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    Created by and Starring Amy Zimmer
    With Patti Harrison, Lorelei Ramirez, and Tim Platt
    Sound by Matt Giordano
    Color by Vanessa Castro
    Music by Lou Tides
    Amy Zimmer is a writer and comedian. Her work and writing has been featured in The New Yorker, Vulture and No Budge.
    Follow Amy on Instagram: aezimmer_
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    katma Aylar önce


    1. Tser

      Also known as "this one weird trick"

    2. Nathaniel Prince Coulter

      Begrudgingly thumbs up.

    3. Mira culix

      Serious girl! Cool ;)

    4. K.P. TheHalfGod


    5. Jeam Bacalo

      The real question is why, why do i keep watching does things?

    6. Sarah White

      'i let my guard down, took a shower' *Throws towel* 😂😭😭

    7. A. W. Sum


    8. Lakshmanan L M

      I just threw away a ton of hair bands today...

    9. Relevo A.M.

      La familia del barrio and Rick and Morty

    10. Mika Léo

      I'm in love with the weirdness... Marry me Amy Zimmer

    11. hannemankingtube

      Watch at 0.75 speed, trust me

    12. Alice Campos

      Ok why is she so beautiful. It should be a crime

    13. Da Wurm

      if you close your eyes you could easily believe it's Rashida Jones talking

    14. Rick Acton

      i had no idea amy schullverschtein did this kind of community theater skit

    15. Oscar Lopez

      Didn't knew that Monica Bellucci was a comedian

    16. Erika Mants

      what the fuck lmao i gotta find a job at adult swim

    17. Manta Ray Jr.

      Your special

    18. murderbunnies

      What the hell kind of conditioner does she use? Unicorn Blood? Her hair is amazing looking.

    19. Jay Jay

      Is it me or did anyone notice how dirty that towel was when she tossed it aside

    20. ztvoltron

      She’s beautiful & also her voice is sweet I can imagine her voice acting in anime (:

    21. se7 en

      well this made my day thx

    22. ovo gaming 1057

      Is this the female version of Keanu Reeves

    23. Ivan Kazuo

      Very deep. Had to watch 12 times to understand and I still feel like I didn't fully get it. More complex than a Charlie Kaufman's movie. 10/10

    24. Syrus

      0:17 “I didn’t see it but I wanted to :)” ...this pisses me off for some reason. I watch it on repeat.

    25. Nathans Radical

      I found this really quite humorous

    26. jim maurice


    27. Joseph Behrens

      Who is this woman. She’s beautiful

    28. fishi

      genius haahaha

    29. Arch Stanton

      Better than anything you'll see at the Sundance festival.

    30. werewolf

      That shower kinda sounded like bacon

    31. Andrew Hake

      Wtf is this. Also I love it.

    32. QD Chang

      this is like a game of madlib and a great one

    33. ultima fule

      uhhhhmmm, totez in love

    34. UncleBibby

      scifi tropes from countless movies about genetic modification destroying humanity for its hubris *CHECK* vaseline filter on the lens and lynchian pacing *CHECK* tim & eric-style comedic-timing but with some added narrative coherence (for the ladiez) *CHECK* _looks like we got ourselves an Oscar for Best Female Directing, boys_ 😎

    35. John Wick

      For some reason i like this

    36. Kara

      The shoulder move heel click walk yesssssss lol

    37. Rafa Quesada

      She’s so pretty 🥺

    38. Corbin Karl

      Siri in her off time...

    39. Niklas Liguori

      This is the best thing. Just...the best thing.

    40. OhFishyFish

      This is what happens when women try to be funny.

      1. BaronRoaster

        My guy really out here exuding beta ass energy

      2. Aquarius Solaris

        Success is what happens. This was funny as hell

    41. FidelGashtro

      Is this from a Kojima game?

    42. Lilo Kino

      Restore "Neco Case - Last lion of albion" live from fish cemtre version pls.

    43. Phoenix Rises

      Sucked. Not funny or interesting

    44. catbat06

      she is made of funny

    45. Justinas Beinorius

      So good. Soo good.

    46. Steadyjumper

      Am i high or is the video high

    47. Ernesto Gonzalez

      😐 yeahhhh I don't expect less from adult swim

    48. Alicia Vickman

      I’ve watched this an exorbitant amount of times..I got rid of all my social media. This is a relatable head space for me. Hope more videos are to come!

