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    Created by Graham Mason
    Graham Mason is a filmmaker based in NYC. He recently completed a feature film comedy called INSPECTOR IKE, which will come out in 2021.
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    Cavemaster: trlocal.info/u/video/oYR9fLrdl6WpoKo
    Whenever: trlocal.info/u/video/pX6ffJiqsXi1gIA
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    katma 28 gün önce


    1. Mo Esquire

      I need a full season of this show, stat!

    2. qwertyasdfgzxcvbiop 2

      pretty meh. forced zoomer humor. bring back 2014 trippy stuff

    3. Essen

      This is great for sure

    4. Ravageritual x




    6. Aaron Powell

      Hi, I'd like to order 10 episodes Thanks in advance.


      SUPER HILARIOUS!!! i can relate to this lol



    9. Florida Man

      I disliked

    10. Florida Man


    11. Ade ToVAR's Dad

      Watching this while 4AM is the best feeling

    12. wVw weekend Video watch 2021

      should have black jack say. ohh thank god i am alive, then boooomb !! his plane explodes from gas or alcohol igniting

    13. Jack Vachata

      this is comedy, if anybody had forgot during the video

    14. Timothy Gross


    15. Eddie Costa

      Just heard as of April Cartoon Network has raise their price I bet money that’s when the new season of Rick and Morty drops....$20 more a month for that tier of channels NO thanks!

      1. a 7

        Adultswim is the only content worth fiat

    16. Lucas Adverse

      that was too good


      no fun ! what a shit !!!

    18. Jonathan Jordan

      I want a full series of this.

      1. a 7

        I second this motion

    19. philpheburbs

      this is rubbish

    20. Richard Saul Chason

      I'd be curious to see what more they could do with this

    21. Smokey Bear

      Getting some Danger 5 vibes off this 🦅🦖

    22. Oliver

      How much do they smoke in the writers room?

    23. Mr_ Geekchic

      This feels more like a Rooster Teeth show than a Adult Swim show.... 🙄

    24. Peter Smith


    25. Tshim's channel

      I love how the blue girl is the I'm blue song reference

    26. mustapha ibrahim

      Is it Harry Potter?

    27. cbr1thou

      Is this our actual military? Explains why byedens still in white house

    28. Antonio Gonzalez

      "1 in 5 trillion" Jesus that's lower that Dreams Speedrun

    29. Sondra Daviss

      Off topic but can you guys bring back the Robot Chicken vs everyone video

    30. 0_o peace

      The CGI is shit

    31. James Reed

      That groot got me

    32. Jebus please

      holy garbage

    33. firmware1000


    34. TriCore 9

      It had an interesting start but i had to force myself to watch it to the end. The talking heads (pilots in the cockpit) thing went on for too long.

    35. Alex M

      2:10 Aces high... HAWKS FLY

    36. Scrooge McDuck

      I don’t get it.

    37. RB Kommando

      Don't drink and fly kids

    38. geo kakabadze

      Make another one!

    39. Scorchwing


    40. Alex M

      Love the dog drawing in Feels' cockpit

    41. daniel LEVY

      Kid show for Adults.. let me get my Edibles , Juice Box and Action Jackson Decoder ring... OKAY READY!

      1. Aaron Powell

        time for an 11pm walmart run for pizza rolls

    42. KN

      This reminds me of Saul of the Molemen, I'd there a connection?

    43. fossmonz

      danger 5 did it better

    44. Top 10 Wizard

      Something tells me that Blackjack is looking for a 420 friendly Quizno's.

    45. GeeGee


    46. Comical Realm Animations

      "The odds of saving Star City are 1 in 5 trillion" That's even worse than what Dr. Strange predicted to save the Earth

      1. Chopstewie

        Given how bad his predictive power was on flipping that guy off, it seems like he was calculating the odds of survival if they never left the room.

    47. ultraomega


    48. misfit 1nX

      "Big Assssss... Big ol booty Assssss"😂😂😂😂😂😂

    49. Coleman Remington

      I am so happy

    50. joey kill

      Cool shorts my dude

    51. Jessica Belgarde

      very nice video!😊👆🎈

    52. A. W. Sum

      Everyone is a critic! I say this show makes my weed and cookies seem more... Spacy

    53. YahnOrbaki

      So slappy died first... what's new?

    54. Frankie Machine

      I guess the most polite way to put this is to say copying is a form of flattery. In my humble opinion this was a cute omage to Godzilla, Guardians of the Galaxy while also mixing the blue woman from Farscape, 'ZAN'. The only thing missing was someone, maybe "BLACKJACK" cursing with the words, frell, frack, etc... yeah, someone else mentioned power rangers, yup. I guess you are a group of friends, needing to come up with a Adult Swim worthy video, so you all decided to be super creative and this is what you collectively came up with! I hope it at least paid for a few months of rent, etc...

