Shanola Hampton (Full Interview) | The Eric Andre Show | adult swim

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    Watch the first episode of season 5 here:
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    katma Aylar önce


    1. robin byle

      Eric's voice cracking when he said "you're known as the set coil dropper" lmao barely got that one out.

    2. Ricardo Delacruz

      Her personality survived the show

    3. randomvids 143

      The guy’s face at 1:32 lol

    4. Wayne Payne98

      I'm glad they went easy on her she seems like a sweet lady just going with the flow

    5. Anthony Daniel

      1:19 Eric literally doesn’t even know what’s going on anymore.

    6. Henson Logging Company

      After being on Shameless I don’t know how anything could surprise her

    7. Scott T. Cunningham


      1. Scott T. Cunningham


    8. Brodie x rage

      U should see her in the show shameless

    9. Arnav Grover

      1:23 she thought it was an actual interview😅😂

    10. Howl

      She’s a cutie

    11. Anthony Daniel

      God she’s flawless.

    12. Ocean Shrugs

      They gotta bring this show back

    13. Ashutosh S

      The way she greeted Blanibal is so wholesome.🥺

    14. manbearpigneil84

      She’s such a great sport

    15. Chris H

      The high five kills me everytime


      My celeb crush!

    17. wonder

      We need to get bettlejuice on the show

    18. Huh?

      “Y’all want some almonds dawg” -Felipe Esparza

    19. JAY HOT


    20. Maddy Hamilton

      1:45 killed me! her reaction LOL

    21. Darkch4o5

      the best interview ever ohh shiiit

    22. secret jazz

      anyone know the name of the beat that starts @0:56 ?? that's like some really sweet trap/cumbia/tribal mix:)

      1. secret jazz

        just found it: Alan gold - getaway

    23. OrgazmShahtera

      that Blanibal guy... pretty ripped

    24. Dr. GreenThumbs


    25. MysteryMachine 444

      You know I’m not really sure what it is if they’re trying to hard or they run out of material but I’m just not feeling the show anymore, Something changed. Scripted? Sold out? Not sure 🤷🏻‍♀️

    26. Robert Meyer

      Came on a Hampton blouse

    27. Lucas Rodrigues

      Okay, this woman is very beautiful.

    28. Kakarot

      She so fine

    29. A very judgmental person.

      Could have cloned Hannibal better..

    30. Herman Spaerman

      The timing is explicit, - I am actually a germaphobe.......... enter the good looking Jews.

    31. Asuf whb n

      Israel Killer

    32. Indie*Oddjobs

      Damn Shanola! That was one powerful ass high five!

    33. Backwood Brando

      shameless V

    34. Noah Leach

      Even if prepared how could you deal with this shit so well

    35. PinguWingu


    36. A d

      She seem like a genuinely good person.

    37. Tirlio

      It's so nice of the four popes to carry her on that armchair

    38. Jay King

      She's on shameless nothing is too much

    39. SyrupBuccaneer

      The twin gag is one of the best in the entire series.

    40. Andrew Davis

      When his voice cracked saying “You’re known as the set COil dropper” I almost shit my pants.

    41. yodkagod

      the 4 dmientions

    42. BMK PROD

      For the life of me I can’t find what that song was at 0:56

      1. ıllı caRlos o.R. ıllı

        @Heteroskedasticity thanks ! brr brrrrrrr

      2. Heteroskedasticity

        Alan gold - getaway

    43. Amitai Meyerowitz

      they really do just be reposting the same content a month later. smh

    44. David McDonald

      bro eric just instantly rising up after the high five is the cherry on top

    45. hillary buff

      Ok she’s so sweet and nice, encouraging all of the strange characters and asking for the guys name we Stan!!!

    46. Mabz • Rahman

      "This is the best interview ever! OOHH SHIIIT!"

    47. Jacox98

      Fun fact: This is the person who portrays Rochelle in Left 4 Dead 2 She doesn't voice the character, she just plays the body of the character which I find kinda funny



    49. JustAgent

      this cannot be the full interview... more like the part that made the episode

      1. secret jazz

        the full interview, as always, is probably 30-60 minutes long. we always just get a very confusing best of lol

    50. Kee Duby

      She from shameless?

    51. Christopher Wilson

      Blannibal looks upset, you better start feeding him.

    52. Anderson Aldo

      This show lame as fuck now

    53. chris g

      0:32 idk why women always say they never want something then later complain that they wanted that something

      1. chris g

        Women moment I guess

    54. habibi hatool

      איזה יופי

      1. Jonah S

        סדרה מושלמת, נכון?

    55. Preston Strother

      I remember when she was my acting teacher a decade back. Sweet lady

    56. rygnarcerous


    57. Albertsons

      I think this is the best interview where things don’t get too outta hand and she handled it very good way better than the other

    58. Lucas Elwood

      ADHD personified in one video

    59. pony master

      He went easy on her considering his record

    60. J

      im a germaphobe so that means I don't take shits

    61. Unfavourably

      she is stunning

    62. ChuyIsTheShiz

      She is very pretty.

