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    katma Aylar önce


    1. Maybach Rob

      That horse can handle his wine and weed he good

    2. R VM

      "To put it in other terms, that YOU can understand, it's poop from a horse" 😂😂😂😂😂 Andre is a goddamn fool 😂😂😂😂

    3. LightBlue2222

      Why would they fire a perfectly good cop?

    4. R VM

      "Shit-eating Horse Cop" is filmed in front of a live studio audience 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    5. Brandon Brooks

      What's the music at the end.

    6. Grady 2526

      Eric this isn’t cool at all 🤣

    7. Ricer84 D


    8. River Rodriguez

      Did he actually eat the shit tho

    9. Erik Seidler

      To put it in terms you would understand lol

    10. Zack Price


    11. Brian Deabler

      Pretty soon I’ll watch the entire Eric Andre show in clips on TRlocal

    12. kodak green

      The real robocop sequel

    13. Ethan Pfleger

      Are you sure an angry mob isn’t coming after Eric, After everything he’s done on the show?

    14. Marshall Gregory

      I find the contrast between the Bleeped words and the not so Bleeped ones interesting.

    15. Nk Nk

      I really think that was real shit ...

    16. Arthur Brown

      Horses are stupid.

    17. xXDimistreoXx

      I often poop.

    18. A Gray

      Interview with Zack fox please

    19. El sugu

      thisss effin guy man 🥴😁😁😁😁

    20. Relevo A.M.

      La familia del barrio and Rick and Morty

    21. Early Riser

      Just stop eric. Just,, stop.

    22. sithjohn80

      “I’m fucking nuts”

    23. MightyMitoMaria

      Did you drink from the cup of St. Eric de Las Jaras? Hoping you and your fine steed partook of the Sacred Sweet Berry Wine!

    24. John Shadoe

      This happens in real life.

      1. xXDimistreoXx

        yo same

    25. Cade Becker

      AMERIKA INGIN JACK STAUBER KEMBALI bring back jack to America

    26. S

      now THIS is true copaganda... making me question if ACAB

    27. yoshi wells

      Idk how he gets away with this situation haha

    28. Freddie Beltran

      I love the character: Shit Eating Horse Cop. Perfectly executed.

    29. Jasey Studios

      Kinda surreal seeing a big show like this film in my hometown lol

    30. Brandon Bujnowski

      Some of Seabiscuit Jr.'s best work.

    31. David Rivera

      “Created by sea biscuit jr”

    32. Whole Milk

      2.4k like!

    33. K B

      Ohhhhhh snack time!

    34. Benjamin Katz

      Knowing Eric, he's eating a brownie he stored in his ass.

    35. kxrx


    36. Christian Lopez

      Did he eat horse shit?

    37. Andrew Newcome

      We need more horse cop in our society I'm telling you

    38. Supereddieman’s Tv intros and Mugen battle and more

      Adult swim please upload the trailer to season 2 of momma named me sheriff

    39. Ricis Rycka

      How can i watch The Eric Andre Show in Lithuania ? How ? ! ? ;D

      1. Ricis Rycka

        @xXDimistreoXx i have his phone nuber , but i can't speak russian :]

      2. xXDimistreoXx

        send vladimir putin a friend request

    40. S0LIDUS

      "shit eating horse cop" sounds like a show from interdimensional cable (Rick and morty) :D

    41. Slice

      He didn't actually... did he? 0:49🤢🤮

    42. Fredrick VonTater

      The concerning part is that it’s actually believable that eric would eat real shit for the gag

      1. Aidan Van Dera

        well, the fact that it was censored says a lot imo

      2. Mabz • Rahman

        jihu He sure are

      3. jihu

        He is fucking nuts

      4. kohl cooke

        he really is one crazy-ass dude

    43. Mysticevil209

      Day 3 of asking adult swim to make a paid subscription for full episodes and seasons

    44. Charlie Cook


    45. megadick 6000

      Knowing what this show is like i honestly wouldnt be surprised if he actually ate horse shit instead of using food that looks like it.

    46. Simon Vanderwerf

      Horse Cop will you clean up this town... with your mouth.

    47. Bud smoka

      Far out man if any other regular joe tried this the cops come arresting or felonies for impersonating law so surreal amazing 🤩

      1. UncleBibby

        @xXDimistreoXx ok thnk yu 🥺 im too anxious these days!!!!!!!! i was afraid i legit came across as bein a bigot or somethin n i wanted to figure out if i needed to atone

      2. xXDimistreoXx

        @UncleBibby sry bb i was jk

      3. UncleBibby

        @xXDimistreoXx u know i was bein sarcastic right? i dont _actually_ like when cops treat me as guilty by default due to a neurologi cal disa bility i was born with. (nothin against addicts or dru gusers, tho, theyre just eatin a specialfood n shouldnt be mora lly judged for that) i dont like cops at all. when i said eric “ran it by the cops, they said it was fine”...i was mockin eric, im saying hes too famous and powerful to authentically be the anar chist he wants us to believe he still is anymore... he probably DID run this stuff by the po lice, or at least got some kinda permit for some of these bigger pranks, which neuters all the punk edge of it. he obviously still has the passion for this he used to, but i think HE should check his “celebrity recognition” priveledge cuz i agree with @Bud smoka, hes gettin away with stuff a regular joe clearly wouldnt... or... did you know i meant to say all that, and _still_ think *I* personally need to check my priviledge? did i say something unwittingly that reveals im still benefitting from my whit eness in a way i hadnt acknowledged? if so, i apologize for doubtin your comprehension of my comment, and ill work on bein a better ally

      4. xXDimistreoXx

        @UncleBibby check your privilege!

