TRAILER: Black Clover on Toonami | February 13

Adult Swim

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    You've got one week to train up on your magic! The brand new season of Black Clover premieres Saturday night at 2am!
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    1. asian potato

      charmy so cuteee

    2. Drizzt Do Urden

      After the training in the Heart kingdom, they made Asta buffer and SHORTER? how was this even possible?

    3. carlos torres

      Welcome back, Black Clover!

    4. A real Teletubby

      Half of it : just anime Harry Potter battles

    5. PlayGuy CartMan

      2 AM??? I'm glad its coming back but seriously, move the shit up.... Imo Black Clover should change places with DBS or entirely replace DBS with it because we've already seen plenty of dragon ball on toonami. lineup needs some serious tweaks

      1. edtifa

        Dragonball Super gets the most viewers for being the starting series. 2AM is not that late unless you wake super early in the morning for work or something.

    6. Gabriel 1661

      pa cuando en latam

    7. Spawnpool

      Too bad it ends on episode 170..

      1. edtifa

        Well for now. It will probably come back when there is enough story for it to come back instead of going the Naruto route of long filler arcs.

    8. Lord Frieza

      I can’t wait until the Dark Traid gets dub voices. I hope they’re good.

    9. Kameron Tive

      This series is total crap.

      1. SkipperMySon

        Shut up

    10. 2. Nonchalant

      What great birthday present

    11. Comical Realm Animations

      Fun fact: Black Clover has script writers on-board who worked on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

      1. I am Them

        @Not_ Miguel u were supposed to be the chosen one, it said you would destroy the sissies, not join them because of a compliment!

      2. Not_ Miguel

        @oh yeah yeah daddy thanks dude

      3. oh yeah yeah daddy

        @Not_ Miguel is it like i still care about youtube. i barely use this platform so i really aint bothered about my profile and subscribers bro. U got a cool pfp tho

      4. Not_ Miguel

        @oh yeah yeah daddy says the guy with the profile picture that was an old internet trend and is unoriginal

      5. oh yeah yeah daddy

        @I am Them Omg so cool he said didnt ask. Thats so cool he used a old internet trend to defend my point :o Basically no one likes you lol, unoriginal and weird guy.

    12. MM

      If this anime was a seasonal one with a better budget animation and progression, it would have become way more popular

      1. asian potato

        @MM the thing is , black clover anime has more money than those two. And I'm sure after the anime goes on break, anime watchers will start reading/buying the manga.

      2. MM

        @asian potato yeah, but look at the sales comparison between black clover and manga with the seasonal treatment like Jujutsu kaisen, or my hero academia. Everyone I try to make someone start it they always say it's bad cause of the first slow 3 episodes with the filler arc in the forest and the bad cgi crystal. Which is ironic, cause BC has the best pannels of the three

      3. asian potato

        already popular

    13. Dims

      A great show for losers with bad taste

      1. TheOneCz

        Lmao ok.

    14. DarkFoxTeam

      It’s good to see it back on Toonami!

    15. Moe

      Am I the only one who loves dub anime

      1. edtifa

        Doesn’t everyone who watches Toonami?

    16. Black Clover Toonami

      Guess who is back?

    17. ShadowWolfRising

      I am weirdly happy to see our magic-less dumbass come back. I've found myself enjoying this show alot.

    18. Troy Oliver

      Love the epic voice guy

    19. Citizen of Mars

      Toonami/Adult Swim show ads always had that thing about them that made you instantly want to watch the show. Its crazy how not much has changed.


      What in fucks name is this!

    21. Cococrash11

      Awesome Black Clover on Toonami Trailer.

    22. Amaterasu

      Funny though. The most powerful magic in the Clover Kingdom is anti-magic lol.

      1. Andrell Hardy

        It's not

    23. Opie operative funkshady

      I love that it's back, hopefully food wars and promised neverland comes back

      1. Zalgaryth

        Food Wars returns Feb 27th

      2. Spike

        Crunchyroll owns foodwars but maybe we'll get promised neverland

    24. RIXRADvidz

      calibrating coordinates on the flux deflector so I can get back to see this. looks good.

    25. Nathaniel Foga

      They're back

    26. Manny Sanchez

      Eat your cereal

    27. xxnobk


    28. pillowfolk

      No wayyy I just started watching black clover a couple days ago. Already love it

    29. Emma Slovinski

      Would be nice if Adult Swim uploaded these Toonami anime promos all the time instead of infrequently.

      1. edtifa

        Usually it is CabooseJr who does it.

    30. Timid Acer

      YES FINALLY! GOD HAS SPOKEN! And while you guys are at it, maybe you can bring Jujutsu Kaisen on here

    31. 聖wthjinx

      Finally let’s gooo this is peak

    32. Anemia Boi

      yea, the answer is no

    33. カワイイニースAnimeDVDLouz94

      Yesssss Black Clover is back on Toonami Adult Swim!!! I wish My Hero Academia & Food Wars was back on Toonami!!

      1. Sasuke Garage


      2. カワイイニースAnimeDVDLouz94

        @Daivan ooo really? Okay then!!

      3. Daivan

        Food wars coming back on the 28th

      4. edtifa

        My Hero Academia is just waiting for Japan to release Season 5. When that happens, Toonami will be airing episodes of it again. Food Wars yeah needs to come back and continue where it left off from.

      5. Dims


    34. oneshot_me

      cool deal

    35. Alex Espinoza

      Wooooouuuuhhh!!!! Lml

    36. Hayden Hughes

      Let’s go

    37. Tabitha Pearson



      I hope after the manga gets more chapter the anime comes back

      1. LudaChez

        They are making an "announcement" when the anime ends. If you are reading the manga or not just know they are still on the Spade kingdom arc and where the anime will end looks like it will be at a big cliffhanger. So I'm willing to be that they will announce a movie that shows the conclusion of the Spade kingdom arc. Then the anime won't be back for years as it will take a while for new chapters to come out.

      2. ItsPixPlays

        I saw you on Godtuber Gowasus posts and now I see you here. You truly are, *Everywhere Man*

    39. Ian Botello

      U guys should dub the promised neverland season 2 and dororo pretty soon on toonami

      1. edtifa

        Sherk Child Well Aniplex/Funimation since they are both owned by Sony and now Crunchyroll is being added to that list.

      2. Sherk Child

        @Emma Slovinski Aniplex*

      3. Emma Slovinski

        You should be telling Funimation this, not Adult Swim.

    40. Ulysses


    41. Supreme Sounds

      Holy shit this looks boss

    42. Jeebus Chrysler

      Thank you based adult swim

    43. Shamar Joseph


    44. Apancho Samurai

      Toonami will never die

    45. Patrick McConaughey


      1. Nas T

        Venture Bros sucks.

    46. Distrakt