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Adult Swim

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    Created by Sebaldo
    Sound by Tom Hudson / Megalithic Sound

    Sebaldo is a London based director/animator from Yorkshire, UK. His stories and characters combine the mundane with the surreal, celebrating the ridiculousness of human life!
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    katma Aylar önce


    1. GhostBoyVibe

      I always get high and forget it’s a playlist

    2. poisoned leaves


    3. pink meme


    4. Austin Reichert

      Woah, that went from 0 to 100 real quick

    5. bzfliper

      Wut is this

    6. Keylan Kinder

      This animation style reminds me of the illustrations in my reading text book in grade school.

    7. Relevo A.M.

      La familia del barrio and Rick and Morty

    8. Obnoxious Ghm

      What the hell am I doing watching this in 2021?

    9. Damon Badgett

      Bu bu butt

    10. Bryan Montavon

      C’est ca l’enfer ?

    11. G h o s t

      mama mia

    12. Buffy’s World

      Adult swim, Larry King passed away yesterday :(, please acknowledge this

    13. Jared Ernest

      Are you guys ganna continue rick and morty. Pls do

    14. Mrbeans

      One of my random dreams be like

    15. Cade Becker


    16. Cade Becker

      America wants jack stauber back not doing Japanese projects with Japan with Audult swim

    17. Cade Becker


    18. Cade Becker


    19. Cade Becker


    20. Cade Becker


    21. Your Mom Says Wash your hands


    22. John Constantine Morningstar

      Eeeh. Song. What song. Sooooong. There it was. I’ll Get back to you on that one



    24. AJ__suppabored__

      Ayo adult swim r u guys gonna like release a teaser for alpha betas by vanoss , basicallyidowrk , IAMwildcat and terroriser?? Y'know by 3blackdot??

    25. Achmed Abadoba

      I think the deeper meaning of this is if you have plenty of everything you should realize there might be a thing that suffocated from that one sided wealth.

    26. DJUgandanKnuckles Official

      Everybody eating food and dancing but that's what happened

    27. negative nancy

      AS used to be cool. Now its just plain stupid. I guess I'm not "woke" enough....ffs

      1. didi manba

        no you are just not smot

      2. Jim Bo

        name fits the comment

    28. Juan Fortinero

      AGUANTE ARGENTINAAAAA!!!!!! 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

    29. painedumonde

      Italy is not that efficient.

    30. אייל תדמור

      Me when the

    31. Jan Comendant

      5 mill woohoo

    32. Typical Jax

      This is rather Depressing

    33. Intet Mane

      Soo, waiters are being overworked?

    34. Duke of Princeton Official


    35. Vril Ya

      We live in a society

    36. Rolling Stone

      are they drinking lean

    37. Comical Realm Animations

      Moral: At the end of the day, we are all replaceable.

    38. ultraomega

      when he falls like pfhhtt *i felt that*

    39. bizarrekumar

      As a spaghetti connoisseur, this is true, the spaghetti does form its own gravity welding itself into ones mouth

    40. Staxion


    41. Technical Faisal iqbal

      Great ❤❤

    42. The Sunshine Group

      Best waiter in the universe

    43. Mo oj

      Haha what the hell did I just watch?

    44. Calamity

      If I could be the first to congratulate you on 5m subscribers. You’ve been my life since a young one. Carry on and I’ll take a nice drink for a feller. You’ve shaped me into the way I am.

    45. ?

      I’ve never related more than with the jiggling ass scene

    46. Diva ESCMolitva

      The end was sad, why did he do that?

    47. Nitin Ghimire

      people thinking about afterlife need to watch this

      1. Nia Sayamuongbo


      2. Mo oj

        Or working retail...

    48. BamfIamone

      So are those customers in heaven or a never ending hell?

      1. mosquitobight

        The restaurant is life, waiters and customers enter and leave all the time, but the restaurant goes on

    49. BSBB Productions

      I’m guessing that blue drink is made with dead waiter clones

      1. adreamingwolf

        Tastes like soylent blue

    50. John Vance

      A compelling hypothesis.

    51. TheIrish Man

      When are you guys at Adult Swim gonna make Smiling Friends by Zach Hadel a proper full series?