    63. Will


    64. Derek Bell

      She's definitely a professional coil dropper.

    65. Andy Roth

      I guess today's secret word was "Germaphobe"... Welp, if anyone has a right to be scared of Germans.. 🤷‍♂️ nahmsayn

    66. KCYON

      Eric actually looked surprised by the bar mitzvah. Must be some stuff even he doesn't expect lool!

    67. The Man On The Mountain

      1:33 that killed me.

    68. dissonance

      there's so much going on in every 1 of these clips

    69. dubl plus

      She pretty.

    70. Louis Hob

      Worst season on television!

    71. brycey spiceywiener

      we so need to get me on this show

    72. barry simpletons

      What stinks in here? 😁

    73. 45tone

      1:32 dude gets really into it

    74. The Enterprise

      What happened to humour? What is this supposed to be? Bring back normal comedy please

    75. Jason Windsor

      I just looked up this actress & she’s 43... goddamn she’s looking good

      1. Alexa Zisa

        I thought she was in her 20s LOL

      2. Chris P


      3. Hornswoggle Lover39

        @Asa A. Bro really? Dannnggg

      4. Asa A.

        No way she’s 43 I look older than her and I’m 17

      5. RvnawayFive

        holy crap

    76. Pleyland

      I think this really is the best interview ever

    77. Chocolate Disco

      They prompting the ever living fuck out of this season

      1. Benjamin Welkens


    78. Pyro-Moloch

      I saw a weird dream today, where I was on the Eric Andre show and Eric got angry at me for not being funny and for not warning him ahead of time that I'm unfunny.

    79. GET_IN_THE_VAN

      Hey went pretty easy on her

    80. Tshireletso Mokoena

      Felipe's intro track hella fire

      1. secret jazz

        found it: Alan gold - getaway

      2. secret jazz

        I need to know what that one's called.. from all his entrances in this show, this is by far the greatest one

    81. pray4kolapo

      Alright! Mazel!

    82. Mr. Toms

      Russell Brand has really let himself go

    83. José Luis Campos

      Felipe going the cross is Killin me

    84. Mustafa Iraq

      Free Palestine No more Apartheis. Basic human rights for Palestinians. Mainstream media always pushes pro Israel propaganda for a reason.

      1. Red Jay TV

        I agree but what the fuck does this have to with the video?

      2. Roy Amkies


      3. TM33

        There's always that one guy who make every video to be political

      4. YouTube Custodian

        Not all Jews are pro-Israel

      5. The SkullDuggery

        Those were some good looking jews tho ya gotta admit

    85. Acid Mana

      the pianist vanished lmao

    86. ScyberVEVO

      1:20 Every. Single. Time.

    87. The Angry Finger

      What a lovely woman.

    88. Tommy Carton

      1:19 Eric genuinely gets a scare 😂

    89. dillongarner1

      I don’t understand this show 😐

      1. benjamin brönnimann

        That's the point



    90. vaguevoices

      1:07 You're so funny Bla... Blannibal that pause took me out

      1. 45tone

        And then blannibal slaps his own hand

    91. Traveling Adventure Variety

      I love how Eric doesn’t even know what’s going on anymore.

      1. Nemo The Fish

        Lol ya he got scared when good looking jews came out and he definitely didn’t expect to be lifted up in the air like that

    92. s l

      The “Hi Blannibal” part got me real good, lol she is so cute

      1. ExileOnMainSt

        @coasteys coasteys Nah man, everyone's been cool with interracial relationships for some time now. What liberal person would give a shit? I think you're conflating cancel culture with something else

      2. igorz

        @coasteys coasteys oh so you were just pretending to be a moron,gotcha

      3. coasteys coasteys

        @igorz Pointed the fact that I'm a white man and find her attractive. Our society thinks at the moment as anytime someones white or black people go crazy. I purposefully said in a sarcastic manner because I knew someone like would give such a Rubbish reply

      4. igorz

        @coasteys coasteys what does you being white have to do with anything,you say not racist but it has racist connotations considering white men won't typically find black women beautiful so tf are you on about

      5. fede mona

        @coasteys coasteys what?

    93. 27johnnylove


    94. golden briccs

      This show is NOT the same without Hannibal

    95. 양정인

      Let’s give a quick shoutout to Christina applegate

    96. Sleepy Dinish

      What i like most about this show is that the "full interview" has only 2 minutes.

    97. Malodyr Animations

      Hello! plis chek my animation cartoon or Mandalorian, on my channel > thx broo!) i love you all ))))

    98. Stephen Gavin

      She's gonna give you a high five and the impact will send andrea into the rafters. A team of adults came up with that idea believe it or not.

    99. DoonieBandz On IG

      We Want Season 4 Of Mr Pickles please 😥

    100. FredFilms

      Aw man why did Hannibal quit ? 😭