TRAILER: Food Wars S3 on Toonami | February 27

Adult Swim

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    Order up! Food Wars is dishing out a fresh helping of season three. Dig into the premiere this Saturday night at 1:00a, only on Toonami!
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    1. JMG Animation

      When gordam ramsey had 6 childrens

    2. Fufuboi

      yes yes yes

    3. gano15300


    4. stefoehmen


    5. Kitronics

      Anyone want to talk? Add me on Facebook if you want... I'm bored

    6. Rocking Raver

      Food Wars: the anime that takes the meaning of orgasmic flavor to a WHOLE new level 😆 glad to finally see it coming back to the lineup!

      1. Frederick Grandison

        I miss it so much

    7. Slayer9568

      I am very happy to see Food Wars return to Adult Swim but it will be disappointing not hearing Yuki Kaji but i will still watch the dub when it airs the dub is one of the better Sentai dubs

    8. Jansen Art

      google how do i delete some other channel's thumbnail?


      My sister watch food wars S1 episode 3 from netflix

    10. Cococrash11

      Awesome Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 on Toonami Trailer.

    11. bigguy952

      Yay we waited so long for it

    12. Misimatoka Stanley

      im preparing my reservatons for some amazing dishes they make and also for a chance to meet the full members of the council of 10 and their cooking unleashed

    13. HappilyDepressed

      No one: Literally NO ONE: The people waiting for food wars s3 on freakin Adult Swim: (...)

    14. The Juiciest Lemon

      Did someone say UNCENSORED?

      1. Slayer9568

        @The Juiciest Lemon I think some TV channels in the US offer uncensored porn but i don't watch those channels Adult Swim isn't one of those also i would enjoy it a lot more if Toonami aired it in Japanese audio but that's just my personal preference

      2. The Juiciest Lemon

        @Slayer9568 really, God the west really can't do anything right.

      3. Slayer9568

        I wish but it will most likely be censored

    15. TheIrish Man

      Someone specifically chose that thumbnail for a reason btw.

    16. hi mom I’m on youtube

      level japan with the sea

    17. Poke Rider

      Where is tanya of evil


      I kinda forgot that there's stuff on adult swim to watch when you're not high

      1. Slayer9568

        @Ashton Merritt If that means getting drunk i wouldn't know about that i don't drink alcohol but i can say that Food Wars is a awesome show

      2. Ashton Merritt

        .... food wars is definitely best high

      3. Slayer9568

        Toonami is basically the only time when good shows air on Adult Swim

    19. Hasan Brennan

      LETS GOOO!!! This is one of those anime with dub voices on par with subbed ones. I don't say its better because I don't want to start a war.

    20. XTheCrystalBeastGuyX

      Cox Cable sucks at TiVo when it comes to this show for some reason. I have to actually check the days to manually record the episodes and make sure they are being recorded. And Adult Swim better put Seasons 1 and 2 on back up to watch for free on there so binge watch up to season 3

    21. Opie operative funkshady

      Very happy the 3rd season got on toonami

    22. AJ S

      Thanks algorithm, time to binge the first two seasons

    23. Ian Botello

      Can u guys please dub the promised neverland season 2 and dororo pretty soon

      1. Slayer9568

        It's up to Aniplex of America to dub The Promised Neverland season 2 and Dororo i think is a Amazon exclusive

    24. echo childus

      I still have no idea why people think this show it good. It's garbage with a lot of effects to distract you from it.

      1. echo childus

        @edtifa I'm sure methheads would disagree that it's not entertaining. Still totally irrelevant to what I said though.

      2. edtifa

        One is Entertainment and the other is a drug that harms your body.

      3. echo childus

        @edtifa good for them? People like meth...doesn't make it good.

      4. edtifa

        You have your right to dislike it but many people enjoy it.

    25. Drew Barrymore

      Food hentai

    26. Lego Guy Two One Seven

      Just came here to say yo sick thumbnail.

    27. ThatguynamedFather

      This makes me hungry

    28. Joseph Buchanan

      On my bday!!!!