      5. UncleBibby

        don’t worry he ran it by the cops first, they said it was fine love when cops think im tweakin on meth cuz i have tourette syndrome, & when prankshows intentionally give people ptsd in public

    48. Tony Sky Bravo

      Interdimensional cable is the best

    49. Mysticevil209

      Day 2 Of asking adult swim to make a paid subscription for full episodes and full seasons

    50. JYWYZ

      sup melo

    51. BaronVonTacocat

      that horse is SOOOO drunk!

    52. gude times

      Release Rick and Morty clone rumble in America please! Make a video showing a promo.

    53. Mysteriously Creepy Man

      I shouldn't have eaten chicken wings while watching this

    54. *Triggered Doge*


    55. arun

      yoooo is that turtle from entourage at the end?

    56. mayhell


    57. Strellettes

      1:02 its H3H3

      1. TouchEmTwoTimesTommy

        For real lmaoooo

    58. Jarek Nowak

      I think that was not a real Policeman. I might be wrong.

    59. Anon archist

      "I'm just a cop eatin' shit and gettin' drunk." -USCP motto

    60. Apostle Dee ~ Apostolic Fire🔥🔥🔥


    61. Mike Johnson

      he got mad cop drip tho

    62. ibboylife

      Эрик Андре гений

    63. Kitanai Koneko

      Im just a cop eating shit out of a horse. Understatement of what cops go through.

    64. Kitty Cat Cat

      Dumb..... this is humor? Ugh....

      1. BaronVonTacocat

        did you see the part where the horse pooped and he ate it?

    65. 2 3

      How old is this video?

    66. Douglas McDaniel


    67. Mysticevil209

      Hey adult swim currently I am not using cable and I was wondering if your make your app have a paid subscription for full episodes and everything

    68. Patrick McConaughey


    69. Zenn Exile

      ok, I'm in. Shit Eating Horse Cop needs to happen. Who do I mail my wallet to?

    70. Mr. Chü

      okay Eric

    71. Izack Carling


    72. I Am Real Eyes

      Well at least it's true

    73. cozeeshach

      only eric ‘fuckin’ andre lmfaoooo

    74. gitsurfer27

      The new series of Blue Bloods looks lit.

    75. BigWheel

      On God though like for real but not for real on god

    76. Luís Barbosa

      M A I R L O

    77. Shane Anderies

      Imagine if he actually ate the horses shit

    78. Th3REG15SUN101

      No but wait, he really ate that shit though??? Ohhh he's on one🤨😮!!!

    79. ernesto leitao


    80. Johnny Fletcher

      I don’t know dude? The shit is semi-funny to me. He got jokes tho.

    81. Vinny Berry

      “Shit Eating Horse Cop”. In all the titles in the world this one ranks high 😂

    82. Logan Johnson

      Mall cop 3

    83. foam dinner

      What is a live studio audience

    84. Pixel Count

      God i hooe that's chocolate he's eating.

    85. ear8642


    86. Wally West

      I just dont like this guy...

      1. BaronVonTacocat

        the horse or eric andre? ...the horse did seem like kind of a dick

      2. Mr TAMAGO


    87. Kameron Tive


    88. Azteca Eagle making America great

      Without true journalists we will never have a democracy Free Julian Assange

    89. Shada

      Shit Eating Horse Cop sounds legit better than most of the apples in this barrel

    90. Veteran Child

      Did he actually eat shit or did they give him a fake chocolate poop? With Eric you never know.

      1. MiniWeeMoose

        @John Theux I'm not gonna verify the truth of this, I'm just gonna accept that it's true because it sounds so much like exactly what he would do

      2. John Theux

        He was forced by his staff to make a chocolate one but switched with the poop when nobody was looking.

      3. *A* *Name*


    91. cris solis

      No crazy person admits they are not crazy while not being crazy, duh

    92. cris solis

      "Im fucking nutz”

    93. Alex Dah Vee Lah




    95. Spenser Graham


    96. chocolatewheelchair

      German horse chocolate is slamming

    97. Brendon Kennedy

      Seabiscuit Jr

    98. M. Dude

      "Oh I got you, the first time you said it"

      1. Barbaroja

        @Sam Lava Definitely a whoosh, I just watchd it again, I didn't notice the part where they spelled it out like that the first time, I feel dumb lol

      2. Sam Lava

        @Barbaroja didn't u watch the video ? idek if it's a woosh

      3. James Larson

        Mairlo or shit, these are your options as a horse cop 😬 BEST JOIN THE ARMY!

    99. Comical Realm Animations

      That horse has "What am I doing with my life" written all over it's face

      1. MightyMitoMaria


      2. M. B.

        That horse had "I don't know this guy" written all over his face