. And I’ve been trying to change my life. But I’m stuck. Nice to hear this tho.

      1. Pete D

        It's weak advice for weaklings. You are not a weakling, you are a fucking warrior! Get out there and get what is yours!

    25. Comical Realm Animations

      "The real dream is to just be content with where you are, even if it's not where you thought you'd be" wise words indeed

      1. Jimmy The Powerful ! FU

        Mediocrity speaking... :)))))))

      2. damageprone14

        Just smoke weed if you wanna be happily complacent

      3. polsy gerych

        thatd be easier if there wasnt so much road noise in my house :(((

      4. Andrej Skenderija

        I feel like I've seen that profile pic before...

      5. Auzzie

        @Coldcart cold also it’s saying be content not happy, happy will come after

    26. Lunchbox Gaming

      Pull off the damned ivy! ...Solved. Sometimes you FIX something shitty instead of just sitting on it. That's my advice.

    27. Iam WEASEL

      This helps

    28. Joshua William Staab

      Chairs in profile makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

    29. TALI


    30. Douglas McDaniel

      That was Deep.

    31. Dubious Zombie

      Stools are cool chairs are for fools

    32. X and B

      I am a simp I pressed so fast my screen broke

      1. Top Nug

        For content that is lacking too eh?

    33. Josh Cecil

      AS, you're going downhill fast

    34. Nojus Armonas

      I want to be defined as midle class worker.

    35. Beckett

      Joe pera energy

    36. mare tosevska


    37. Toshio Nedd


    38. CaLLiyKinG

      Idk i kind of just want that girls only fans

    39. Enrique Garcia

      Never in my 23 years of life did I think something so meaningful and beautiful would come from adult swim. I am more than happy to state that for the past 4-5 years AS has been proving me wrong.

      1. Jack Marchal

        I’m 23 too

    40. Sean T

      Wasn't expecting it being so profound.

    41. John R.

      No more On Cinema but they're funding this trash.

    42. dragonlover3

      Amazing 😀

    43. Andrew Dutton

      The world's largest chair absolutely does indeed make up for the existential certainties that we all long for. It is made of CEDAR for God's sake, it can be used to prevent the world's largest clothing moth infestations.

    44. E2 M5

      I cant tell if she is being really profound or just really stupid lol

    45. Dream State Films

      That’s all the therapy I need this week!

    46. My Morning Jacket

      This speaks to me on so many levels well done.

    47. Tyler Johnston

      Take a seat

    48. Chris Mang

      This was cute. I liked this

    49. Dream

      These are living art

    50. Damnp

      Thanks, I hate it. Why is it a trend to talk like this on the internet now? Why do people like this? I can’t even pay attention to what she’s saying.

    51. The Midnight Otaku

      Are those chairs covered in poison ivy? Probably not.

      1. The Midnight Otaku

        Ah, poison oak.

      2. Andrew Dutton

        😊🌿 Poison oak

    52. error code 710

      Taquitos in the toaster oven is a way of life!

    53. Chris Clinton

      Hey little red haired girl! Yeah you! I'm talking to you!

    54. jhon Rodríguez


    55. xdcountry


    56. BrandonTheBookWorm

      Let's make Bobby Lopez famous

    57. Black Metal Grotto

      What is this pleasant muttering

    58. Sound Wave

      I love this. Definitely made my day

    59. Dylan ye

      big chair

    60. Abaratarat

      I love this series! Please keep making them!

    61. Technical Faisal iqbal

      That's Cool 👌👌👌👌

    62. Wi-Guy OV

      Check out my recent if you like trippy beats and videos or need new rap music to listen to

    63. Vic Thor

      We will we will rockingchair you, rockingchair you.

    64. Fakewerk

      "Coronavirus special all guns 40%" haha those USA americans...

      1. Fakewerk

        @The Ol’ Babaganoush hell yeah 😎

      2. The Ol’ Babaganoush

        @Fakewerk ¡Viva la Florída!

