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    Created by Sarah Shaw
    Sarah Shaw is a 22 year old video creator, artist, and songwriter from Dallas, Texas. She is inspired by life's parallels, and her favorite food is ketchup.
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    katma Aylar önce


    1. Good stuff

      Lies and eastern propaganda Giant nothing burger

    2. Frank Woods

      I did not expect everyone to comment about regular show

    3. Jimmy The Powerful ! FU

      You should take the right pills :))))

    4. bean BOI

      i love this series

    5. Tsquare22ESQ

      That Blue Jay is dying. Most birds that are perched on the ground and don't flee from humans are sick or at the end of their life span.

    6. alrighty

      Warning: Adult Swim fans aren't funny

    7. Pikachu Pikachu

      Some people: what a beautiful blue jay Me and other people in the comment section: REGULAR SHOW! Mordecai has came to visit!

    8. Enrique Garcia

      What is this and why do I love it so much.

    9. Andrew Dutton

      0:44 Lol my mom used to vacuum the yard and I would think: wow that is gonna bring a lot of dirt into the house 😆

      1. Cod Of Ages

        @Andrew Dutton Fair enough I suppose.

      2. Andrew Dutton

        @Cod Of Ages too dirty 😆

      3. Cod Of Ages

        Why'd she vacuum the yard?

    10. Mark Visco

      Anyone else getting a Caroline Konstnar vibe from this?

    11. John Roberts

      Very good video thanks

    12. Al's Steiner

      I allways see the bule bird 🐦 flying ever where

    13. ushenk jeager

      that's a huge aligator

    14. Johnny Cole


    15. Dr. Zoidberg

      Is this basically inspired by Joe Pera Talks to you?

    16. Andre Morgan

      Song is “Head on the floor” - Sarah Shaw

    17. Relevo A.M.

      La familia del barrio and Rick and Morty

    18. corvanj8 Gaming

      **obscure regular show reference**

    19. Alex Vansilalom


    20. a l i

      Self Reminder ; Know, That the life of the world is nothing but a game and jokes,all kinds of worldly luxuries,with each other proud among you,and competed in wealth and offspring, Like rain whose plants are awesome to the farmers, And then ( The plant ) dries up,and you see the color has faded slowly become disintegrated. And in the Afterlife ( Later ) there is will be severe punishment, And also any of God's Forgiveness & His Willingness. And indeed truly the life of this world is nothing but a deceitful pleasure. ( Q.S Al Hadid : 20 )

      1. PJ W

        Yeah, dude!

    21. Red Overdrive, the unstoppable confused daltonic!!

      the bird was just allergic to raisins... it happens with friends

    22. Cooler.

      Please stop with this "relatable" garbage. Nature is cool, we don't need a bored, dumbass teenager telling us that.

    23. Tuğberk Oğuzhan

      Do something about Rick and Morty s5! I was 21 when u release ur first episode but now i am 30 years old dad . 👎

    24. Karledvin

      beautiful! i love this kind of stuff! i want more!

    25. Craig Stallone

      Wow that bird was a jerk!

      1. PJ W


    26. Alex Furry

      Mordecai looks weird yhis days.

    27. Liam Butler

      You've reached 5 million subscribers!

    28. Gamers Galaxy

      I really thought she would break down into a crazy ass rap any second

    29. MoonTheSocioCat .-.

      That was actually very deep- i like dat

    30. Oh hi mark

      Regular Show fans in the comments Im so proud of this community

    31. Blazid

      I have tears streaming from my eyes for some reason.

    32. xI FreakzZ

      Such a vibe

    33. ExopMan

      Adult Swim's answer to John Wilson?

    34. Isabella Blacksmith

      I’m weirded out

    35. Smegma Lasagna

      Very cute video Sarah :)


      They know what they're doing putting Mordecai on the thumbnail.

    37. TALI

      another pleasing musing Sarah, love this stuff

    38. dhc


    39. John Theux

      No we can, it's called CRISPR.

    40. Berna Artan

      raisins are a bird’s best friend

    41. Mason Carey


    42. speed lover


    43. T1 Jhon


    44. Cade Becker

      Always try to stay on the positive events on life not so much in the past. Personal opinion anxiety is better than depression.Maybe because being stuck in the past got me know where but anxiety got me to fight or flight to survive.

      1. PJ W

        There are 3 stress responses. I cain't quite remember the name but it has something to do with charging the threat and looking out the corner of your eyes

    45. Cade Becker

      We ruined the earth all humanity did ruined earth. I am a hippy who loves plants and life as on earth I want more jack stauber info.

      1. Cade Becker

        yeh JACK STAUBER lives in japan or moved to aulstraILA

      2. PJ W

        U shud go and learn photokinesis, my dude.,

    46. Birdup4life

      0:14 🐦 🆙

    47. Guillermo Avitia-Salazar

      Alright bro that’s cool, now pass the blunt

      1. Kalpana

        Nah you need to chill the fuck out

    48. Brice Graham

      The Titmouse bird

    49. fullauto2006


    50. Mike Schaeffer

      Is this supposed to be funny?

    51. Mr Darksider

      Your almost on 5M subscribers

    52. Petrouli Fl

      Music? Thanks!

      1. Petrouli Fl


      2. Andre Morgan

        Sarah Shaw- Head on the floor

    53. JAI

      Mordecai got mad drip 💧😤

    54. Polite Society

      I am always disappointed by the lack of swimming.