    55. Tracy Murray

      This is really good, what a great cast, and I am excited to see Matt Giordano from @Pixelade was involve with the audio effects( I'm pretty sure that's the same guy), I hope this is not an one off and there are more episodes in the future.

    56. Nick V

      Was that randy feltface playing the "monster" attacking the city? Sure did look like him.

    57. :Dawidowski:

      What's about Rick and morty

    58. Adan Ramos


    59. owensteam

      Thought I’d give it a chance. Was awful, is this meant to be funny?!

    60. Kauã Matheus

      then I ask where is Rick and Morty ; -;

    61. Ston3dR3dneck

      "No... its orange juice"

    62. AJ S

      This was beautiful.

    63. Tim Croteau

      This is sofa king we todd did.....and I absolutely love it!!

    64. dragonlover3


    65. Mr. Spy Guy

      StarHawk.....reminds me of an old PS3 game I used to play

    66. Psyighxd

      Da-Boo is Blue

    67. Gracie E.

      He looks like one of the Puppet History puppets

    68. AlthosWTF

      Da-Boo De Da-Boo Di! Da-Boo Da-Boo!

    69. Chopstewie

      In the writer's room: OK guys, how far do we want to go for an eiffel 65 joke...all the way? excessively? roger.

      1. dreaminginnoother

        Or "all the way?" "da boo"

    70. Ocean Current

      I wanna see more of this for sure!

    71. og12green

      Power rangers but better

    72. Evan Minar

      This is the most funniest thing I've ever seen lol

    73. Brito X.

      so good

    74. EyesOfByes

      1:10 *So you're saying there is a chance? YES!!!* - Lloyd

    75. 208 2dboy

      1:48 when doing a scan on something

    76. Patrick McConaughey


    77. Trevurr

      Thought the title said "adult swim smells" and didn't even question it lol


      Black Jack and Connor are besties 🛀🛀

    79. Coco Geckocat

      So on the nose.

    80. My Autobiography A Fanfic

      The only time I laughed was when I realized she's blue daboodeedaboodai

      1. My Autobiography A Fanfic

        @Brewster Million millennial.

      2. Brewster Million

        I don't get it?

      3. Orpheus Martinez


      4. soggytoast111

        Came here to see if anyone else got that. I died when I realized this.

      5. Naltddesha


    81. BluJean6692

      AS has laid a lot of stinkers lately but its good to know somebody there still knows talent when they see it... Bravo!

    82. Phillip Lemmon

      This was dumb....... But I'd watch more! I'm crazy like that! Lol

      1. Tetrapharmakos '

        But so are we :’)

      2. Mr hacker Man

        Yeah he is a loser

      3. Stupid Idiot

        What a loser

    83. Flatlander Garage

      I'm blue.

    84. Sam Y

      fffhUUck right?

    85. Dolores Warren

      Fantastic! This and Skeleton Landlord rule!

    86. Gabriel Mendez

      This reminds me of Saul of the mole man and fat guy stuck on the internet I dig it

      1. A. W. Sum

        I forgot about that!

    87. kr00m

      It would have been funny if Blackjack took out an entire city block and the monster killed the rest of them to save the city.

    88. Seth Ohler

      Thumbnail is definitely a parody of Omega from doctor who

    89. Angry Kittens

      Still a better plot than Power Rangers.

      1. Edze Jan de Haan

        That bar is so low you have to dig for it....

    90. chris ohyama

      This the same people behind starboat?

      1. ƁᴇғᴏʀᴇƮʜᴇļɴᴛᴇʀɴᴇᴛ

        Star Boat was created all by one man named Austen Reeder.

    91. Mehdi D.S.

      Blackjack nooo!!!

      1. Mehdi D.S.


    92. Fernando

      when will be the season 5 of Rick and morty

      1. zach R

        when mom POOP!!!

    93. Kkidzz

      Trying tooooo hard...... fail.

    94. Ricky Goss

      It's awful immature comedy. Please don't give them a season.

    95. glenn yarwood

      I have never seen anyone more clumsy with their booze 😂

    96. Drizzt Do Urden

      Why is this sketch soooo long? Maybe if cut to 5 min those few jokes could actually work?

    97. mrhyde112OI

      IM BLUE!

    98. Jake Naso

      Monster did not deserve to die, he was just vibin

    99. Andrew Dutton

      Real tight formation ✈ 10/10 aim high fly fast and win Go Space Force

    100. Sailor Italy

      Is this supposed to be like Terrahawks or something?