      3. Fakewerk

        @The Ol’ Babaganoush oh my. Thats sounds good. Is like my type of weather

      4. Fakewerk

        @Matt B oh yeah my bad haha

      5. The Ol’ Babaganoush

        @Matt B Oh don’t act as if you don’t have guns, I’ve been to Alberta lol

    65. John dawson

      Phuck that Charles Dickens 🐂💩!!! If you aren't satisfied with where you are in life, do your damndest to get somewhere better! You are only here for one life; take off your mask, then get out there and live it!

    66. Chris Curran

      Derivative, boring, bad content. Trying way too hard to emulate a Joe Pera video.

      1. HootHinge

        How to with John Wilson but by boring kids who never make it out of midwest suburbs


      Can we just talk about how great of advice this is

      1. RebelDog

        it really depends on your situation. I don’t think striving for millions is the purpose in life, but whatever the purpose may be, but getting content in a region with frequent stabbings, fights, burglaries and kidnappings doesn’t sound right..

      2. Existential Dread


      3. Archiebold

        no its shit advice. strive for the best we can

    68. yadunath mahadeo

      That's some Food for thought there😂👌👽👍

    69. Stinky Duck

      i love these videos, keep them comingg*#*#& goldednnnn

    70. Comment Highlighted

      This is the meaning of life 🙂

    71. Michael H.

      Yasss, just be content where you are. Especially if that’s with 4 walls and a roof over your head, others don’t even have that. 👍🏼

    72. Ben Parker

      I Miss black lagoon

    73. Addy Revolution

      Aww. ⚘

    74. Josh Hudson

      So comfortable and softly

      1. cocoduck

        yeah, like that drunk homeless guy, you find mumbling about his life problems on the side of the road.

    75. Cameron Fucinari69

      I miss the old 6AM Adult Swim cut scene....the one where it has the owl statue thingy

    76. Jake Walker

      Thank you

    77. Amph G

      It’s all so very bad now. The content, I mean.

    78. tyler martin

      0:51 the feet were the best part

      1. Dio Brando

        tyler martin no

    79. DJUgandanKnuckles Official

      *I sit the Chairs or Couch that I was chillin' and do something*

    80. glitchedgamer

      I needed this today.

    81. sora

      This is the stupidest thing ever produced by adult swim it was literally just a tiktok video or something you would find on TRlocal

    82. Eli Eaton

      This is kinda a vibe thanks

    83. Kkidzz

      Hey.....let’s go with a dead pan voice and some music box’y bits, throw in random objects......we’re soooooooooo clever. As Daniel Clowes so beautifully illustrated in Art School Confidential(Eight Ball).....’Yeah...keep going in that direction’.

    84. James West

      Hey Adult Swim, bring back The Non-Essentials!

    85. MJM

      Looks like someone’s doing some creative work based out of Austin. I like it!!!

    86. No Body


    87. James Spooky

      Everything was so simple and peaceful... until the chairs attacked.

      1. A. W. Sum

        Sheesh, she didnt speak long enough to annoy me

      2. ParrotYee

        @MrOvlov02 it's intentional

      3. MrOvlov02

        her voice is annoying

    88. fyrstikken

      what a dumb, boring, waste of my time .

    89. Sam Yelts

      Lol deep


      We need more Nick Gibbons.

    91. Skinny Tim

      c h a i r

    92. thestingray2

      Lmao @0:50 made that lifeguard stand appealing

    93. TariqDavisePM

      I get high just by watching this channel

    94. Ben Carstens

      Something is missing, and not just a really big chair

    95. Ned Flanders

      0:11 are Takis

    96. Ned Flanders

      This is amazing



      2. 4T1K5O

        Damnit Flanders I wanna tell you to shut up but your right

      3. Karlos javier Ramos


      4. Joshua Parker

        Agreed, Mr. Flanders.

      5. DJUgandanKnuckles Official

        I know Ned Flanders!

    97. reuben yes please

      who needs a chair when you can sit on me

      1. Ontario Carnival


      2. Rhiley Atwood

        0-0 chill-