    29. Endrance88

      I think shin chuuka ichiban would be more at home

    30. Anon archist


    31. Devin Forman

      Crazy I started binge watching all of food wars again last week on VRV because I think Plate 4 is dubbed now. I literally seen the episodes of the trailer today.

    32. Rogue Ronin

      My mom was on board with watching this with me but stopped at the foodgasms

    33. InfernosReaper

      Once the novelty of the hentai parody aspect wears off, this series gets pretty dull pretty fast, since the depth of the showdowns is actually rather shallow. Eventually, every fight's gonna be the same gimmicks over and over again, as no one actually makes any mistakes and the outcomes come down to who can out-contrivance the other person, which is often going to be the person who's dish gets tasted second. Again, no one makes a mistake. Their dish is perfect, but the other person's dish is just more perfect. That gets to be every fight. Eventually, the series gets an overarching plot with a real antagonist, but it's only got staying power because things the antagonist did outside of his "evil plot" for the school, rather than the "evil plot".

    34. Slush

      So is this show about cooking ?

      1. Slush

        But can he beat goku

      2. edtifa

        Well it’s a Cooking Anime show set in a Cooking School where only the best can pass with really harsh Judges so everyone in the School comes up with recipes that are good enough to give those harsh Judges a Foodgasm. The main character is a guy named Sōma who is aiming to be the best in the entire school. It’s difficult to really explain it but it does give you cooking ideas while being fun to watch and not boring.

    35. LT Phantomknight

      did soma's VA change?

      1. LT Phantomknight

        @edtifa I see, he sounds sort of different or that's just me

      2. edtifa

        It is still Blake Shepard.

    36. Hugo Solisfraire


    37. Bricka Crick

      Randy Marsh would love this show

    38. Kevin Regalado

      Oh sh!t yay

    39. Kid Savvy

      When you already finished the superior subbed version of the saga 😔

    40. JTsavage

      How many damn years will it be till we get the rest of it dubbed...

    41. Kezrick Garrick

      Wait adult swim makes anime

      1. Slayer9568

        Anime made by Adult Swim Rick and Morty Samurai and Shogun,Rick and Morty Vs the Genosider,FLCL: Progressive,FLCL: Alternative,Uzumaki,Fena: Pirate Princess,Cosmo Samurai and Shenmue the Animation

      2. edtifa

        Yes they do but Food Wars is not 1 of them. They are just airing it.

    42. Matthew Kelly

      Finally to see Food Wars is back in Toonami.

      1. Frederick Grandison

        Thats what Nostalgia is all about

      2. Ashton Merritt

        I missed it the first time, watched the first two seasons on Hulu, I'm hoping they get s3 or else I'll just watch the toonami american dub

    43. any one of us

      As good as this anime is it doesn't belong on toonami. Toonami is suppossed to be action anime.

      1. Slayer9568

        This is one of the problems with Toonami Toonami should not be only action anime it would be very nice to see Shoujo,Slice of Life and Good Comedy anime so far i have not been impressed by the comedy anime that have aired on Toonami some Iyashikei anime would also be very nice to see sometimes it is nice to relax but with Toonami airing only action shows it's excitement building on more excitement i love Shounen action shows but it would be great to see some variety some suggestions series i would recommend for Toonami Snow White with the Red Hair,Hakumei and Mikochi,Fruits Basket(2019),The Devil is a Part Timer,Squid Girl,My Roommate is a Cat,Isekai Quartet,Your Lie in April and Attack on Titan Junior High as for Shounen series Fairy Tail,Radiant and Assassination Classroom season 2 are the ones i most want to see on Toonami

      2. any one of us

        Have you ever heard of panty stocking garder belt, The guy that made it did so for it to air on Adult Swim. It was just to raunchy for american TV. Fuck You, Emma Slovinski! go watch "Detroit Metal City!" and know what I think of you.

