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    Created by PilotRedSun
    VO by Nick Flanagan
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    1. Tswissie

      The clear audio, the fluid animation, whats happening:0

    2. Kurumi Tokisaki

      I feel bad for the son Plot twist : they were giants

    3. Kombat Energy

      I didn't know ax cop have a kid

    4. 1LuckyKO

      Best video ever!!!!!!!!!!!! (Nigh)

    5. cloudy

      i still find it so funny/amazing how PRS is the same person as PokeRemixStudio

    6. aceklankb

      The grand dad from "Get Out" before he swapped bodies

    7. memes Universal

      I love the weirdness

    8. Alexander Johnson


    9. Ishtube23

      I’m trying to reach strangers because they support you more than your peers, so if you could check my channel out for some skits I might just be your speed! Peace.

    10. Thomas Medel

      The animation is so good, yet so offputting.

    11. Batuhanus

      I need rick and morty

    12. TH

      Pilotredsun's artworks always amaze me

    13. kodak green

      Well i reckon so

    14. Nayeli Yucra

      Por favor, pon el subtítulo en español. 🙏🙏🙏🥺

    15. Fettered Fiend

      Oh this is where he’s been

    16. Gongo The Mongolord

      I like to believe this is was based on Pilotredsun's real life. it would explain a lot. I mean, only a being with such muscular legs and prowess could have so much creativity as well as talent. the only downside it's his upload schedule, but it's probably his dysfunctional son's fault.

    17. Real APBT Pitbull

      Great video send you all my love and hope you will send your love back wish you a great day and send you best greetings from Thailand.🙏😉.

    18. BOTVIEWS

      That s hard to watch, can you guys at least try to even draw decent animations? Lol.

      1. BOTVIEWS

        @harry wang this is horrifying to watch, he can learn to draw, basic fundamentals first lol. There are no punchline in his script. It's just empty, like adult swim for the past 5 years.

      2. harry wang

        @BOTVIEWS it's the source of its comedy; comedically bad, but not like those faked awkwardness shit that zoomers pull nowadays, the things here are intentional. and it's draw by one guy, not "you guys". The music was made by the same guy. He's semi famous you know, pilotredsun.

      3. BOTVIEWS

        @harry wang well my little nephew draws better and could write a better script, seriously lmao. This is trash.

      4. harry wang

        how could you say that

    19. Andrea Mikoda

      God ive been waiting for them to come back y e s

    20. Esteban Marin

      Seria genial si trataran de pensar mas en la audiencia.... creo q muchos latinos asisten este tipo de contenido, y sin subtítulos es tedioso....

    21. labbet&daniel REVIEW

      wow no voice filter??

    22. Eddie Costa

      Just heard as of April Cartoon Network has raise their price I bet money that’s when the new season of Rick and Morty drops....$20 more a month for that tier of channels NO thanks!

    23. Emily Teague

      i havent seen a pilot red sun video in so long :0

      1. max the artist

        Me too

    24. JonOnPaper


    25. Steve Radner

      G I A N T S T R O N G L E G S

    26. Lobocyfer

      Pilot Red Sun awesome creator!!!

      1. max the artist


    27. JonBoiSugoi


      1. JonBoiSugoi

        @harry wang I mean if he makes a show he would work with people. I’m well aware his animations are all him

      2. harry wang

        @JonBoiSugoi isn't it?

      3. JonBoiSugoi

        @harry wang production team? It’s not a one man job

      4. max the artist

        @harry wang yeah true

      5. harry wang

        imagine the workload man. He's one guy

    28. soziaL Ninjos

      Fck a beat...

    29. Roast Fellow

      Then song in the beginning uses the same notes as the open strings on a guitar

    30. Comical Realm Animations

      Moral of the story: Slow and steady wins the race

    31. TheBlackBullet3

      i prefer pilotredsuns creepy esk videos, but at this point ill take anything

    32. Warlock Beats

      Hey Adult Swim, I'll give you $5 from my Raytheon contract money if you make more episodes of Truthpoint

    33. Simon says

      This feels like a weird dream I like it

      1. cloudy

        welcome to pilotredsun

    34. Rafeeky

      oof. only if my dad cared so much...

    35. God of The Weak


    36. Gus

      Insane how crap it is 😂

    37. CJ Payne

      Wtf jus happened bruh

    38. Kiss My Ass Dickhead

      Micheal cusack, is that you?

    39. Sondra Daviss

      Bring back Robot Chicken versus everyone

    40. hatred

      'I'm not going to say that you can't survive in the wild, but I will say that you should be in the daycare for the rest of your life' hello 911 id like to report a murder lmao

    41. AJ S

      seems legit

    42. Dubleclick44


    43. Mike Jones

      Don't do drugs kids!

    44. Anton-Constantin

      Does anyone know what program does pilotredsun use for his animations?

    45. Anton-Constantin

      I wanted the unclear audio

    46. The Duke Of Dorks

      Man what a grunch. Kids like 6 man. Chill.

    47. Lil Garfil


    48. Chris Curran

      More Pilot Red Sun pls

      1. max the artist

        We will see

    49. Theoretical Physics

      I've said it before: pioletredsun, umami, and vewn. The holy trinity of surreal animators you found on youtube.

      1. harry wang


    50. smly168

      Pilot red sun on adult swim!!!!!!! Yeeees

      1. max the artist


    51. PurityofEssence

      Where's your grip?

    52. MrZanyzoo


    53. soft punk

      the king is back

    54. Commander Rainbow Ducky

      PilotRedSun is amazing. Not a tryhard. No need to do funny faces, fast paste random humour wannabe, edgy and polemic topics. Just space beer and a chronic build up of iron dust.

