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    katma Aylar önce


    1. Blck 7

      'You're eatin' this shit plain?' 'I'm not eatin' that shit at all.'

    2. Córdoba Mateo

      Man this guy is in constant denial

    3. LightBlue2222


    4. TheMel0mano19

      This guy really does put emphasis on his P's 😂😂

    5. Daniel Hernández Moreno

      Where is hair?

    6. slavkid

      holy hell man what is going on

    7. Jonathan Thompson

      That poster zoom out was a little eerie.

    8. suit

      “belongst to you”

    9. loopa

      Why is eric always eating something wierd

    10. Relevo A.M.

      La familia del barrio and Rick and Morty

    11. M164eVeRy1

      Lol they made the ad for 3G just to double-down on the troll job.

    12. Mari

      man: pulls his dick out and pees on an injured guy local cop: not my division

    13. Daeva Path

      I just found this channel anyone wanna inform me wtf is going on?

      1. Tom Servo


    14. Daniel Vela

      These are old videos lol

    15. דן שרמן

      Who's here from TimeWorks?

    16. EverythingGeek

      I want to watch the new season so bad but only the old ones are on Hulu :(

    17. Henrik

      Eric Andre is transforming into an office worker jewish man

    18. Ricco Suave


    19. Joey Numbers

      did he actually eat the adhesive? lol

    20. Vape Lord Yoda

      Someone please tell me, is this staged or not lol Like is this a random dude they found and somehow got to put up a poster and the bicycle guy.. IS ALL OF THIS REAL?!?

      1. yummydirt

        it’s probably real, the bicycle guy is part of the crew

      2. 1 0

        The situation is a set up but the guy is real. They put out an ad for someone to put up posters in a specific location and when he shows up for work they fuck with him. They gave him the wheat paste and poster, the paste was some non toxic makeshift adhesive like cream of wheat or corn startch and oatmeal

    21. J

      a must see

    22. RX TV

      Cinnamon? No, Paprika!

    23. Koichi Hirose

      Adult swim is almost at 5,000,000 subscribers

    24. Emo Clout

      I like how he was more concerned with him putting cinnamon in the wheat paste rather then him eating it

    25. Barwick

      Belongs ta ya

    26. ExaltedNERD

      The Eric Andre Show is the modern-day equivalent of The Twilight Zone.

      1. AZAZEL

        No, that'd be Black Mirror

    27. Patrick McConaughey


    28. idkmyname

      Cmon make something new dont upload the same stuff again

    29. Bobby Peru


    30. Chiral Anomalous

      The cop really got me with the "you just wanna complain?" And then leaving

    31. Gekky Chans

      I will never forgive adult swim for flat out refusing to renew metalocalypse and other great animations(aqua teen hunger force , the venture bros) for live action garbage

    32. Loope

      It kills me that the first thing he complains to the cop about is him putting cinnamon in the wheat paste idk why

    33. Kick Nrompton

      Wheat paste brotherhood

    34. HugeGeronimo

      Poor guy.

    35. Edmund Ford

      Legalize Comedy.

    36. Nyda

      this show sucks, its mostly not funny... I'm sick of seeing these notifications... unsubscribed!

      1. Juan Vicente

        you're reading like a narc right now, you're being so narcoleptic

      2. Messed Dialog

        Aight c u tommorow

      3. Gigalag The Great Worm

        Congrats, want a cookie?

      4. TheNarf11

        mind if i hit this ranch?

    37. TooTyrnt


    38. willshapps

      There are so many amazing things about this prank: The fact that there is a Wheat Paste Brotherhood. Eric having a container of cinnamon on him. The guy being more angry that Eric poured cinnamon in it than him eating it. The guy not giving a shit that out of the billions of people on Earth, he met a guy in the poster he was putting up, who is wearing the exact same clothes. The poster advertising 3G in 2019. At @ seconds you can see the guy who crashed on his bike is still there on the right, and both Eric and the guy don't care. The cyclist saying he has no breaks but is still peddling. The guy not seeming to care about a guy who just crashed on his bicycle. (You can see him still working even with the injured cyclist right next to him.) Eric peeing on the guy instead of calling 911. The guy calling cinnamon "cinnamon stuff" The guy not telling the cop that Eric ate wheat paste. The cop not giving a shit. The cop's face being blurred meaning that was a real cop who didn't care or an actor who's face was blurred to make him look more like a real cop. The guy not giving a shit and is still trying to work even though Eric told him he was pranked. Holy Shit

      1. willshapps

        @DropKick "The cop not giving a shit"

      2. DropKick

        also the cop ignoring the cyclist laying there hurt

      3. ph af

        1min20sec of condensed comedy

      4. M. B.

        Thanks for Aspergers-ing that down for us

    39. Huxtable

      Morpheus Dorpheus Orifices bring back Morpheus Dorpheus drinkin' a 40 in a death basket.