      3. edtifa

        Food Wars is a Shonen and Toonami airs Shonen series. But Toonami has also aired Pop Team Epic, Hamtaro and even FLCL and Space Dandy don’t really feel like they are Action series either. I mean Space Dandy has some Sci-Fi Action but it’s not like serious battles Action. FLCL is just Sci-Fi weirdness.

      4. Emma Slovinski

        Said who? You? Toonami aired Pop Team Epic for god sake, get over yourself.

    44. BrandNewShawn

      Man I started watching this show on Netflix didn't know what to expect and I gotta say...I love it

    45. Cody Laliberte

      Cant wait ^^

    46. Wyd Zaiah

      Say less

    47. kin9con07 YT

      Who else saw the final space leak LMAO

    48. darkxaur

      Every episode is literally THAT scene out of When Harry met Sally.

      1. Stewie Williamson

        The 90s call, they want their joke back.

    49. Nathaniel Foga

      I've waited an Entire year for this !!!

      1. Frederick Grandison

        Get your nostalgic goggles ready

      2. Frederick Grandison

        It's been like 2 years since it aired on here

    50. Hirsh Kaufman

      What the fuck they do the best animes

    51. カワイイニースAnimeDVDLouz94

      Yay Food Wars! Is back on Toonami!!

    52. Ligma Sphere

      Its Fookin Raw

      1. Slayer9568

        Raw Food Wars sounds good to me but i would prefer English subtitles even more if they spell Souma as Souma

    53. dj adain

      Bring back Ballmastrz with a 3rd season

    54. Husnain Naeem

      Daaaammmm straight I wana see it 🤟🏻🤟🏿🤟

    55. carlos torres

      Welcome back Food Wars!

    56. crankypipo

      Cant beat cooking master boy

    57. Kurumi Tokisaki


    58. dj7909dj

      Where's season 4s dub

      1. null void

        @dj7909dj same!

      2. dj7909dj

        @null void now I just need season 5 dubbed

      3. null void

        s4 was just fully dubbed. you can use 9anime to watch it online. s5 is all out but hasn't been dubbed yet.

    59. Miky Di Ruocco

      So old

    60. NoLeifClover

      Food Porn - Season 3 (I know what I said)

      1. P atrick

        Food Hentai*

      2. Daniel Tolson

        With lines like “So much hot meaty juice” and “what is this deliciousness!”, Food Porn is accurate AF.

    61. Steve Rogers

      You're late

    62. Łukasz

      OMG Eng dubbing nokii XD Shokugeki no suma better with official dubbing

    63. Sirmel11

      Erina's voice is horrible but otherwise I like the show.

    64. Jason Smith

      anime fans at the food truck

    65. DarkSparkish

      No one: Social media: *WHY DOES ANIME FOOD LOOK SO GOOD*

    66. Comical Realm Animations

      This show would be complete if it had Gordan Ramsay as the main anime villain

      1. RavinKaito

        The finishing touch it needs

      2. Pol Pol

        That's probably reserved for a later arc

      3. Quinn Houk

        That would be hilarious

      4. ShinyDenz

        This shit is fucking raw

      5. Giovanni Bertocci

        Who is he?

    67. Aztec Eagle

      🦅 👑🐀 🦅The claw of the eagle has you between eyebrow and eyebrow The only ones who have fought for our freedom are the people and we the people always come back

    68. M Muzhaffar

      Dude, s5 has already finished airing a long time ago ffs

      1. edtifa

        Does it really matter? If enough people are willing to watch a show on Toonami and they get the okay to air it, I say let them even if takes a long time to get.

      2. M Muzhaffar

        @Anthony de hijar yes I am in adult swim

      3. Emma Slovinski

        They aired Assassination Classroom and that aired 4-5 years ago. They do not care lol.

      4. First Name Last Name

        @High Street talk about a stereotype

      5. High Street

        Ok weeb, i bet you read manga and thinks you can see the future when around normies

    69. ViRrOorR

      When the heck is uzumaki coming then

      1. edtifa

        As mentioned when Toonami did that interview last year, the Director was saying how difficult it was to make Uzumaki. Making it that way proved to be more challenging than expected. Coronavirus did not help either but these problems started before that.