      1. A. W. Sum

        Im glad Im not alone in spiritual cleanliness. Nothing compares to this!

    49. Christopher Wright

      Who did else sees Jennifer Beals?

    50. Favoxhille

      feels like a video from early 2010's

    51. DIY Hamster World

      Hello I love your video so much🔰🌻🌺🍎🍍🐹

    52. PRINZ

      Ummm, what is this

    53. Mr Lamptey

      Amy that was amazing I loved it

    54. Mr Lamptey

      I love your weird shit what the fuck is this?

    55. Etcher

      I lived with a girl in my 20s who looked and sounded exactly like this character. The problem was I married her and then divorced her. Turns out she was bat shit crazy. Like this character. Be careful who you marry kids.

    56. Syrus

      Summer salads 🤮

    57. Eva

      This girl seem pretty awesome. Love her weird style

    58. George Harrison

      Now, this is the contest I subscribed to adult swim for. Amazing. The weirdness mixed with the melodrama reminded me of a twin peaks parody.

    59. ً

      she looks like halsey

    60. Cad Cal

      What is the name of the lady

    61. Sassy Dispatch

      You canceled venture brothers for this shite you fucking ghouls

    62. K.M Gaming


    63. Johnny Fletcher

      Where’s my money, mitch!!!!

    64. White Eagle

      That Cyberpunk first person walk at 0:23

    65. Comical Realm Animations

      She looks like a female version of Tom Cruise but with the acting skills of Keanu Reeves

      1. BluJean6692

        nobody asked, nobody wants your weird channel either...

      2. A. W. Sum

        Dont tell him who sent you or youre fired

      3. A. W. Sum

        Hell yeah !

      4. gitsurfer27

        Why are you following me? WHO SENT YOU???

    66. Baldanders

      This felt like a really long vine

    67. Tryhardblackguy

      Uhh. Who is this women? I usually dont do this but Im thinking of simping 😳

      1. Jun


    68. iampftw

      And I oops skskskskssksk

    69. TreyAllDayy

      I’m being as still as I can. pops and locks

    70. Dave

      Amazing More please

    71. Top Nug

      This is what happens when AS tries to hire more women creators. Very unfunny and dumb.

      1. Top Nug

        @Andrew Wood Nope just getting out pent up aggression

    72. bee

      i love the ‘vaseline on the lens’ aesthetic

    73. ゴーストghost

      AS just makes life more enjoyable

    74. Nick West

      Lmaoooo I’m being as still as I can

    75. MrCakeJake

      Mind, Body, Soul, Talent. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Talent Nation attacked. Only the Promoter, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named ROBOT CHICKEN.


      The way she was walking though Ctfu 😭😭

    77. J & J

      Man what is this crap?

    78. John Angry Spirit

      Halsey fk the Hispanic lady who played Selena TV show = her

    79. Trent Reid


    80. troupkid

      This made me cackle

    81. s0nnyburnett

      Come in, would you like a drink, HMM? Why don't I get you a drink. Thanks JohnJohn.

    82. DarkFoxs12

      The dialog reminds me of metal snake just talking

    83. ickaru

      Seems to be handling quarantine all right.

    84. Kris Cadwell

      I knew scrunchies were important. I just didn't realize how important.

    85. Coco Geckocat

      This touches my heart in a way that I can't explain.

    86. Tora Chan

      Who did she sleep with to get in this video?

    87. BluJean6692

      Hi can you give her more money instead of the crackheads at Lazor Wulf and Mr. Pickles?

    88. Michael Z

      Death by scrunchie. Never knew it could happen.

    89. BluJean6692

      Eric Andre meets Babylon 5, I love it.

    90. Papa Pigs

      this is that good shit

    91. Son 7


    92. Dream State Films

      Girlfriend material here, with this comedic talent

    93. Solstice Marauder

      Okay, I'm gonna say it... this wasn't funny.

      1. Top Nug

        Omg finally I found it. I thought they must've been deleting comments. This was ass but I wasn't surprised just after seeing the thumbnail.

    94. Paola A

      You know what......

    95. yf G/-/OST

      I can relate to the tone of her voice

    96. farley pants


    97. Ryan Helinski

      Oh, no. I was on the team that was investigating case 23456789.

    98. A. W. Sum

      Oh my god. Top notch.

    99. Logan Hollow

      The way she walks in and the over the shoulder shots are soo good

    100. Garrett Romain

      Feels like a 90s anime. lol