    40. Paul T

      The way that guy said “oh wait that is you” had me rolling

    41. Jarek Nowak

      All was staged!

    42. DIY Hamster World

      Hello I love your video so much🔰🌻🌺🍎🍍🐹

    43. Minnow

      You know normally I hate videos of people fucking with working people, but I'll make an exception for Eric Andre cause I want him to harass me at my job.

    44. Mr.Nickname

      When did they start staging the street skits?

      1. FolX273

        @Mr.Nickname it just looks weird because it's in HD

      2. Allister Smith

        @Gigalag The Great Worm re timeline

      3. Gigalag The Great Worm

        @Allister Smith he’s banned from all political conventions after what he did before

      4. Allister Smith

        @Mr.Nickname I figure he never could get security clearance for the RNC if he got arrested for pranks like they said in an episode. Still enjoy the show

      5. Mr.Nickname

        @Allister Smith yeah but the people their pranking always seem genuine, this dude isn’t convincing.

    45. IzTheWiz

      The I.OX 6 for your life NOW , 3G!

    46. Alice is Still in Chains


    47. Heph A. Estus

      The old Shining zoom out.

    48. Himanshu Verma

      I don't know how I get surprised every time

    49. Kevin Harris

      Ain’t nothin like fuckin a bucket of wheatpaste.

    50. Defective

      Wheatpaste moment

    51. Psychonimo

      Yea boy im early

    52. eret arianaria

      Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

      1. PianaGlass

        heyyy babe, want my credit card number? 😏

    53. Comical Realm Animations

      "What do you want, do you wanna complain?" - Just your friendly neighborhood cop

      1. Corncob Johnson real

        @Bird Brain I'm pretty sure all across the board it's assault and battery. Spitting, peeing, ejaculating, precuming on someone without permission is a crime. Some states it's more serious but you'll get like at least a misdemeanor anywhere which really stinks because I have a thing where I j o under my coat and shoot a load at a girl's butt and I don't wanna go to jail for that it's like not a big deal just wash your pants, you're not gonna get sick or hurt ya know?

      2. TheNarf11

        @E B you do have a point,but im pretty sure that wasnt real urine nor you could se his genitals in any moment, probs used just water

      3. Bird Brain

        The only law he broke was public urination. Which in some states in the US is a serious crime which will automatically have you legally labled as a sex offender. But in non Democrat States nobody gives a fuck it's only piss, not like he shit in the street.

      4. E B

        @TheNarf11 i mean im pretty sure peeing on an unconscious person is illegal

      5. TheNarf11

        @Maso Trumoi i mean what could the cop do? Arrest a guy for eating wheatpaste with cinnamon?

    54. PRINZ

      You wanna complain?😹

    55. Math Check-er.69

      "Oh yeah, that is you, why you acting so crazy?" The immediate dismissal that he's hanging posters that have a picture of Eric gets me every time.

      1. Aldo Leon

        @Rodrigo Augustus checking it out now. Looks to be working :)

      2. Rodrigo Augustus

        I dont know if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my friends Instagram password using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google :)

      3. Daddy Eyebrows

        It’s cause Eric’s acting so crazy

    56. Wally Limwicks

      Wheatpaste moment

    57. Saelie


    58. Nate Acosta

      Eric Andre is just your average Ohio resident

      1. White Rose Project

        Yup ohioans in a nutshell

      2. FlaminAshes

        He's a proud ohio resident

    59. Bruh

      I like the fact that he never noticed what was written on the thing he was putting

      1. Gigalag The Great Worm

        @Yılmaz Şanlı something that’s too old to be put up these days

      2. Bruh

        Its a phone poster but it says Now 3G whic is very low considering we are about to go 5G.

      3. Yılmaz Şanlı

        what does it say

    60. JuninhoCool007

      I love this

    61. Austin Johnson

      Wow you guys been sniffing too much of that glue.... This is Cringe

      1. Gigalag The Great Worm

        @Huxtable it’s the neighborhood satanist, ignore it

      2. Huxtable

        Do Somalians watch eric andre? Where did you guys learn English? Who are you? Is this the FBI?

      3. Jarek Nowak

        How can You know it was staged?

      4. liquid sword

        Isn’t that kinda the point?

      5. Defective

        Said the guy with the default profile picture

    62. Thicc Bingus

      Didn't know Pitbull is a member of the Wheatpaste Brotherhood.

      1. Igor Malik

        Yes he is an extremely active member

      2. newthrash1221

        Well now you know.

    63. Alexander Esquivel

      bruh moment

    64. Kevin B.


    65. Awe Some

      Ah yes, the forbidden custard.

    66. BaronVonTacocat

      _it's just a little bit of cinnamon_