      2. Emma Slovinski

        They were probably expecting it to be ready for October 2020 (Halloween month, of course) but COVID-19 probably caused production delays that forced them to delay it. My best bet is they’re waiting for October 2021 now.

      3. Arz2003

        Probably delayed due to covid19

    70. FroZtgamer Games, Reactions, and More.

      Oh finally, was wondering when will get food wars season 3, about time, took a few years but hey finally, looking forward to how this plays out. Especially to get food craves from it.

      1. Ashton Merritt

        If I hear the phrase "depth of flavor" one more goddamned time

      2. FroZtgamer Games, Reactions, and More.

        @XTheCrystalBeastGuyX oh, sorry just not easy to read tone of thought, no your okay, still good to know I’m not the only one, just the more slower one

      3. XTheCrystalBeastGuyX

        @FroZtgamer Games, Reactions, and More. To be fair, neither was I until I saw it in a store a few weeks ago. Wasn't trying to be rude about though.

      4. FroZtgamer Games, Reactions, and More.

        @XTheCrystalBeastGuyX again wasn’t keeping track, but thanks that was actually good to know and I feel like a idiot now

      5. XTheCrystalBeastGuyX

        @FroZtgamer Games, Reactions, and More. Dub has been out on BluRay and DVD for awhile already.

    71. Artik Masterson


    72. Elusmizzto TheCatLover

      Whaaat?! Shokugeki no Soma in Adult Swim? OMG!

      1. Arz2003

        They been airing Food Wars for a while now

      2. Elusmizzto TheCatLover

        @edtifa Ehhh, I didn't know

      3. edtifa

        Well they already aired the 1st 2 Seasons.

    73. Jessica Zane

      I love food and I do love wars.

      1. MrMrchatcity

        almost liked your comment then saw your a Trump follower and apologist smh....

    74. Tyrant

      Tastes Like Shit

    75. Mathieu Leader

      masterchef the anime

    76. seniorJack

      oh yea !

    77. Mhao Yeager ZqpyAFfDpG

      Embrace your inner foodgasms boys

    78. Henry Chen

      season 5 is already out a while ago... pirate or just stream it on netflix or something

      1. Ip Man

        Netflix only have the first and second season i think

    79. Mobile Empire

      Dude I tried watching this show but I don’t get the appeal, it’s just like any other cooking show except foodgasms and anime tropes like everyone just shitting on the MC until they actually try his food

      1. vidk1dd96

        Or just like seeing delicious food in general lol

      2. vidk1dd96

        It's appeal also comes from the details, different personalities of the characters, and creativity they put into the types of dishes they make. It's not something that everyone would able to enjoy unless they have an interest or curiosity for cooking.

      3. Takoyashiki Sushimi


    80. Sergio Zenteno

      I’ve been waiting for Season 3!!!!

      1. KudosK

        @Henry Chen dude that was like a couple of months ago

      2. Henry Chen

        bruv season 5 is already out.

    81. The Gaming God

      Better late than never I guess

      1. Slayer9568

        I hope people say the same when Fairy Tail joins Toonami

    82. Wayne Krumbach

      Welcome back, Soma!

    83. Ken Darvie Regalado

      The dubbed version is so cursed

      1. MiSy

        I prefer english

      2. vidk1dd96

        Nah, that's just the weeb elitists

    84. Barbaroja


    85. Midaysnack

      Dub< sub

    86. Bibobs


    87. Midaysnack

      Too late

    88. Jaayy1x

      I’ve already saw this

      1. MrMrchatcity

        hell yea I watched season 4 dub online last week

    89. hamza sefyu


    90. deniz kesici

      That looks delicious!

    91. imee obaob

      Hhahhaha i love

    92. Charlie Norgrove


    93. Poreito


    94. Joshua

      huh... not bad

    95. It’sfelix Here


    96. ItsMrEvoud


    97. Patrick McConaughey


      1. V.F.

        It's being picked up by hbo max