    52. Autistic Andy

      Let’s shoot it from the top with ten year old Chinese Foxconn employee, and we have comedy gold.

    53. Jarek Nowak


    54. Red Overdrive, the unstoppable confused daltonic!!

      il conto deve essere più salato delle aringhe

    55. venus leolani

      i want spaghetti 🥺

    56. Bastlaga64


    57. Beefcake Productions

      There is probably a deeper meaning but I’m not gonna look for it

    58. RedTailedFox #551



      Jimmy ratted me out

    60. Douglas McDaniel


    61. Starseed Loves Animation

      if this was a game i'd be scared

    62. arsenll wendigo


    63. Itsiwhatitsi

      Here in Italy the restaurants are all like this one

    64. vik1006

      This gotta be some reference from the movie Soul no way they had the same death conveyor belt

      1. Cameron Ray

        You know that Soul wasn’t the first to have that idea right? And that it’s possible for different people to have similar ideas?

    65. Drew Durant


    66. Kendall Jones

      If the customers haven’t pulled out his chest hair none of this would have happened!

    67. Peter C

      An outstanding waiter is just a freakin clone..

    68. Cluck N

      Finally some normal content on this channel.

    69. hot superheroine fight MARVELvsDC

      very cool!!

    70. ABBY HYATT


    71. Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams

      just rename it "ctrl + C ctrl +V"

      1. Leonard Greenland

        @Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams Who would print out on papers in these days when ink isn't cheap?

      2. Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams

        @Leonard Greenland teach kids this and they will make 1 dollar into one million dollars

      3. Leonard Greenland

        ctrl + P? You mean ctrl + V

    72. Micro Mist

      niCe ViDeO, kEep It uP

    73. Poggers Dude

      8 minute gang!

    74. stave

      Used up and thrown out like trash

    75. konami1979

      All right, who stole the original version of Martin Scorsese's "Mean Streets"?

      1. Jarek Nowak


    76. 「Darkx」


    77. JoHnJoHnAnimations

      Don't be upsetti, eat some spaghetti

      1. Cornelius The Ant

        im upsetti because i dont have spaghetti

      2. Bernardo Heusi


    78. Mac mcskullface

      While watching this i was thinking "this is little too kid friendly for an adult swim short" then i saw ending and was like "yup there it is"

      1. Zayn Ali

        same here, i was gonna go and comment that “oh this probably has some deeper meaning” but f no, this is adult swim

      2. Diva ESCMolitva

        Exactly. It was too happy and cute but i knew something was gonna happen

    79. DΛRKNΣSS


    80. sniper gang

      Thia is when you had to much weed

      1. happeetrales

        Or not enough :O

      2. Sonder

        @H0rs :2 just enough 😭

      3. H0rs :2

        200mg edibles without eating for a day Too much?

    81. Un usuario de Google

      Comentario en español.


      So this is what visiting New York is like.

      1. yooo that's sick


      2. CEJAAY

        Naa I live in ny and nobody dresses this fancy here

      3. E-xmile

        no, this is how visiting italy is like

    83. August Eisenberg

      ngl im kinda craving sum tamales

      1. August Eisenberg

        @Nick HAHAHAHAH thank you for responding

      2. Nick

        This is exactly the kind of comment I wanted to see on a video like this.

    84. Jay Dog

      The end was unexpected 😂

      1. Jayden Weber

        And disturbing, don’t forget disturbing

    85. THE bilek


    86. Mastro Gatto

      As Italian I confirm this is 100% accurate.

      1. mariah

        @Ah Ah Ich sterbe du Idiot Sinclair italian isn't a race LMAOO

      2. Ah Ah Ich sterbe du Idiot Sinclair

        @mariah No. It's really racist 😐

      3. mariah

        @Ah Ah Ich sterbe du Idiot Sinclair ur joking right

      4. Ah Ah Ich sterbe du Idiot Sinclair

        This is racist 🤦‍♂️

      5. Xenors

        @Mastro Gatto bene, tu?

    87. Killer_Keys44




    89. August Eisenberg


    90. mufftits Magooo


    91. Dealsy Deal


      1. Dealsy Deal

        This was spectacular

      2. THE bilek


      3. Yuugy