    55. Huskuku



      one of those dreams where you physically can’t run from the danger

    57. Arthur Fruit


    58. Yami

      honestly its disrespectful it took adult swim this long to cop pilot red sun

      1. max the artist

        To cop pilotredsun? What are you trying to say?

    59. Seplicus

      Wally stood no chance

    60. Cat Of The Year

      Most important moment 0:45 He damn shoe fell off

    61. Armageddon is upon us.

      To the entire staff of adult swim. Friends cohorts and supporters. You have been found guilty of crimes against God and God's innocent. All darkness is being exposed to the light. Massive overwhelming fleets are arriving. I'm not a judge nor juror. I'm a messenger of God. I fear no retaliation for the angelic forces are with me. You cannot destroy my soul. workers of light are now against you, and you have God himself against you. All that is done in darkness will be brought to light. David hart he has the mind of a child. and you you manipulated and abused and tryed destroyed it. For that crime is refinement will commence. upon death.Isaac Hmz, messenger and for your crime of broadcasting manipulating satanic false worship and evil your crimes will be met with Anubis. Isaac, light worker. ,777, .... I'm not a judge and I do not judge people. I am simply the messenger.

      1. murp


    62. BluJean6692


    63. yf G/-/OST

      I belong in daycare for the rest of my life.......

    64. Catbeat Brigade

      Oh yeah the good shit

    65. eriizo

      cc pleasee ☹

    66. Commander Louie

      PilotRedSun is amazing. :3

    67. Ayden Kron

      Was waiting for a new pilotredsun video , didnt expect to find it here but I feel blessed :)

    68. Technical Faisal iqbal

      Welcome Back Everyone ❤

    69. max the artist

      I love pilotredsun so much

    70. Trill Mixin

      wtf 😂

    71. Lav Kazan

      Suprise pilot red sun? Hell yeah!

      1. max the artist


    72. BawonSamndi

      Omg is pilotredsun

    73. Blck 7

      The moment I saw the thumbnail I said 'No.....it...can't be..'

    74. xolbor

      Wally's dad is a good man. He's hard on wally but he only wants his best. He loves him very much

      1. cloudy

        he's a man's man

    75. Leviathan


    76. Anthony Azzinnaro

      i can't believe this kid ever thought that he could compete with a race horse with such giant strong legs

      1. ArbitraryLifestyle

        He didn't. This kid wanted no part of anything in this video.

    77. Ivan Nintendo

      Piliotredsun classic edition

    78. xolbor

      The sequel has come

    79. babysealsareyummy

      YESSSS I love PilotRedSun!!!

      1. max the artist

        Me too

    80. Acid Aleks

      Aye das my boi

    81. TheSilver964


      1. max the artist

        He sure is back :)

    82. Payphone

      I noticed that the sounds during the tripping sequence around 0:44 are the same used in "burners" when the ball gets kicked and jostles the heating ducts

      1. oliveoil22

        it's the trademark sound of tragedy now

    83. ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神

      Love the opening kinda started off like Seinfield with the sound and all

    84. Harrison & Parker


    85. glitchedgamer

      There is something uncomfortable hearing clear, intelligible dialogue in a pilotredsun video.

      1. Exarian

        "this is my house, dude" is the only thing I could clearly understand in any normal PRS video. That's why that line is so notable.

    86. DreamspiderX

      Pilotredsun! :D

    87. N.E.T Studios

      I adore everything about Pilotredsun.

    88. SR Brant

      _You deserve oats of the highest caliber._

    89. Munden


      1. max the artist


    90. ham sandwich

      Absolutely shit

    91. murp

      holy crap

    92. Fuckles The Enchilada

      Weird watching a prs video with a different guys voice.

      1. cloudy

        @terrypussypower percy roger smith

      2. max the artist

        Yeah but i still like it

      3. terrypussypower

        Paul Reed Smith?

    93. John Mac

      Looks like something I made in 6th grade.

    94. Chīsana Kabu

      That kid never had a chance against those GIANT STRONG LEGS.

      1. Bernardo Heusi

        Those legs rise and fall faster than Gamestop stocks

    95. DeSean O

      The key to humans surviving in the wild is foraging for food. A typical human meal would include dishes like rocks sauteed in a little mud.

      1. Gasmaskmax

        slop and slime

      2. Huu Phuc Nguyen

        @Bird Brain It might be a reference to something...

      3. Andrew Cave

        if you chew it long enough it will turn into green peppers

      4. Bird Brain

        Is this your idea of a joke? Well, 5 people thought it was funny I guess...

    96. Rex Binswanger

      Thanks, i just spit my milk and dipped oreo.

    97. CrocTV42


    98. Juz Tiem


    99. ChanceIsOk


    100. Dubstep Beast

      I knew this was made by pilotredsun, I was like hold on this seems familiar.

      1. Armageddon is upon us.

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      2. Armageddon is upon us.

        @Benjamin Lapin But they mocked God's messengers, despised his words and scoffed at his prophets until the wrath of the LORD was aroused against his people and there was no remedy. 2nd Chronicles

      3. Armageddon is upon us.

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      4. Armageddon is upon us.

        @NOGARA ISHI 2 Chronicles 36:16 But they mocked God's messengers, despised his words and scoffed at his prophets until the wrath of the LORD was aroused against his people and there was no remedy.

      5. NOGARA ISHI

        @Armageddon is upon us. no we won't your god wont come and he never will. Your whole faith is based on Mesopotamian culture but if god told you to eat poop you'd do it.