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    Created by Hot Regards
    VO by Ana Lucia Seguin and Tom McDonald
    Music by Tom McDonald
    Hot Regards aka Tom McDonald is an animator and writer based out of LA. Tom’s shorts are inspired by the banality of everyday life and sometimes his Dad.
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    katma Aylar önce


    1. GhostBoyVibe

      I feel like your alluding something I can’t fully figure out

    2. Mask or Vi

      I thought this was from jack stauber lol

    3. Anonimity Flagger


    4. Shrek Platinum

      I want this

    5. Juan Rodriguez


    6. Cam

      Now err did I just watch

    7. J R Animation Studios

      Three words: *Turn On Captions*

    8. Shoriwa Shaun Benjamin

      Are these things written by some sort of AI or Machine Learning algo?

    9. Jasper Pham

      Anyone else reminded of adventure time bc of the music?

    10. ÉLØC

      It’s Gus ducking Johnson

    11. corben simpson

      what is this madness

    12. Tucker Miles


    13. Matt S

      Hot Regards is the best!!!

    14. Matt McDonald

      We need more adventures of Tucker!

    15. Ryan Mortensen

      Great job Tommy

    16. Joshua TheArgonaut

      Ugh, my mom lives in a town like this. Every time I visit the homogenized nightmare I get so full of anxiety. Burn places like this to the grown. Great animation.

      1. ÉLØC

        I can vibe with that. Let’s go commit arson.

    17. Gems by Jackie

      Ad for movie, Judas and the Black Messiah, looks pretty good...

    18. assorted bile

      More of this please.

    19. Douglas McDaniel

      FOG = Foolishness Of God, the foolishness of God is wiser than men.

    20. Sarah Mobarak

      I like to watch my husband’s figure in the light of dawn

    21. Caro Arevalo

      We need more tucker!

    22. Anyone Wonders Everything


    23. Ivo Kisic

      Instantly tripping balls

    24. Plank Hill

      This is some serious Homestar Runner shit right here.

    25. CornKing

      Thank god its Tom Mcdonald and not Tom Macdonald making the music

    26. Alex Firer

      Ah. This is brilliant.

    27. Comical Realm Animations

      So, how acid-y do you want it to be? Artist: Yes

      1. MrDingez

        I can taste the acid its insane

    28. G Man

      "Tucker, that man didnt shave this morning!" "Susan, it's the culture war. *It's here* "

    29. Tucker Holt

      My name is Tucker.

    30. Adrenochrome Slurper


    31. Giuseppe De Gioannis

      Is this PG PilotRedSun?

    32. Emir Can

      rick and morty harry potter episode please

    33. wallie1994

      Is that bulk bogan?

    34. Scragglewaggle

      I never appreciated the fogs I guess that this conversation is somewhere else then.

    35. iosubb

      Then God said: "Jesus Christ!" :D

    36. DreNibs

      This is giving me gamegrumps vibes

    37. 4 Strings

      Wtf... most stupidest shit yet. Shame on you.

    38. David Is Lame

      Damn this looks like a devolver digital game

    39. Lemonade

      It took me to long to realise the captions were in Vietnamese i was trying to read that shit

    40. terrypussypower

      0:27 Genuflecting/"taking the knee" is all the rage in UK pro soccer games these days. It's just virtue signalling on stilts. And guess where it originated from? That's right...The good ol' US of A! It's the ONLY thing Colin Kaepernick will be remembered for! What a pathetic "legacy". I HATED having to do it in Catholic Church as a child, and now it's infected the football. Thanks Colin!

      1. C

        How do u miss the point of kaepernick taking a knee so completely? It just went right over your head didn’t it? Lol

    41. Cockbae Uchiha

      "Wtf" is very accurate for me with this

    42. dragonlover3


    43. Zenn Exile

      I'm telling the FBI about this...

    44. Flacko_r

      Tucker is a Good husband

    45. Henrique

      Vai lançar novas temporadas de Rick and morty

    46. TheInquisitiveMug

      Tucker has character, and that's all I need.

    47. Sizzle Ś


    48. Frosty 1015

      Life in Oregon

    49. Gladiator Bloxbattle Arena Channel

      Adult swim why dont you release merch

    50. what kind of sauce


    51. Sean Romanowski

      This sucks lol

      1. G Man

        Found the guy who stops eating even though they're not full

    52. Richard Logan Streine

      Tucker's high as fuck!✌😎🏴‍☠️

    53. Tucksedo P

      My name is Tucker, I finally feel appreciated.

    54. Curly Racks

      This is a animated acid trip

      1. PianaGlass


    55. Lucid Turtle

      I am getting high from this footage

    56. Bone


    57. IrrelevantGeOff

      This was tasty.

    58. Galen Asphaug

      the captions are so wrong it's hilarious

      1. HendrikdePendrik

        What? Isn't it Vietnamese?

      2. MrDingez

        howwwww 😂

    59. Sam

      This is an alien's best guess at American culture.

      1. T. W.

        this is an Australians best guess at North American culture.

      2. Amy

        @s a Do you still have the default youtube profile picture from 2009? That's impressive.

      3. Blue Dog

        Close enough.

      4. s a

        Lmfao, that applies to 90% of AS uploads

      5. Para

        This is an europian’s best guess at american culture

    60. freesouljah

      Look at that physique!

    61. U563 Rick

      Lol. The CC is automatic Vietnamese?

    62. Yo Acasia


    63. megadestroyer454

      Damn I agree with this dude, fogs are just straight up earnest, no pretense whatsoever.

      1. UncleBibby

        n64 longdistance rendering fog.... now THEREs an insincere fog..... hiding stuff simply cuz it's too unamerican to render it

    64. MexiBear

      Why is the only caption listed as vietnamese? XD

      1. MexiBear

        @IrrelevantGeOff love this XD

      2. IrrelevantGeOff

        It gives up on translating to Vietnamese pretty quick and jumps into gibberish English 🤣

    65. roku22

      season 5 ryck and morty ????

    66. George Prewitt

      All i can think of when i hear taking a walk is a vampire going out and killing 37 people

    67. Carver

      yes i agree

    68. Duke Vald

      who is high too?

      1. Yeet Man

        I'm thinking about it

      2. Duke Vald

        @Pepe Silvia you re weak

      3. Pepe Silvia

        I was when I first clicked on this. Had to click off cause it was hurting my brain

      4. Dan1el M1lev

        Me lmao

    69. RainSara

      *what- are they stupid idiuts*

    70. Roger Mulet Solà

      My brain almost pop, maybe im too high

      1. Roger Mulet Solà

        @Gael i know :(

      2. Gael


    71. Maddox87


    72. Toren Tank

      Bye Tucker

      1. Tucksedo P


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      We all love Tucker.

      1. August Berg

        @Kris Tucker haha

      2. Kris Tucker

        Thanks guys 🥰

      3. August Berg

        We all love Tucker.

    75. Göktürk Yacel

      WoW i like this one

    76. Patrick McConaughey


    77. Ned Flanders