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    Watch the first episode of season 5 here: bit.ly/2IR8WrX
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    katma Aylar önce


    1. erdene osorbal

      The guitarist look like current day Jimmy Page.

    2. Mdr Ptdr

      Can i admit something?

    3. Doctor Dividend

      This guy is a genius......why is this guy not the next Ben Aflac?

    4. Marwan Awad

      She's so beautiful.

    5. JediNxf7 Strikes Back

      lmao how many people even know what a dumbwaiter is

    6. Imran Abbasi

      Hi friend 🥀

    7. Edgar Noyola

      Yo what’s the dudes name that dressed like jax

    8. Nolan Schmidt

      Bird Down! 😄

    9. Ryan S

      1:49 the way her face changes from genuine humor to genuine horror is priceless

    10. Anshu Choudhary

      and as Crazy Jane from Doom Patrol.

    11. which

      1:49 this is the perfect reaction to the eric andre show - mild amusement at the concept, and then abject horror that he actually goes through with it

    12. Tamara

      When scorpion came out I fell

    13. Squidee

      Jax really do be lookin outta shape

    14. Parveen Gurung

      Cheese-Cake ruined forever for me

    15. Tuluka Kala

      Lol she came in cocky

    16. 1999

      0:36 my boi Eric got her fixing her hair

    17. Nathan B

      I'm really sad to see that Hannibal's brother has fallen back into using that word. Stay strong, and thank you for your service.

    18. Ryan B

      now you’re woke

    19. Dmitriy Sarapkin

      wtf where is Felipe Esparza? he is saving ur show

    20. DON Ernesto

      God damn this episode was crazy, Mortal KOMBAT and. Freaking Dumb Waiter!!! Ha ha ha ha ha

    21. Logan Flynn

      the awkward pretend flirting he did with her was genius

    22. Fabrizio

      ‚Full Interview‘

    23. Muse

      I miss hannibal


      I got Jax arms 😂

    25. Yolo Swaggins

      Why is she so scared of hannibals brother? He's an army veteran she should show some respect.

    26. joe mama

      2:05 her face 😍

    27. Vanwolfster

      *Eric Andre confirms Diane Guerrero DOES cocaine* Ladies and gentlemen, we got'em.

    28. Florian Ibrahimovic

      Bird down killed eyerything

    29. Neo Anderson

      1:50 - 1:51 that transition from "oh boy what lame joke is this" to pure horror in 1 second flat

    30. Peter Pretzington

      Dude wtf Hannibal's brother isn't supposed to say the n word! Oh well he doesnt even know where Hannibal went to.

    31. Amin Når

      Nerf Scorpion

    32. stephen k

      Bird Dizzle...

    33. Yeah Okay

      This is gold. The goldest of gold. Eric i love the psychology of how you keep ppl off balance their entire interview

    34. neo

      she cute as hek thoo

    35. Roland Deschein

      Man I'd pay so much money for the cut interview

    36. Joshua Demond

      1:14 1:32 😂😂😂😂

    37. Jared Garcia

      You'd think some of these celebs would do some research on the talk shows they see

    38. Relevo A.M.

      La familia del barrio and Rick and Morty

    39. Derek Price

      Eric lost it when the dumb waiter was lifting up and making what sounded like Swedish Chef noises.

    40. Dr Monkey

      0:04-0:11 I like her singing. She sings amazing. Honestly, she should participate on a singing game show

    41. 4747da

      how? how does he have guests by now? other than offcourse fellow commedians who know what's going on?

    42. sco ens

      1:42 What we've learned from this episode is, that when Eric Andre uses a word you don't know you have to assume the worst.

    43. Cerys Deans

      E G G

    44. Jotassium

      She is adorable.. lol

    45. Tshireletso Mokoena

      It's a dumb waiter

    46. Alex Mosqueda

      Man they always have the best intro songs

    47. charvelgtrs

      Boofing a cheesecake seems like a great way to break the ice on a first date.

    48. G.a.trev31

      that dumb waiter joke will always make me laugh

    49. SB Dunk

      Woke people that do coke are the biggest hypocrites, there I said it

    50. 1999

      You can really see how fake Blannibal's hand looks at 0:39 lmao

    51. metfan099

      She’s like a hot(ter) Demi Lovato

    52. Maclunky

      I like how they just call him “Hannibal’s brother” instead of his real name lol

    53. A d

      Fat Scorpion was dope

    54. Ben Hale

      I don’t care what anyone says... the fact that he tells her she should run for president and then immediately sniffs the fingers he just had in his ass is top tier comedy.

