Toonami’s Cosmo Samurai Event (Tease) | adult swim

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    Venture into the stars with Cosmo Samurai! The four part non-canonical Toonami event premieres this Saturday night at midnight!
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    1. Nate Escobales

      Non-canonical???!?! What the hell is that supposed to mean?!

    2. Alex Bedard

      Does anyone know when can I watch the toonami events: cosmos samurai on TRlocal?

    3. Angel Garcia

      You go to lifestream samurai Cosmo Cosmo samurai so like that you got to live stream it this Saturday is Chinese new year I wish you can live stream it appreciate the videos to swim thank you adult swim

    4. Raspberry Sig

      I'm confused, non canonical? Does that mean all the other times he was killed is non canonical or just this one? Either way I hate seeing him like that! Excited to see what happens

    5. FlashyHippie

      At first you had my attention, but now you have ERECTION!

    6. S3R3ND1P1TY

      Would've been better if it was cgi

    7. Scott Wolff

      Excuse Me skillshappen87 But is Not 1996, it's 1997!

    8. Kennedy Anderson

      Looks like Tom upgrading again. Wow this is history been watching since the 90s. Need more of this.

    9. Tony Rodriguez

      Could this be the end of Tom and Sara?

    10. hot superheroine fight MARVELvsDC

      very cool!!

    11. KniGhTKrawLeR9

      This is giving me some bad "Intruder" twinges......

    12. Wi-Guy OV

      Check out my recent if you like trippy beats and videos or need new rap music to listen to

    13. Anon archist

      non-canonical! NON-CANONICAL!! *AH! AH! AH! AH!*

    14. Carl Dadole

      Umm where the nuclear bomb?

    15. Jayimation Entertainment

      This looks like that Gemusetto thing y'all aired before.

    16. DJUgandanKnuckles Official

      i saw that on TV...

    17. lefu

      T O M

    18. Alexander R.

      Ya'll remember when they let us vote for the next ship? They should do it again :X

    19. Cococrash11

      Awesome Toonami’s Cosmo Samurai Event Tease Video.

    20. Susan Martinez

      Nice! 🍒😃😂💎

    21. Patrick McConaughey


    22. René' Cruz

      Kikaider & Kikaida 01🦾🤖🦿

    23. Colbyisfun

      Oooooooo reminds me of back in the day when Tom would get his upgrades.

    24. Biofan813

      Whatt??? Chirst guys! Just make this a show! This looks incredible!

    25. Marek W

      I feel some Final Space vibe. And it's good m8

    26. Johny Marcial

      Huh! I was expecting Saint Seiya due to the title of the thumbnail.

    27. Comical Realm Animations

      The first non canonical tie event ever

    28. Esteban

      Final space 2.0

    29. Intercaust

      From that, I literally learned nothing about the show.

      1. XBitX

        Well it's a teaser, so it's just teasing you. What we know is it's a Total Immersion Event like when Toonami was on Cartoon Network. Think "The Intruder" or "Lockdown" where spread throughout the run a story was told that had to do with Tom, SARA and The Absolution. However this one is non-canonical probably because they wanted to show off the studio's chops and didn't want to leave anything off the table for them to use.

    30. Knifer J


    31. jimboy de juan

      RIP Toonami’s Cosmo Samurai got this

    32. LopezBOT

      I always loved having Cosmo open up for DBZ back in the day.

      1. LopezBOT

        @Kennedy Anderson I call him what I want.

      2. Kennedy Anderson

        His name is tom

    33. Luq


    34. Toonami20

      When Is The Next Toonami Anniversary?

      1. edtifa

        Next year is the 25th.

      2. KivaMarieTurbo1


    35. Dlove CL

      Los amo señores

    36. pk leaf

      Hype level: 0% untill I learn more.