    55. A4 22%

      OMG!!!!! i am now WOKE!! @0@

    56. TheHornet79

      A hipster living in Texas. I've seen this episode of King of Hill

    57. MF

      Air bnb can feel air or wind on skin in hotel voodoo hoodoo no one knows yet great management sidewalk and street in hotel Hollywood care how much an air bnb? Steiiiiiiinnnnnn

      1. PJ W

        @MF I heard back in the day if you came to Florida wearing the wrong color socks they would put you back on a train to [hence] you came., SEMPER FI

      2. MF

        @PJ W hahah we are not alone although this may be just none militarily related nonsense at least we have contact. steiiiiiiinnn! Is that you Feinstein? Weinsteinn? Epstein? Palace is real isn’t real where is it anyway? Eiiiiiin NEIT nine steeiiiin Righteous. Confirmed. Gratzi still hopefully means gratitude, so to speak. Last time black socks mean one thing certain areas of Hollywood white socks represent something else.

      3. PJ W

        I don't think u r quite there yet, but, you've definitely got the right spirit., Steeeeeiiiin

    58. issaac Xxx

      Mordecai in the thumbnail?

    59. CCXII

      I am glad you're back

    60. Monkey King

      I am crushing your head!... I mean moon.

    61. jimmy

      tough world

    62. Moony Reel

      Guess the medication

    63. assclams

      Y’all are stupid for letting Cartoon Network get ahold of Regular Show 🤣 just shows how not open minded you guys are over there. What was even the point of this video?

    64. E2 M5

      Earth is not flat, conspiracy theories are for chumps


      U found mordecai

    66. Dinoso

      Mordecai in Adult Swim!??

    67. DJUgandanKnuckles Official

      *nature is chillin'*

      1. PJ W

        I wish I could chill like nature, we're gonna be doing a polar bear dip, 0 kelvin, later @ the quad. I'll be seeing you there my dude.,

    68. malina lungu

      0:14 Mordecai,is that you?

    69. Rae Ariadne

      Jolly good show indeed.

      1. PJ W

        Fuk britania

    70. wlrwilly

      Mordecai u there?

    71. Dream State Films

      Earth is flat and motionless.

    72. Axe Avier

      this small is pretty rad

    73. Maykel CB


    74. Radiation

      Mordecai, is that you?

      1. malina lungu

        It's him!

    75. Do̷cto̷r Ha̸ngna̸il

      This is amazing, I love you Adult Swim.

      1. Do̷cto̷r Ha̸ngna̸il

        @Raylon's Fun Time I hate what they make now.

      2. Raylon's Fun Time


    76. Edward Berryman


    77. MF

      You can’t come in. I won’t let you inside another human body? The wind shows itself? Ears have eyes? Birds don’t breathe ?

    78. Annoyed Dave

      We should stop eating animals.

      1. babecat2000

        No humans are omnivores get a clue.

    79. łœæd

      I approve of this video

      1. PJ W

        Thanks Harambe. B=D

    80. W00dsBrick

      I came here because of Mordecai on the thumbnail lmao

    81. Damnp

      Omg I love how everyone on internet talks really soft and monotone and I can hear all their mouth sounds n shit it’s so great lmao JK why do ppl like this stuff

      1. Damnp

        @Nicholas OBrien always since when

      2. Nicholas OBrien

        She’s always talked like that. Chill.

      3. Damnp

        @Dream State Films I’m not sure I understand the npr comparison, but it’s definitely something that I’ve noticed is really popular on tiktok. If that’s what it’s supposed to do tho, it’s doing the complete opposite for me.

      4. Dream State Films

        The npr tone is to subdue the listener. Sub-conscious programming.

    82. Gonzo.Motion


    83. Good stuff

      Ah yes meaningless bullshit that is made to sound flufy how nice

    84. Voixmin

      I don't like almond joy

    85. GeeGee

      yo that was good

    86. Brandon

      Robot chicken reboot?

    87. Sethalos

      Mordecai on the thumbnail

    88. Anatta Phi

      This is Yes.

    89. Citrine Vibes

      Why no eat raisins ?

    90. I.P. Freely

      it's funny how shit like this gets put on a network and good content gets buried.

    91. Jacob Padilla

      Request: The Boondocks Movie: Jacob Padilla Against the Universe Official Trailer | Adult Swim

      1. Purp Drag

        @Jacob Padilla I don't get it.

      2. Jacob Padilla

        @Purp Drag The Boondocks Movie: Jacob Padilla Against the Universe is Coming to Adult Swim on 28 August 2021

      3. Purp Drag


      4. Jacob Padilla

        Arrvies: August 28, 2021

    92. Skullman

      I hate Almond Joys with a passion.

    93. Blue jay

      Regular show on adult swim confirmed?

      1. elva gomez

        Coincende I think not

      2. cracker gaming

        @Harry Ball Zach also she kinda sounds like that bird girl mordecai was trying to get with 😂

      3. Pepe Silvia

        @Venom Snek I think they ended up going for the right airing time; right in between CN and AS. It was always the perfect transition into stoner media, introduced me to it as a kid

      4. Venom Snek

        Regular show was originally going to air on Adult swim

      5. BodgyHeats666

        I mean.. yeah?

    94. Justin Blake

      Hey, what happened to Mordecai

      1. Black Widow

        He vaccinated

      2. Noff_19

        Is he after drugs

      3. Eli Kubrick

        Mans got that graphical update.

      4. Nacho Rubilar

        Me too

    95. jobflobad0by0b

      Current mood > button poetry

    96. Noah Turner

      6th comment



    98. I.P. Freely

      this is boring

    99. fernando cejas