      1. Bootleg Records

        Also the sound effects

    55. Non Binary Transgendered Teddy Bear Hamster

      I am strangely attracted to the asian lady in black.

      1. A d

        Im not even hiding it at this point. I am stalking her on every media

    56. Kyle Blake

      I swear that's a Japanese jimmy page in the intro.

    57. Jake Markoff

      This is the trauma that lead to her 64 personalities being born.

    58. churchofchris1973


    59. dyllon's Kitchen

      This is the 11th time im watching this. Each time you tube recommends i watch it.. She ia gorgeous ❤️

    60. Josh Mcgar


    61. Daniel Maylett

      I wanna enter every room like scorpion from now on

    62. TheWinterEagle

      Manu Gavassi versão Trump

    63. WutTheDeuce

      0:57 she's clearly talking there, why'd they cut her mic audio there?

      1. WutTheDeuce

        @a single white female your reply has zero to do with the question asked. Can you read or are you just dense? WHY DID THEY REMOVE HER MIC AUDIO? That's what was asked. No one is asking how it was done.

      2. a single white female

        If that confuses you I don't think you can comprehend the scale of editing they do in post.

    64. Alston Crosby

      she's so cute 🤩 I'm in love

    65. Hydro Loco

      Diane you did great. Also dm me if you're reading this. I don't think you can dm on YT so you should definitely DM me though.

    66. Jay Arya

      Lmao her coke confession. Even made Eric break character

    67. starbeam

      what in the world did i watched

      1. starbeam

        @Rehan Fauzan fax

      2. Rehan Fauzan

        this whole show is fever dream being manifested

    68. 02semiata

      Lizzo ?

      1. John Doe

        Lizzo Up

    69. David Bartolone

      They forgot to mention she is Jane on Doom Patrol as well. Eric that crazy son of a 🔫!!!

    70. Lars

      I wanna become a celebrity just so i can be a guest at this show

    71. Adem hasanaj

      Full interview - 2 min 😂

    72. Patrick Hoey

      She’s a babe 😐

    73. Maxime Reiser

      1:06 Eric breaking character

    74. Ninjaser

      Imagine if he played the joker

    75. Denzel Tajo

      If Selena Gomez was actually latina

      1. Novak

        this girl is like 70% white(European) , Selena maybe 80-90%,not much difference

    76. Marco Magri

      Can i take ur order?

    77. Erick Rodriguez

      She's cute

    78. Quincey Brown

      Cutest guest ever

    79. Jonathan Dixon

      Do people think this is funny? I don’t understand where you’re supposed to laugh. Poor American humour

    80. Andrea

      didnt she die in like a boat or something lol

    81. M T

      This is the best accidental click of the day

    82. Sean O'Connell

      BirD DOWN!

    83. Jack O'Callaghan

      “Can we start over...” 😂😂😂😂

    84. Drillmusics forkidsonly

      where is eric and who is this bald man

    85. Taylor Alex

      I always forget there is a life outside of music festivals without wooks and normal people have no idea what boofing is

      1. Christian J. Pronk

        Same here lmao

    86. YS Entertainment

      People are shocked she does cocaine? Dear stupid viewers, 99.9% of celebrities do cocaine. Basically all of them do coke. Trust me, the most innocent looking celebrity does coke as well.

    87. Ron Wilkin

      show is so damn funny

    88. BobNThat

      Diane's reaction to Eric shoving cheesecake in his arse needs to be a GIF

    89. A little razzle dazzle

      The fact I find this funny disappoints me.

    90. Achilles Eels

      God damn she's perfection. She's traumatized now, but.. gadamn

    91. Yousef Odeh

      He really just southpark that cheesecake

    92. BigToast OG

      what happened to this show

    93. TriL TV

      I give up.

    94. DasGood!

      Eric Andre literally looks like dollar store Vin Diesel nowadays

      1. DasGood!

        @Christopher Waller hehe

      2. Christopher Waller

        Vin Unleaded

    95. TheDonBarracuda

      BIRD DOWN!

    96. kaylawuvscookies

      Hey look, it's Cardi C.

      1. SuperSpasticNinja


    97. VideoAmericanStyle

      I love how they showed footage of an army helicopter in the backdrop, presumably since her last name is Guerrero (“warrior” in Spanish). Of course they’d go literal for no reason.

    98. MCB

      Where is Hannibal though ?

    99. MCB

      First time Eric ever simped for a female

      1. John Doe

        Tatiyana Ali…

      2. Fred Tyu

        Not really

    100. DIY Hamster World

      Hello I love your video so much🔰🌻🌺🍎🍍🐹