    37. FR_ 720G

      The last time I watched toonami was 7 Years Ago

    38. john craw

      Awesomeness video

    39. Coy


    40. Hurted


    41. Vipul

      >Look like an explanation of TOM 3 destruction >Non canon HMMMMMMMM

    42. Ian Botello

      I just hope the new uzumaki series gets release pretty soon bc it got delayed bc of the covid-19 and can u guys plz dub the promised neverland season 2 pretty soon

      1. Ian Botello

        @weeb email I don't think so bc back in 2019 aniplex did dub the 1st season and gave it to toonami and funimation only just release the sub and I think that they are going to dub it from aniplex after sao

      2. weeb email

        promised never land is probably going to be a funimation dub bc that’s who did season 1

    43. The Shöcker Pit

      Hold on I know that version of Tom that’s the time from 2010 back window tooNamis back bitches thing was going on

    44. bonkerz huntsdemons

      FUCK WHOEVER UNLIKED THIS. toonami for life. now my question is will it be up on TRlocal or streamed anywhere? cause yo mans right don have cable man.

    45. deathsyth8888

      Wake up Samurai, we have a galaxy to burn.

    46. gerardo covarrubias

      Question when will Toonami bring back one piece and Naruto Shippuden every episode that are making

      1. MetalHopper01

        One Piece was too long so they had to stop it so they could make room for other anime

      2. Sirmel11

        nope. no one was watching one piece.

    47. Nas T

      Ah hell yeah, this is gonna be awesome.

    48. Hattori Pool

      How many years has it been since toonami had a story like this again?

      1. Hattori Pool

        @FR_ 720G so around the cartoon network era?

      2. FR_ 720G

        Almost a decade

    49. ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神

      Ohh shit lemme see this 😭😭😭😭😭

    50. Cheetah Fire Films

      Awesome 😎

    51. Rdskinsfan27

      Too bad I don’t have cable to watch...

    52. jashard wallington

      Its lit

    53. Steven Blake

      💥So excited 2C these 🚀 TooNaMi is the BesT

    54. D P

      What's Tom Destined to Face This Time?.

    55. João Vitor Dias


    56. GundamBarbatos9 Veterans


    57. TheBlueDanYube



      the world needs infinitely more of this 😭💜👁‍🗨💎💫♾

    59. skillshappen87

      Maaaan I haven't been this hyped to watch Toonami since 1996!!! Lets gooooo!!!

      1. Name

        @skillshappen87 calm down :/

      2. Luis Murillo

        @skillshappen87 No need. I'm just sad that you weren't as hyped about Toonami when they premiered Space Dandy but it is what it is💁‍♂️

      3. skillshappen87

        Ok... you need to go back to 1st grade, and ask your teacher to teach you how to read. Actually slap your teacher and go find someone else to teach you how to read.

      4. Luis Murillo

        @skillshappen87 I'm glad to hear that you've been watching Toonami after all these years then!😊🙏

      5. skillshappen87

        Yo guy, read my comment again...

    60. Luis Murillo

      Uzumaki, Blade Runner Black Lotus, Fena Pirate Princess and now THIS!!? Looks like the Toonami × Production I.G. 2021 hype train is going full steam ahead!🤯 EDIT: Cosmo Samurai will be animated by Telecom.

      1. Carl Dadole

        @Michael Perez yeah?

      2. Michael Perez

        Any idea when Uzumaki drops? I been trying to find out but not sure

      3. High Swag

        Bro that picture of madra badass

    61. Crisma 1997

      Too bad it did not reach Latin America😔 Lastima que no llegara a Latinoamérica😔

      1. Deadeye John

        @Luchy Bumpers Oh that's a bummer.

      2. Deadeye John

        You don't have adult swim there?

    62. Matthew Hernandez

      How will it change the schedule

    63. TheZero092

      So is it supposed to appear tonight or next week Saturday midnight at 12?

      1. SparrowIZ


      2. Luis Murillo

        Next week!

    64. RealObey

      haha dis is di wey

    65. TheOtakuKnownAsWolf

      You have caught my interest! I am very intrigued!