Wulf Family Puppetry Pals | Lazor Wulf | adult swim

Adult Swim

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    Strongburg's finest are back. Watch season 1 on HBO Max.
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    katma Aylar önce


    1. Hunter Vann

      Wtf is this shit

    2. belgin

      amazing art style

    3. Leah Koskovich

      R E A D I N G R A I N B O W

    4. Pika

      This show is cute

    5. Isaiah Naegi

      Explain all of that one more time. But Backwards

    6. Nas T

      0:34 Oh damn, that is cute as hell!😃

    7. Dr. Claw.

      It was this close to being good.... . . But then it went nowhere 🙄 cool art tho.

    8. Natalya Nelson

      Who else remembers Reading Rainbow?

    9. foxotic

      I really want to recommend this show for the art style but I don't think I've even smirked at any of their jokes even once. the writing is just weird and feels like it always isn't going anywhere. there's no buildup

      1. Nas T

        Now that's a fair opinion I can handle. I love this show due to how cute and funny it is, then again, I do respect your opinion. Thanks for the fair comment.

    10. brandonislemons

      I really wanna like this show but man is it unfunny and boring af

      1. Nas T

        Glad to hear your fair opinion. I love this show, but I can respect your opinion, my dawg.

    11. ToastTheThird

      Lazor's idea lightbulb is a lil' Battle Ham

    12. KIULE

      Man idc what people are saying, this is a good show to me.

    13. Judge Dredd

      Why is this on Adult Swim again?

      1. Emma Hollow

        Why do you have white people?

      2. Nas T

        Don't ask why. It is what it is.

    14. Tankra

      This show has the laziest and uninspired animation I have ever seen. It does help that the plots and dialog are garbage. This is made for children.

      1. Emma Hollow

        @[PNP Official] well breadwinners is made for kids and aired on Nickelodeon but this show is mad for adults and aired on adult swim so idk why ur comparing the two shows they are completely different

      2. [PNP Official]

        I’ve seen way worse than this, I think Breadwinners is worse than Lazor Wulf on many levels. That show just has two ducks that even twerk on screen in excruciating detail.

    15. ケツ

      can't wait for this show and 20 other new adult swim shows to get canceled while they refuse to turn smiling friends into a series.

    16. Chandler Wulf

      my family

    17. ZX

      The wulf pups are so cute! 😁

    18. Faith in The Ghost

      This is good

    19. akumjh

      Those wulf pups are adorable.

      1. Wuskevo

        Mostly the only thing why I like this now

      2. ZX

        Ikr. 😁

    20. Patrick McConaughey


    21. Lord Yoe Hann

      Blazor Wulf is cute, and I like her green goggles.

    22. BluJean6692

      Please stop, this is awful. At least don't ad-bomb it, that's not going to make it any less a wasted investment...

      1. Jordan Loux

        Don't worry, there won't be any more episodes... for a while, because season 2 just ended.

      2. o0raddude0o

        Adult swim is cancelling the show right now because of your comment

    23. mokajones74

      I knew he'd throw scissors

    24. Mary Mattingly

      "Like 22 minutes later, Reading Rainbow came on and he completely forgot about it" LOL

    25. Shaun Crawford

      Love it

    26. Comical Realm Animations

      Wait, Stupid Horse owns a gun?

      1. jashard wallington

        He got the strap

    27. SomeOneMemed

      Oh shit

    28. Poxell91

      I do not get how this is funny. And I like ATHF.

      1. Nas T

        At least this is trying to do their best much like Aqua Teen. And please don't ask why.

      2. BluJean6692

        It's because ATHF was a labor of love, while this is a labor of cocain.

    29. HighkeY FoxY

      Okay this is fire uWu

    30. Vic_tory


    31. Basic Trixter

      Like this

    32. Dotte och hans vänner


    33. Cryos__

      Early squad

    34. mufftits Magooo


    35. Mauricio Altamirano

      Sup earth

    36. Dotte och hans vänner

      Love your videos

      1. Drew Olinger

        @Dotte och hans vänner sorry bro you’re actually 3rd :/

      2. Dotte och hans vänner

        And first

    37. Fluxste


    38. YoRustt

      *To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it.Always stay safe, read my name btw🥞*

      1. Drew Olinger

        thank you :)

    39. RIPMajor

      Literally 99% won’t see this but God bless you and stay safe I’m Struggling To Get 3k with Notifications 🌀

      1. Drew Olinger

        i saw this :)